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Subscribe to this thread The Animation of Dave and Liz created by Kymastrider on May 11, 2015

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Kymastrider5/11/15 9:00pm
probably not anything new to those who watch Dave's youtube channel, but every so often when I'm feeling down I like to take a gander at Dave and Liz's old animation projects.

Dave and Liz's Old Animation HOEDOWN

'Roommate in Paradise' Gecko Animated Short

C'est Magnifique Animatic

Hard Crime TV Pitch

'Dreamkeepers' 2005 Animated Pitch

'Dreamkeepers' Animated Commercial

Namah's Motivational Speech

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FoxPhantom5/12/15 6:08am
Personally it is neat seeing his old animation stuff XD

I liked how C'est Magnifique works with the music ^^
But, it is funny how the crime animation is just throwing out a lot of gags XD
But the recent animation of Dreamkeepers is pretty awesome ^^

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Kymastrider5/12/15 2:53pm
C'est Magnifique is one of my favorite videos to rewatch, it certainly show's Liz's love for classical music.

I also enjoy rewatching Rommates in paradise, as seeing it was Dave's college project it is a fascinating spectacle. (especially since he provides all the voice work.

The Dreamkeepers cartoon pitch I found was the most interesting, to think the idea's and even iconic designs for a lot of our iconic characters has been around since 2005. It was interesting to think Dreamkeepers was once going to be a cartoon series (I even read the article of Dave explaining it all) but I think he made the right decision with choosing a graphic novel.

The commercial was clearly the best of the bunch, clearly a lot of work went into making that 10 minutes of animation. It looks almost movie theater quality.

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Kirito5/12/15 3:19pm
You know, I've often pondered what would have become of a Dreamkeepers TV animation series. I think that it would definitely have it's pluses, e.g. voice acting and allowing action sequences to flow better. However, like Dave brought up in his explanation, it would have been edited and cut a lot to adhere to the producers expectations. However, if it was a online series, I think it would be different. Written and produced by Dave. This idea takes a lot more effort and time and I honestly don't think it would have the impact the GNS has on it's readers. The graphic novel allows Dave to really be himself in creating the plot. His own art style, Dialogue, and plot development is implemented to create what Dreamkeepers is today. I honestly think that an animated series would not do Dreamkeepers justice.

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Prometheus5/13/15 9:02pm

That's actually what I had hoped Dave would've done rather than a graphic novel. A webseries would've been kickass and one of those kind of webseries that became popular from humble beginnings. Take Red vs Blue by Roosterteeth, for example. While using the very first Halo game as a platform, a group of friends turned an FPS game into a silly, melodramatic story about a bunch of guys in red and blue armor either failing to kill each other or getting mixed up in personal battles with highly-trained super soldiers and aliens. Red vs Blue then became the classic that it is now. RT can probably thank all the merchandising, advertising, and funding by Bungie for helping their company grow and to keep the project going for so long.

I think Dave could've done the same thing with crowdfunding and advertising. When you look at the animated commercial, it could very easily have been done, given time and dedication.

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Kymastrider5/13/15 10:01pm
animation can still be difficult and time consuming, I remember a couple years ago some guy called Fredryck Phox was working on an animated Star Fox series for the internet that would have been done in the style of a 90's cartoon (and I think it also used simple flash animation I don't really remember)

I don't know what became of that project but since I've heard no word on it in years I could imagine it was either A cancelled, or B the guy working on it just got bored and gave up one day which would just be an extention of A.

The problem I feel is with any animation project even if it's independent is you can have it planned out for years and still have it make little to no progress, until one day it just fades away, I sort of worry that would have been the fate of Dreamkeepers if Dave had chosen that path.

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Prometheus5/14/15 9:40am

I think Dave would have to be completely up against the wall with nowhere to go before he'd give up on the project as an animated webseries. He and Liz have already explained how passionate they are to this story in its current media form and have no intention of dropping it. They would probably say the same thing if it were a webseries. If the money dries up and interest fades, that may change their tune and they may be forced to let it go, as unique and exciting of a story it may be. At the moment, that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

You're right that independent animation projects don't last long due to lack of money or effort, but I doubt Dave is the kind of guy to let either of those factors stop him unless circumstances are unavoidable.

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crazyhead425/14/15 10:50am
True, but comics don't port perfectly to animation.

Plus, if you animate something, each character has a defined voice, and you have to find people who actually sound like the characters.

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Prometheus5/16/15 8:49pm

I was more or less talking from a what-if standpoint. He could have gone with independent animation, but he didn't. We have the graphic novel instead. I know it would be a colossal headache to convert the comic into animation.

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BryanDimmsdale5/25/15 6:50am
Need a lot of work for that too. Though, we can help them out by volunteering ourselves for it.

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Kymastrider5/26/15 8:27pm

There is along detailed article Dave wrote about why the choose to pursue Dreamkeepers as a graphic novel instead of an animation project, and in all fairness I don't think Dreamkeepers would have become nearly as successful if they went down that road, after all animation as Dave has mention in the past is hard. (especially in a decade where everything's switching to CGI or flash)

What's interesting is Dave mentioned they once got an offer for a cartoon for Dreamkeepers, but they didn't bother pursue it as Volume 2 wasn't even out yet, and I think once again they made the right choice.

I think the Dreamkeepers fanbase would have to grow more before they could do any sort of animated project. (heck if they reach the $100,000 Stretch goal we may end up voting on a short animation, but I'm not betting a whole lot that we will)

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MobileCrusader5/27/15 11:41am
I'd rather have a plush.

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Kymastrider6/5/15 5:00am
Check it out, the newest animation from Dave and Liz.

Namah's Motivational Speech

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Aman37126/22/15 11:29am

I LOLed from watching that video XD

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AlphaMoron12/10/15 3:32pm
i can't see it yet, but im excited, seems good. I would very much enjoy the plush or animation(both?) and personally would like to act the voice(s) of some characters for no pay. It would be amazing as an opportunity and i have always wanted to go into voicing

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