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Subscribe to this thread BloodHound: Adurunas most wanted created by coolbreeze88 on May 3, 2015

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Kirito5/6/15 6:57pm
I stumble back but caught myself. I fainted to the right but once again went left. Once behind him I attempted to end the fight by holding his back to my chest and pressing my knife to his neck.
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Edwardteach5/6/15 7:00pm
I watch zero back away from me and while I am still trying to catch my breath he comes behind me and grabs me and holds his knife to my throat, I say "You win, Can you let go of me now?"

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Kirito5/6/15 7:09pm
I stepped back and twirled the knife between my fingers. "Hey, ya can't win em al-," I was cut off by a loud beep from my datascroll. I whipped it out and tapped on the notification. The article read:


Late last night an explosion at the wealthy owner's house decimated the property. It is unclear if there are any survivors.

"Shit," I said quietly. I glanced up and looked at Ed. "You'd better have a look at this." I handed off the Datascroll.

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Edwardteach5/6/15 7:13pm
"Damnit," I mumble under my breath "I knew i shouldn't have left him alone, Lets hunt him down and just turn him in, and get this over with," i say and as I pick up my coat we hear a ting of metal bouncing together.

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Kirito5/6/15 7:19pm
I quickly pulled on my vest and coat and followed him out onto the street. "Finally. My approach. Where do you think he is?"

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Edwardteach5/6/15 7:24pm
I put my coat on and then hang my sword across my back "He said he had a safe house just outside of town, but lets start at the mansion and see if we can track his scent from there, right Wolfie?" I say with a grin and I pull out a throwing knife to fiddle around with.

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Kirito5/6/15 7:27pm
I smiled deviously. "I like your style, haha," I laughed. "Now we need to get there fast. Any ideas?"

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Edwardteach5/6/15 7:35pm
I smile and a cart filled with hay started passing by i run along side and stop the driver, "Hey sir may I buy your cart off of you?"

He looks at me funny "I'm not sure you have enough............"
"Will 2000 lucre be enough?" i ask
His mouth dropped "Thats more than this hay would get me, You have a deal boy,"
I say "Thanks," he hops off and i hop on "Zero get on!"

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Kirito5/6/15 7:43pm
I swung one leg over before vaulting myself onto the cart. "Let's go, go, go!" I yelled.

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Edwardteach5/6/15 7:47pm
I get the cart moving as fast as possible till we start coming up to the ruins of the mansion, and I stop the cart "Zero your up start sniffing,"

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Kirito5/6/15 8:00pm
We pulled up to the decimated house. Charred rubble was all that remained of the once glorious estate. I jumped out of the cart and transformed into my wolf counterpart. Instantly, my nose was assaulted by different smells. Fire, gas, and flesh. I put my nose to the ground to try and differentiate between scents. "Gas started this thing, no question." I said to myself. Then, a peculiar scent became apparent. I pawed through the rubble until I found the source. A purple hankerchief. I picked it up and twisted my neck, placing the evidence in a pocket in my vest. With the scent catalogued, I searched for the continuation. I came upon it shortly thereafter, leading away to a small strip. I trotted up to the cart and pointed in the direction of the scent before taking off full sprint following the trail.

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Edwardteach5/6/15 8:03pm
I turn the cart and follow zero and we pull up to a small worn down sea-side town, that look worn downi get off of the cart and i follow zero on foot

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Kirito5/6/15 8:05pm
The trail led inside a small bar. I deactivated my power before stepping into the business.

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coolbreeze885/6/15 8:07pm
I swear I was enjoying myself too much. The engine roaring as I as least tried not max out at the "redline" as I don't think this motor bike is going to go any faster.

I don't really care how fast i'm going, but I usually check the speedometer just as a reference on how many road laws im breaking right now.

"130 MPH" it read, pretty much the absolute maximum the engine can put out, I could try and push it past the gauge, but im afaid I might melt the engine if I gun it any hotter.

I really don't know what weird kind of self propelled bicycle this is, but one this is certan, im having a blast.

the roadway was mostly straight with gentle, sloped curves patterning it, the animal pulled carts were no problem as I gracefully swirved around them with my knees almost scaping the dirt with some of the stunts I pull.

every time I came across a checkpoint, I merely temporarily cloaked myself and my bike until I was clear past and then uncloaked again, not surprisingly, this is also when I learned I could cloak other foreign objects that weren't my sword.

I cackle each and every time at their ineptitude. they could clearly hear me screeching past, but you cant chase what you cant see.

I don't even have a license for this thing, but I think I spent enough time riding a pedal bike as a child and teen to get the core concept of steering.

my fun was interrupted however as I realized the throttle was becoming less and less responsive.

I checked the "fuel gauge" and realized it was pretty much running on fumes.

damnit...right....what was this thing powered by exactly. I began to panic, the suburbs of the towers are usually well known to have a greater police precence than the borderlands that a usually scrape around.

the metropolitan outskirts begain to be seen as I prepared myself for the possible skirmish as I rolled into a major town, trying to ration the throttle and "limping" my bike.

alright can do this, your just stopping for gas, just breathe, everything is going to be fine, as soon this thing runs out juice, throw it in a ditch and run for cover.

you can just kill any shokie who spots you anyway Tulsan.

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Edwardteach5/6/15 8:10pm
I walk up to the bar and oder a glass of whisky and i say "Could you give me some information on the location of someone?"

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