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Subscribe to this thread BloodHound: Adurunas most wanted created by coolbreeze88 on May 3, 2015

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Kirito5/5/15 6:46pm
"Where at?" I questioned further.

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coolbreeze885/5/15 7:19pm
the meal was small, average, but quick. I usually save my coffe for last to wash everything else down.

I usually like to stir up a conversation after I clean my plate, get to know todays gossip and lay of the land you know.

"you wouldent imagine how far I had to walk to get to this place, and boy was it worth it" I said taking sip of my coffee."

"Ah yes im glad you like it, you know its not often we get visitors around these parts, this part of the shoreline is what we like to call the backwash."

"really how so" I asked the male cat dreamkeeper

"well apparently, most people like their beaches groomed and preened. not this part of aduruna, oh no, these beaches are all natural"

"im assuming they don't like it rough" I said jokingly taking another sip.

"HAHHAHA!" his laughter caused him to tear up. "I have to admit, your wits are about as sharp as your sword" he complimented.

"hehe, yeah I get that a lot" I replied

"my names Medrano by the way" he said offering his hand.

"Tulsan Pravad.."

"I know who you are" he replied

" do?" I said with a confused look on my face?"

"well of couse...anyone with a scrollavision knows about you, in fact most of the 24/7 news networks would barely shut up about you" he said matter of factly, leaning in close.

"hhehehe" I tried to laugh off the discomfort.

his face lit up and the mood seemed to changed instantly.

"..And Im your biggest fan" he said with chuckle and a smile as he resumed cleaning the glasses in the sink.

"I swear this so called "age of sharing" has been nothing but torment, the taxes and fines are getting more intrusive each year, I swear one more tax levy and im going to go out of business"

my ears perked up at his rant.

"then you came flying right out of the blue, someone with enough courage and just enough gusto to single handedly swindle to corrupt beurocrats and humiliate their armed goons" his fist was proudly outstreached, him probably feeling empowered at this point.

"I might be able to help" I said as I gave him 4000 lucres.

"this will pay for the food and give you enough money to spruce up the place, keep it up to code so they'll stop fining you for building code violations"

his face lit up even more like a kid at a candy story "by heavens the media was wrong, you do give back to the community oh THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU"

I smirked in confidence, knowing that he shares in my vision of the governments hypocrisy.

"with pleaure"

I then looked over to the parking area to see a slightly rusted yet still ridable endure bike.

"I only have one question" I looked back at medrano "how much for the bike?"

"oh that old thing, you can have it, I don't need It as far as im concerned" he said continuing to fiddlinf with the money I gave him.

"see that tower over there" I pointed to the central tower the dominated the horizon "that's my next taget, the ultimate heist"

"well I can say is godspeed" medrano said in excitement as I reved the engine of the all terrain motor bike and gunned it, leaving a slight gash were back wheel spun in place.

I was off, it was now or nothing, I have been training for long enough and now is the time I gave the viscount a taste of his own medicine.

"god speed you magnificent bastard" medrano uttered to himself, seeing me shirink into the horizon, tears in his eyes.

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Edwardteach5/6/15 11:24am
"It isn't anywhere in specific I do mental training, I train to try and use my power, I am almost there." I say, I sit down on the floor and start to meditate. but before i completely start i say "Let me know if anything starts to happen."

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Kirito5/6/15 4:17pm
I stared at him for a while before laughing. "You won't get anywhere with that. You find in the heat of combat, under stress."

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Edwardteach5/6/15 4:20pm
"Whatever, I have a little more training to do Its physical, wanna help I don't want to get rusty in a battle," I say, I walk over and say, "Mental strength is just as important as Physical strength."

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Kirito5/6/15 4:23pm
"And they work together in tangent, blah blah blah," I mocked. "whatever. I'm more interested in the physical portion."

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Edwardteach5/6/15 4:25pm
"Then you will like what i have in store, come with me, I know a training area nearby," I say and walk out of the room after I get all of my stuff packed

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Kirito5/6/15 6:16pm
I hesitated, still not fully trusting him. I decided it would be beneficial for both of us. I stood and dusted myself off before following him out of the room.

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Edwardteach5/6/15 6:20pm
We walk down the street and I then take a couple sharp turns into an alleyway and I walk inot a door and we find ourselves in a dojo, with training weapons and actual weapons.

I walk to a wall and grab a training sword and set my stuff down and i walk to the middle of a battle mat and say "Grab any weapon you want to use, Training of course though,"

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Kirito5/6/15 6:27pm
I grab a small hand knife from the rack. I looked it over in my hand. "You know, I prefer power fighting over weapons." I stood up and smiled. "When I'm using my power, I have forty two of these," I raised up the knife.

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Edwardteach5/6/15 6:29pm
I smile "Its Kinda hard to power fight when one of us can't use their power yet," I say

I raise the sword and leap forward with a swing to the left leg.
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Kirito5/6/15 6:37pm
The wooden sword caught me off guard and I fell to the floor with a thud. "Haha, you sunuvabitch," I said jokingly. I quickly sprang up and darted to his left. Then, my knife in my right hand, I swung the handle hard to the right, aimed at his gut.
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Edwardteach5/6/15 6:40pm
I smile and swiftly pull back the sword and I turn the sword and my body so the knife glides along the blade to my side. I stick out my foot as Zero's knife glides along my sword to trip him.
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Kirito5/6/15 6:48pm
My foot caught in his and I fell forward. My face connected with the padded ground. I rolled over and sat up. "Spirits I'm rusty, eh?" I smiled and stood again. This time I dived at him, attempting to tackle him.
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Edwardteach5/6/15 6:51pm
His tackle caught me off guard, His head hits my side and once i realized what happened I shifted my feet to stop moving and I choke for a minute because the air was knocked out of me, I shove him back by his shoulders.
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