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Subscribe to this thread BloodHound: Adurunas most wanted created by coolbreeze88 on May 3, 2015

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coolbreeze885/4/15 8:45pm
the patch of grass growing on the floor of the shed wasint the best of sufaces to sleep on, but its all I had as I waited for my handy work to come full circle.

I gave myself an A+ on that raid. not only was I never spotted, but I didn't have to crack the safe the good old fashioned way by smahing it open with my crudely made steel broadsword.

the sound of the grass rustling in the breeze was interrupted by a loud BOOM as my handywork came to fruition in a final masterpiece of justice.

"DING fries are done" I joked as I burst into uncontrolled, gleeful laughter. pounding on the ground as my chest started to hurt.

that was also my wakeup call, that explosion of that chopper, by its skull shaking volume alone, could probably be heard for miles.

but it was so worth it. that man was a slob and a menace. but that laughter..... what am I turning into here?

better get moving...sigh...again.

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Edwardteach5/4/15 8:48pm
"Thats true, hence why I said limited powers could be used in self defense" i say

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Kirito5/4/15 8:53pm
My ears perked up. "Did you....hear that?" I asked, bewildered. "Nah, nevermind. Anyway, I'd love to discuss politics with you, but I need to catch up on my beauty sleep, and I suggest you do the same," I laughed.

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Edwardteach5/4/15 8:56pm
"alright Lets get some shut eye" I heard the noise to gods damn it what is tulsan getting himself into now.

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Kirito5/4/15 8:59pm
I jumped onto the floor quickly and became my wolf counterpart. I felt more comfortable in my canine form, especially for sleep. I trotted over to a corner and curled into a tight ball.

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Edwardteach5/4/15 9:05pm
I crawl into the bed on the far side of the room and lay down I whisper to Areon "Make sure nothing happens to me."

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Kirito5/4/15 9:06pm
"I can hear you perfectly, thanks," I muttered with my eyes closed. "I'm not that low."

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Edwardteach5/4/15 9:07pm
"I'm sorry I wasn't specifically talking about you, I have made a few enemies you could say" I say while my voice is laughing a little.

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coolbreeze885/4/15 9:09pm
I continued walking south along the coast, making sure to use my power every time a patrol van came barreling through, most likely the assess the damage of my "prank".

the time seemed to fly by with every hour feeling like 10 minutes as the sun began to rise behind me, casting a faint shadow.

then came up on the horizon, a small fishing town, the slight smell of freshly caugh fish filled my nostils.

to bad the restraunts are closed at the early moring hours, i was really hoping for some sea food.

then to my surprise i saw that a restraint was actually open, i picked up my pace into a slight jog.

oh warm food.

my resoning gave way to insincts as my hunger was amplified by the smell of freshly grilled manufact meat and toast.

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Kirito5/4/15 9:14pm
"whatever," I replied as I slipped into sleep.

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Aman37125/5/15 3:55am
Next morning, a knocking could be heard outside of the shed, "Um, pardon me?"

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Kirito5/5/15 4:23pm
Sunlight steamed in through the window, signifying the beggining of the morning. I yawned and stretched out before standin slowly.

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Edwardteach5/5/15 5:51pm
I turned when i heard Zero yawn I have been up for a couple of hours now sharpening and caring for my sword, I say outloud "Morning Sleeping Beauty, how was your beauty rest?"

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Kirito5/5/15 6:01pm
"Best sleep I've had in a while that's for sure," I got up and threw on my vest and knife holster. "What's the plan today?"

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Edwardteach5/5/15 6:44pm
I don't know I need to do some personal training," I say after sheathing my sword

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