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Subscribe to this thread BloodHound: Adurunas most wanted created by coolbreeze88 on May 3, 2015

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coolbreeze885/3/15 3:25pm
Tulsan pravada is wanted for many things. ambushing and killing policemen, arson, and incitiring unrest amongst the populace.

the adurunan authorities, knowing that the police proved insufficient in tracking down someone who seems disappear and reappear at will, slautering multiple officers in the process.

in a desperate attempt to try and finally bring this man to his knees, the central government issued the secretive program "Bloodhound" which randomly recruits those convicted of and currently known illicit power users and authorizes them to use their powers to hunt down Tulsan in exchange for a cleansing of their records and political amnesty and a payment of Tulsans total bounty.

does your dream keeper have what it takes to hunt down and capture the most elusive "bandit" in adurunan history, or will you betray your oath and collude with his "warped vision of society'?

total bounty: 548,000,000 credits as of this post
conditions: must be captured alive for questioning for payment to be offered.

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Kirito5/3/15 3:41pm
The wolf cracked his knuckles, walking the quiet Ruskol streets. A chain dangled from his pocket, resting against his black cargo pants. At his left was a knife in it's holster, and on his chest he wore a light protective vest. His footsteps echoed through the deserted street.

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coolbreeze885/3/15 3:50pm
"AWOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Tulsan howled in ecstasy, his exuberant dancing at one of the most exclusive clubs in party island always lit up the night as the other patrons cheered on his audacity.

at first the club tried throwing him out at first, but his "contributions" of credits stolen from district banks landed him a spot on the clubs VIP list.

that, coupled with the "don't ask, don't tell" policy made him feel pretty safe here, in fact he sometimes uses the VIP lounge as a sort of safehouse so to speak, along with the pimp that provides the show girls and the local illicit grade fermantae dealer.

unfortunately I would soon be abruptly forced out by unwelcome company.

the front enterance was forced open as several of the cities armed goons charged into the nightclub.

"Attention patrons of the Indigo Reeds, you are all under arrest for obstruction of justice, withholding evidence, and harboring a fugitive, surrender now or we will open fire"

"Damn it not again" was all I could utter before the SWAT teams began ruthlessly opening fire on anyone who made a run for it.

I did what i had to and escaped the building using my unique power. their was no way I could save everyone this time, there's just too many of them.

I, Pravada, sulking on the sandy shores of party island as the waves covered up the sound of my crying. sorry everyone.... I thought you would know the risks of keeping me around.

their heartless... they really are!!

there I was, on the beach, out in the open, knowing I wont be able to relax on this beach for long ether.

I was....getting so tired.... but I cant fall asleep. not here!!

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Kirito5/3/15 3:52pm
(why did the police just slaughter all the civs?)

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coolbreeze885/3/15 3:55pm
(the didn't, they opened fire on those who tried to make a run for it or resist arrest. pravada using his invisibility managed to run past the guards and escape.)

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Kirito5/3/15 4:08pm
(eh, ok. Also, it's not SWAT it's Safety Troopers or "shocks" for short. Just a little lore. What do you recommend I do with Zero?)

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coolbreeze885/3/15 4:20pm
(well lets just say you went to the sound of springers firring and saw Pravada uncloak as he exited the front door of the building and make a run for the shorefront, you find him under the pier sleeping. don't let your guard down though, he can still hear you.)

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Kirito5/3/15 4:23pm
(are the bounty hunters aloud to use powers?)

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coolbreeze885/3/15 4:27pm
(yes, that's what a "bloodhound" is, a covert bounty hunter authorized to use outlawed abilities to hunt down high risk fugitives in exchange for a clean record and the bounty money, feel free to use your powers however you like :3, but just as reminder, he's wanted alive.)

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Kirito5/3/15 4:40pm
My ears perked, responding to the springer shots in the distance. In a fraction of a second, I dived in the area in front of me, my body morphing, conforming to the wolf form. After the brief transformation was complete, I shook quickly, getting comfortable in my new form before starting off. I galloped on all fours to the new destination
After several minutes, I reached the source of the sound. I sniffed the air slowly and deliberately. That's when I saw him: A man walking out of the club, a halo shining around his head. I growled slowly and dangerously, treading slowly towards him.

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Aman37125/3/15 5:19pm
(Do you guy's know where the OOC of this RP is?)

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coolbreeze885/3/15 5:30pm
i turned my attention towards the growling and saw a feral wolf slowly approaching.

"ahh no, another feral," "shoo boy shoo, your going to give me away..." I said, im not going to be intimidated by some feral mutt as I casually tried to distance myself from the wolf as I began to make my way towards the beachfront, almost taunting it to try and attack.

I then noticed the halo above the wolfs head and from that point my features softened to show regret.

" are a.... how could you.." I said in worried disappointment as I began running away from him towards the pier. completely dumfounded as to why a fellow comrade is hunting me down.

i cant kill him, he's one of us power users. but if he keeps pushing me, i just might have to go back on my word of protecting them from the "safety troopers".

"dang it, used up all my mental energy trying to escape the place, don't make me fight you."

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coolbreeze885/3/15 5:36pm
(@aman3712 right above you in parenthesis, sorry that this rp doesent have a headless thread, i guess i should make one)

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Aman37125/3/15 6:10pm
A Blue jaguar was walking along a sidewalk when he saw from the corner of his eye a confrontation between an intimidation coyote and a feral wolf. He froze in fear, unsure on what to do.

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coolbreeze885/3/15 6:18pm
(Tulsan is not a wolf, he's a coyote)

i turned my attention briefly to the blue jaguar "oh not... now theres 2 of you, listen, either you turn around and run with the tail between your legs or i will have to get violent."

Tulsan drew his blade, trying to bluff his 2 assailants with stylistic twirling of his blade.

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