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Subscribe to this thread Warriors of the New Age-OOC created by Aman3712 on April 6, 2015

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Aman37124/6/15 3:13pm
In this non-canon, all-levels RP, the city of Anduruna had been changed forever after an army of Nightmares invaded the city to bring about the destruction of all Dreamkeepers. However, a large organization of revolutionists were quick to take action and fought the Nightmares in a great war, resulting in both the near annihilation of Anduruna and the fall of the government. After the war, almost all of Anduruna was in ruin and, with no government, the Dreamkeepers decided to work together to rebuild Anduruna and bring about an age of peace.
Thirty years later, Anduruna has seen much progress after the war, not all of it good though. Pollution has weakened the environment. Chaos rules, with powerful factions, criminal organizations and huge mega-corporations battling and destroying each other for shares of the dreamworld’s wealth. The RP will focus on a group of Dreamkeepers who try and survive together in the post-apocalyptic.

*You can have as many characters as you want.
*No auto-hitting
*No god modding
*Your characters can have any weapon.

I'll start the RP when we get enough people :D

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