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Dreamkeepers Forums - (WALL OF LINKS WARNING) Dreamkeepers Hunger Games simulator (funny)

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Subscribe to this thread (WALL OF LINKS WARNING) Dreamkeepers Hunger Games simulator (funny) created by Digitigraderobo on March 22, 2015

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Digitigraderobo3/22/15 11:40am
I was unsure of where to post this so apologies if it's in the wrong section.

This is pretty hilarious I thought, the title is an artifact from when I thought I had to post all the links individually so sorry if I mislead anyone but there are no link walls here. Link below, click the proceed button to see what happens next. :P

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Prometheus3/22/15 11:54am

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Prometheus3/22/15 2:34pm

Here we go. >:P

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Prometheus3/22/15 2:36pm

Well, that didn't take long. O_o

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Prometheus3/22/15 2:37pm
Day 1:

Night 1:

Day 2:

(To Be Updated ;D)

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Digitigraderobo3/22/15 2:49pm
Aw poo, it appears the site didn't keep my name settings and such, aw it's ruined now I guess.

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Prometheus3/22/15 3:22pm
What happened? What do you mean?

Edit: Wow. All the links went haywire. The hunger game is gone. That sucks.

Guess I'll have to do it over and screencap. Everyone else might have to do that, as well.

Also, it's good that you put the warning up 'cuz I intend to link to the results of my hunger game.

Since it no longer matters, in the opening bloodbath, Nabonidus threw a throwing knife into Mace's chest, killing him. Like, what are the odds? X'D

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Digitigraderobo3/22/15 3:34pm
Yeah, the names are what made it funny :( mine had "Viriathus pushed Digo off a cliff during a knife fight"

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Prometheus3/22/15 3:37pm
Like I said above. Might just have to screencap it and upload your caps somewhere so you can link them. Doesn't look like the link wall can be avoided.

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Prometheus3/22/15 4:22pm

Sorry about the poor quality. I don't know how the people on 4chan edit screencaps of this generator.

Edit: Yeah, I'm gonna need some help with this. How do you screencap a whole webpage w/o having to scroll down? I can't zoom out enough to catch the opening bloodbath w/o making everything too small to read.

Edit 2X:

Okay, I think it might work without screencaps, but we'll see.

Edit 3X: F*CK! I went back to edit Wisp's name 'cuz I somehow named her Tinsel and I destroyed the results. Ugh, this isn't fun anymore. I'll do it one more time.

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Prometheus9/23/15 11:15am
After months of procrastinating and reluctance, I've finally gotten back around to this. ^^;

I have yet to find an answer to how people are able to crop their screencaps of their hunger games results and still keep the text legible. But, I tested the save feature on this generator and it looks like the results remain the same even starting over from the beginning.

So, I saved my first edition of my DK Hunger Games here:

Just keep clicking the proceed button to see what happens. I'm sure you'll find some of the events in this to be very fitting. XD

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Digitigraderobo9/23/15 3:41pm
Woah, nice work on this Pro, nice high quality pictures for every character :D.

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Kirito9/23/15 4:48pm
Fanart of scenes has ensued because they're too good to pass up

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MobileCrusader9/24/15 2:16pm
We do these all the time on /co/ and /a/. Good fun.

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arSyx9/24/15 8:20pm
This was pretty great. The hilarity pretty much writes itself.
Nabonidus: ...But now you shall see.. My secret weapon!
Whip: Fwegn!
Lord Void: are you kidding me this
Igrath fails to do basic tasks, part 1
Lord Void: -and then he shows up with this little rat and says "My secret weapon!"
Bast: Hah!
Why would anyone think this is a good idea?
Igrath fails to do basic tasks, part 2
"...How'd this even get here?"
Viscount: Hey, look over there!
Igrath: ...
"The ashen wastes, the bloodstains of the innocent, the cries of despair... It's the little things, man."

@Kirito: Well, what are the odds? (unless this is not randomized)

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