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Subscribe to this thread The ultimate nerd exercise created by ST34LTH on March 21, 2015

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ST34LTH3/21/15 4:56pm
There is this old challenge on the internet, which some of you might be familiar with. It is the ultimate challenge of logic, computer smarts, knowledge of the google search mechanics, and finally the volume of random information at you disposal.

I guarentee this is no mean feat and that none of you will have this done in less than a day, as long as you take the challenge in honest fashion and use no cheats.

I took it once before and didn't get all that far (even though it was a lot farther than most I know), so I'm going to redo it and see if I can get further this time around. Anyone interested in this 'exercise', I challenge you to see how far you can get and share it with other interested DK fans.

As far as I remember, some browsers are NOT compatible with this little game and as such, you have now been warned.

EDIT: After a little test, I can confirm that Chrome does work, but isn't recommended for this; something up ahead will be unnecesarily complicated with Chrome. Firefox, however, works just fine.


PS.: No, the game has nothing to do with porn, the name was just fancy back in the days; or at least I assume that that is the reason behind the name.

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ST34LTH3/21/15 5:00pm
Hint: Do not always take things at face value in this game. More than a few red herrings are placed in very annyoing places... and not by mistake.

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ZycantAlpha3/23/15 11:11am
Ok. My spring break has "officially" started now, so I have time to take a real crack at this. Let's see how well I do.

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ST34LTH3/23/15 11:23am
Good luck mate; I'm looking forward to hearing how/if you enjoyed it, plus how far you get :)

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ZycantAlpha3/23/15 2:56pm
All right. I'm giving it a rest for now. So, thus far I've made it to #8. However, I had to cheat for a part of #6 (specifically I had to look for how to get the numbers) and I used the official hint page for #7.

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ST34LTH3/23/15 3:05pm
Oh yeah, the #6 one XD

I look forward to seeing how fast you'll handle #11, since I'm one of the very few among my friends who even managed to get past it, which in itself took embarrasingly long ;3

PS.: I'm currently at #14 and have also decided to give it a rest for now.

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ST34LTH3/25/15 3:10pm
For all who still haven't looked at this, I strongly encourage you to at least give it a go. While these kind of games might not generally be for you, I advice you not to discard it too quickly. Not only is this much more challenging than most of its kind, but it requires a diverse field of knowledge, so no single type of nerd suffices for this (Unless you truly are a very, very special snowflake :3). If the challenge seems too steep; try it with a friend! There is no dishonour in failing a challenge that was made so ludicrously tough, that there still, to this very day, only exist a handful of people who managed to accomplish it without any help.

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ZycantAlpha3/25/15 4:16pm
All right, I made it to 11, but I had to cheat from 8 through 10. So, I've officially lost (at least morally). For this run through, I'm throwing in the towel.

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DanWithTheHat3/26/15 3:31pm
I left off at level 4. I know how to solve it. I just need to stop being lazy and continue....

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Kirito3/26/15 8:10pm
I got to 4 and was too tired to continue :P

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origamifan3/27/15 4:52am
I'm currently to level 4. This site is awesome, thanks for the link!

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ST34LTH3/27/15 5:11am
Nice to see more people set in motion with this ;3

I wish you all the best of luck and a bundle of fun.

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ST34LTH3/27/15 5:42am
Damn, I'm dumb...

I just finished lvl 15, by half cheating... Apparently I DID actually have it figured out, but accidently typed the wrong password (probably only one letter that was wrong). I got so frustrated I looked up the answer...

Why didn't you just type it in twice baka stealth? >.>

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ST34LTH3/27/15 5:58am

I entered a wrong answer in lvl 17 and got this as a reply: "gack fool.......eggs are different" XD

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ST34LTH3/27/15 6:42am
Okay... Ehm... A heads up for all. If you are sensitive about porn or do this at your workplace, you might want to be careful around this game. I was actually never aware before now, but apparently there are some NSFW pictures given to distract you at certain levels, if you are ALMOST about right.

I guess my Post Scriptum in the OP was a load of bull after all.

Anyways, ye have been warned!

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