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Subscribe to this thread Personalities and their quirks created by ST34LTH on March 19, 2015

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ST34LTH3/19/15 3:49pm
((TL;DR further down))

After recently having had an extended talk with someone about psychology and different personalities, I realized how difficult and lengthy a process it can be to explain such things to 'the uninitiated', and wondered how I could best explain it and perhaps have a little fun in trying to set some words/names on our specific types. When at first we looked for options, we of course came across some freudian material (and pardon me here freud fans), but since I honestly don't like his ideas too much and I believe them to be too narrow and inaccurate when concerned with elements such as intro-/extro-vertism, I decided to search for one related to Jung's social studies. I found a quite thorough, four-dimensional personality test (link provided below), which gave me the result INTP; Introvert, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. As I was reading up on what was said about INTP's, I got a little puzzled. When did Jung study me? I kid you not; every bit the initial site said about INTP's fit like a glove. It was actually a little freaky, but I also think it could be quite enlightening for anyone not familiar with such things already. I myself was already familiar with these aspects and knew I was Introvert for one, but never the less, I find it neat to finally have words to put on the other elements.

I found a neat little test again and had yet another fancy for testing whether or not people might be interested in taking it, sharing their results and perhaps even discussing it.


My results:
(In case anyone was interested in what an odd fella' I might be ;3)

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Tari3/20/15 1:02pm

Good stuff. I took this test before (a really long version of it) and got the same results pretty much. :)

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ST34LTH3/20/15 1:13pm
Interesting... As I also stated on Skype, your results were partially predictable for me, although I find it very interesting to have it confirmed.

(Getting closer to having a full file on all these weird DK members ever so slowly... Wait, this is an inner monologue isn't it? ;3)

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crazyhead423/20/15 1:27pm
Oh really? What's your read on me?

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ST34LTH3/20/15 1:43pm
Sadly I've not talked with you on Skype, nor have we had any other extended correspondence, so I can't honestly say yet.

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ZycantAlpha3/20/15 1:45pm
Oh yeah. I think this is Jung's "official" test. I took that a while ago out of curiosity (and also copied it onto a word file and printed the results).

It looks a bit like this:

Introverted (100%-strong preference) Intuitive (25%-moderate preference) Thinking (12%-slight preference) Judging (56%-moderate preference)

For those who are wondering. The TL;DR version of this is that I'm apparently evil and manipulative...I think.

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ST34LTH3/20/15 1:57pm
Lol. That's hardly what an INTJ personality is. No need to worry about burried code for evil scheming and doomsday device making XD

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ZycantAlpha3/20/15 3:18pm
I know. But it's usually more fun to pretend that I have numerous planned lined up for world domination.

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ST34LTH3/20/15 3:20pm
You and me both mate XD

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crazyhead423/20/15 3:33pm
Wait, no doomsday devices? No evil scheming? RIP OFF!

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Kirito3/20/15 4:53pm


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wildcard3/20/15 5:03pm

No surprise here.

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crazyhead423/20/15 6:30pm
... What do I get if I can't answer the questions?

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ZycantAlpha3/20/15 11:19pm
All right, then numbers are different but that could be due to the fact that it's late and I'm a bit tired (I also rushed through it a bit). But now the INTJ page is catalogued.

Those, crazy, what do you mean you can't answer the questions? Do you mean it isn't accepting them or that you're split between the choices?

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crazyhead423/21/15 7:49am
How about "I lack the experience to actually know the answer to these questions"?
How would I even know six? And 26? How am I supposed to know if I'm right? 39 really is tough because I'm inclined to experiment ALONG SIDE familiar approaches, not instead of.

Oh, and I'm still not sure what a "TV Soap" is.

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