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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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joeden1/14/16 9:26am
Jamie managed to get the kids back into the room and holding onto the device, as the sound of crying metal was heard as the door hold the Nightmare back started to give and tear. Jamie snarled as he grabbed a large metal sheet and ran up to the door using the sheet to reinforce it for what good it might do and said, "Go, don't worry about me I can move faster then ugly here!" The Nightmare let out a screech as it continued trying to get through the door.

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Javelin1/14/16 8:36pm
As Javelin watches Jamie and so Javelin steps off as one of the medevac calls him back but he didn't listen and Javelin says "damn I guess we all do something stupid for the sake of the team"

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Alej1/16/16 2:31pm
Recap? ive been gone a bit

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Kymastrider1/16/16 5:19pm

(While I hate to repeat myself for the Umteenth time but.

Kyma, Jamie and Javelin are trying to escape with the Medevac team and the kids on one of the Troika retreval telepads, However moments before there suppose to teleport away Jamie decides to play the hero by holding the door shut that the nightmare is trying to break through to get at them, and of course Javelin decides to play to hero too by running off the telepad to help him.

Meanwhile if I last recall Alej and Edward are separated from the group down in one of the sewer tunnels, Edward is injured and Alej is carrying him, however Edward recently regained consciousness, I dont know what the plan is you two have in the stoy now at this point.

And Kyle is no longer in the story at this point.)

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Alej1/18/16 10:06pm
(I think we need a plan of where to take this next)

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Kymastrider1/21/16 3:24pm
One of the medevac team shouted into his com "HQ, HQ, GET US OUT OF HERE ASAP"

Kyma hanging onto the handle shouted "JAMIE GET BACK HERE, HURRY"

But it was too late in an instant they were out of the sewers and back at Troika HQ.

An officer off the corner said "Get the injured to sickbay imediately, then have someone check those kids for injuries.

One of the Indigo Twins escorted Kyma, Kyma blushed as he thought she was beautiful.

One of the officers shouted "ALRIGHT, WHO IS HERE AND WHO IS MISSING?"

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joeden1/21/16 5:27pm
Jamie bounced the Ballistic knife out of the way, knowing full well it would do nothing against the Nightmare, and as the teleporter left, Jamie's Halo spring to life, as his cloak of shadows appeared, he glided away from the door and down the hall. The Nightmare charged through the door with a screech, sniffing and screaming again, followed Jamie down the hall, like a bat out of hell.

Jamie came round the Corner seeing Loki and Alej and grabbed the both of them and tossing them over his shoulders, so they'd see behind him. Jamie continued on, huffing, "NO TIME!!!"

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Javelin1/22/16 2:32pm
Javelin with a surprising reaction " whah, that actually work!?" As he looked around "spirits... So this is... the HQ? Huh" asked Kyma as he stepped off the retrieval pad slowly as he feels him self checking if he's still in one piece and so he went to sit down some where on the floor

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Alej1/22/16 3:51pm
(um how can we get everyone back together?

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Kymastrider1/22/16 5:13pm
(@ Alej, read my post in the headless room)

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Javelin1/22/16 6:08pm
And so some med team approached Javelin and one of them said are you ok? Who are you? Javelin didn't answer as he was staring of into space thinking about today's event that happened and so he tapped his shoulder and Javelin responded "huh what, oh" and one of the med team told Javelin to come with them to the med bay for recovery

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Alej1/23/16 11:31pm
ALej pulled out her radio and called "Hello? anyone there??? Please respond!"

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Kymastrider1/27/16 8:02am
In the med bay The Indigo twins were undressing Kyma. Removing his ripped clothes covered in blood, and body armor with several springer rounds in it. Even though the armor took most of the damage his chest still hurt. One of the twins was treating his arm, removing the bullets stitching it up and bandaging it up. Kyma looked at one of the twins and aaked "Alej, and the others are still down there"

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Javelin1/28/16 5:10pm
When I entered the med bay the doc was preparing his medical tools ready for use and when he saw me and my second hand armor and weapon he responded saying "son is that an old heavy pneumatic Rod gun what the hell are you doing running around in that third era armor, never mind just remove your armor" and so Javelin took a seat on the medical table removed his heavy trench coat and he unclipped his vest and removed his tattered white tank top, exposing the dart wounds the doc responded "well at least the darts aren't that far in" and so the doc started picking off the 1 revolver dart from Javelins back and him ignoring the throalling pain as he takes silent breathes and the doc patches his wounds up and the doc goes on to remove the two darts on his left arm as Javelin tries to think of something else staring off into nothingness and the doc patches his left arm up the doc says "alright final tugs"
As he begins to pick off the 3 darts from his chest as his blood starts dripping a bit faster and Javelins heart beats harder and fast he takes a deep breath as he feels the metal clips pulling the darts out and the doc begins to patch his chest wounds to stop the bleeding and says "well their your all patched up now what did you said your name was?" Javelin responded "...Javelin, and thanks" as he grabs his things and doc asked "what are you doing?" Javelin responded "going back to my hideout" the doc responded not like that you aren't, you need to rest" Javelin talked back "I'm fine thanks " - to be continued-

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Kymastrider1/28/16 5:41pm
(um hey Alej if your listening to this, were all sort of waiting for your reaction to being thrown over Jamie's shoulder and seeing a nightmare pursuing you from behind)

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