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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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Kymastrider1/6/16 12:12pm
(Do i need to repeat myself for the 18th time. Ive been trying to keep track of the current events in the headlessroom. But odvoiusly no ones paying attention. Go to the headless room and read my last few posts if you want to know whats going on)

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joeden1/6/16 8:37pm
(If not a problem I'll post again to connect the story to Javelin.)

Jasper heard the sound coming from behind a door on the far side of the room, he moved to the door and opened it to find, Javelin and the medvac team. He went wide eyed and slammed the door saying, "We Got More Thugs!!!" This started a panic as everyone tried to find a hiding place, as Jamie twisted the Door shut and Pulled Ollow off of him to open the other door, and grabbed Javelin nearly planting his fist into his face nice and hard before stopping. He then said, "Ohh its you whatever your name is was it jibblers or something?"

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Javelin1/7/16 5:08pm
Yeah... jibblers... Javelin chuckled while his breathing is Hurd inside his helmet as he removed it and placed it under his arm and so the medevac stepped in some were looking at me confused as they setup they're equipment and so Javelin went to find some space in the room and got on his knee removing his heavy trench coat and laying his spear gatling in front of him and then tried and forcefully remove the darts stuck in his left arm he pulled both of them out as he glared a bit as his blood started dripping and he covered his left arm and removed the 5 darts caught in his armor 3/5 of them hit his flesh and he uncomfortably pulled them out he covered his stomach with his left arm and took a deep breath and after that he stared off in to space wondering about today

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joeden1/7/16 6:49pm
Jamie looked at the Medevac team and was confused as another bang on the iron door was heard. All the kids moved away from it towards Jamie as he said, "Okay if you want to set up your stuff and it's not a teleporter you might want to get out there's an un-killable super Nightmare that refuses to die even after dropping a tower on it and decapitating it." There was another door bending bang that caught everyone's attention.

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Kymastrider1/7/16 9:18pm
Kyma stood up, a temporary dressing placed on his arm where the bullet wounds were and said "Jamie? Just what happened to Alej and Edward? And ontop of that, how are we going to get out of here?"

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Javelin1/7/16 9:53pm
As javelins day dreaming was interrupted by the ruckus he collected himself, grabs his gatling with his right arm and swings it on his back and regroups with the others and so he look at the two doors that are going to be breached, damn! So what's the plan?

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Kymastrider1/8/16 5:43am
(I was thinking we'd all gather on the troika teleport retreval pad to escape back to troika HQ like at the end of vol-4)

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joeden1/8/16 9:13am
(We're in a sewer system there is no vents down their and the door that the Nightmare is trying to break is already locked.)

Jamie seeing Kyma said, "I Don't know they where with us a moment ago and now they're gone..." Jamie noticed a door opposite of the one everyone came in opening it he motioned for everyone to head this way, as all the kids hurried through the door first. "We might want to move fast, I don't think that door will hold the bloody thing back much longer."

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Javelin1/8/16 2:44pm
Edward... Wasn't he the teenage photographer? He questioned

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joeden1/8/16 5:59pm
(It's Loki Edward is back at the Trokia Base)

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Kymastrider1/11/16 5:39pm
one of the medevac shouted "everyone this way, there is a retrieval telepad in the next room, get inside quickly and grab onto one of the flow-wood limbs, HQ will do the rest"

in the room where the medevac game in was a standard issue troika retreval telepad, the device looked like a spider with 8-giant flow-wood limbs coming out of the center pod.

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Javelin1/11/16 9:57pm
Retrieval what? As he saw the strange equipment laying on the floor and said
You guys aren't an ordinary team, are y'all, well who am I to judge, so... What do we do with this... Thing...
As he ponders what it does?

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Kymastrider1/11/16 10:09pm
one of the medevac shouted "grab onto a handle bar on one of the 8 limbs, hold on tight and all of us will be teleported back to HQ, and I suggest you do it before that nightmare breaks through"

Kyma who was being lead by one of the medevac's said "this isn't the time to be skeptical dude, I haven't been with these guy's long but they sure as hell know what there talking about"

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Javelin1/11/16 10:57pm
"True" Javelin responded to Kymastrider as one of the other medevac grabbed his arm and the medevac said "grab on to the handle bar here" and so Javelin did and he got a bit nervous as well and looked around

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Edwardteach1/12/16 3:56pm
I gradually wake up with alej running with mme and startled that i was moving kick her to drop me "What the hell?!?!"

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