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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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Kymastrider11/20/15 6:28pm
Kyma replied to the medevac

"I don't quite know who he is myself, but I believe I am in serious need of medical help. I took a couple springer bullets from some shocks"

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Javelin11/20/15 9:57pm
Javelin replies to them

"Call me Javelin And what's all this Troika I've heard about I've come across a teen photographer who said he was with you guys, are y'all a militia?
Javelin hesitates
Are you with the... Gov"

Javelin questioned

(Javelin hold a grudge against the gov because he feels the gov will stand in the way of having a good family with Valkyrie and so he will keep that promise to the end)

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Alej11/21/15 7:55am
Alej quickly grabbed Edward and booked it "SHIIIIIT!"

Narah attempted to duck under the spiky tail

Total: 6

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joeden11/28/15 3:27pm
((OCC: I'm going to leave the Nightmare part for the moment till Nix gets a chance to respond.))

Jamie hurrying the kids along carried Ollow who clung to him like glue still shocked and terrified. under his arms he carried a kid who was a little too slow and a Passed out Loki he grabbed from Alej. getting everyone to the door. It wasn't going to take long for the Nightmare to come after everyone and he wanted to be on the otherside of the big metal door when it came.

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Edwardteach12/9/15 3:50pm
I wake up dazzed as alej rums with me "Hey" I mumble "Put me down if we are safe"

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Alej12/9/15 10:30pm
Alej slowly dropped Edward. "Aiight."

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joeden12/20/15 4:29pm
Jamie making sure everyone was inside shut the door and locked it as an angry thud hit the door. Jamie then looked around and said, "We need to get out of here that door ain't going to hold.

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Javelin12/20/15 11:18pm
As we marched along the tunnel we suddenly Hurd violence near by
"Hey, does anyone else hear that?" And we picked up the pace a little and we saw a room entry as we hear thugs in there
The medevac readied they're weaponry and I speed walked towards Kymastrider taking a peek from the entrance
I responded hey what do you see? As I over Hurd the ruckus

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Alej1/3/16 6:09pm
(everyone still alive?

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Kymastrider1/4/16 1:49pm
(there hasent been activity on this RP in quite along time, I dont even know who's still activily participating at this point)

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Alej1/4/16 3:06pm
I am

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joeden1/4/16 4:05pm
(same I've made my response and i'm waiting for a reply.)

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Alej1/4/16 7:03pm
(I cant do anything till Edward gets here cuz we're alone

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joeden1/5/16 8:36pm
(I thought you and ed where with everyone else. Didn't see anything that separated us unless I missed something. Hell my last post says Jamie Took Loki from Alej when running.)

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Alej1/5/16 9:58pm
(I am so confused now

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