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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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Alej10/18/15 9:37pm
Narah smiled, staring down the barrel of one of the thug's springers. "Illegial ballistics... I like... So," She turns to Kris. "Who are you?"

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Edwardteach10/19/15 2:44pm
"I whisper "Hey um isnt that the bitch from before?" i say pointing over at Narah

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Alej10/19/15 4:02pm
Alej nodded slowly. "Yup."

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Nix10/19/15 6:33pm
Kris kept his springer trained on Narah's head.

"Who am I? That's none of your fucking business. Who are you is a better one?" He practically yelled.

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Alej10/19/15 9:45pm
Narah smiled, baring unusually jagged rows of horrifying teeth. "Pull that trigger. I dare you."

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joeden10/19/15 10:59pm
One of the thugs said, "listen here you asswipe if you even try anything we'll gun your ass down, got it?" As he said this, all the thugs had their guns trained on kris.

In the far distance the sound of clicking of metal on stone was slightly audible, as James motioned one more time whispering "hurry we'll get you out, you don't want to know what's coming!" The two bats heard this and decided it was probably better, as they heard the clicks a lot clearer and began motivating the rest who seemed stubborn but with the events they seemed less.

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Edwardteach10/22/15 6:25am
"So um I have 2 knives left may I take permission to hit her?" i say pulling a knife out

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Javelin10/22/15 4:17pm
And as the medevac were near the door I slowly get behind them and act like I'm apart of the team with them not noticing and one of them knocked on the door we all looked sharp and waited

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Alej10/22/15 9:43pm
ALej shook her head "Something tells me a knife wont kill this bitch..." (@Edward)

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Edwardteach10/23/15 2:44pm
"Ok fine" I slip it away I look up pale in my face and I my shoulder And say softly "Shit" and i collapse to the floor, the rough makeshift bandage on my arm bright red.

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Kymastrider10/23/15 6:27pm
Kyma waved to the medevac team and said "I'm guess you guys must be the medevac, the others took off to continue the mission"

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Javelin10/23/15 6:40pm
and as kym waved we all stepped in and one of them noticed me and was a bit suspicious and said "huh when did we pick this guy up?" And they all turned facing me and one of them reached for their gun and said "who are you" and i said back "me im just a Good Samaritan"
They all looked confuse looking and whispering at one another and Im just standing there

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Alej10/24/15 10:40am
Alej knelt down next to Edward. "Fuck! We need to get him out of here ASAP."

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joeden10/25/15 6:35pm
Jasper quickly and quietly managed to convince everyone to silently put things down, and had them sneak over to the access tunnel. Whereas Jamie and everyone else was, as the clicking was now almost audible to every non bat in the tunnel.

Jamie gritted his teeth and he said, "Alej get him out of here now" As he quickly stopped the bleeding temporarily with an additional bandages. He looked back and saw the kids coming and helped them in without the thugs noticing.

Then Patty let out a scream of shock, as what made the clicking was now loud and visible the twelve foot nightmare screeched and if the girl's scream didn't draw attention, that did.

The Nightmare leapt for Ollow who was horrified solid, but was grabbed by Jamie and was wisped away from harm into a teary hug by Jamie as he yelled, "LETS GET OUT OF HERE!!!"

The Nightmare flying through the air, mouth open took a massive bite out of a thug instead, sliding into the full group, knocking everyone around, and somewhat luckly for kris putting it and almost everyone behind him, and its tail, flinging towards him and Narah as it followed the Nightmare. The tail was sharp and could leave some nasty cuts indeed.
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Javelin10/28/15 9:01pm
I Toke a deep breath as I removed my helmet and grabbed it with my left arm gently holding it and leaned on the wall next to the door "so... What's the mission if you don't mind me asking" with a chuckle as I adjusted my left arm from bleeding

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