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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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Edwardteach10/12/15 10:07am
"Oh fun" I slip the knives back into their sheaths "How far out?" I sak as I sit down.

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Alej10/12/15 10:53am
Alej huffed, standing next to Nyle. "Plus we still got that crazy lizard chick and her nightmare after us. What the fuck are we gonna do?"

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Kymastrider10/12/15 12:32pm
Kyma sat down trying to conserve energy said "just how far away is the nearest telepad?"

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joeden10/12/15 5:08pm
Jamie gritted his teeth as he walked for another exit saying, "have fun getting a lift out, I'm not going anywhere until I find my brother." Jamie opened a hatch and heard a multitude of footsteps and voices, smiling he pulled his black katana out and took a step forwards.

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Alej10/13/15 5:11pm
Alej put a hand on Jamie's shoulder. "You saved my life. Aint no fuckin way im gonna let you go alone."

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Edwardteach10/13/15 7:20pm
"Nor will I let you," I say standing up "We came through this mess to help you, and Now I am going to see you through to the end, after my shoulder is properly checked" I wince little

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Badept10/13/15 8:03pm
"Dammit. Fine." Nyle touched his earpiece. "Overlord, this is Gold Leader. Zulu Squad's mission has changed. Mission is still a go. We've still got wounded, though. Don't abort the medevac team." He looked at the trio. "I'm not leaving any more comrades to die. But this is planned. No barging in like gangsters." He looked at Kyma. "You're not going. You're too injured. Wait for the medevac team. They'll be arriving in a mobile telepad unit. You'll know it by the people with it not shooting at you. This room's big enough for it. You won't have to go anywhere. Tell them to be ready for another extraction." He removed his springer pistol from it's holster and checked the ammunition.

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joeden10/13/15 11:50pm
Jamie sighed and said, "fine, let's move quick then I'm not loosing him a second time." Jamie was quick down the tunnel coming to the end, he was out of sight but saw it all. There were eighteen thugs and eight kids in backpacks and boxes at the front was three red pandas two twins and a younger one, by three years the twins being 11 a snow leopard girl behind the three boys and a grey tabby boy Ollow. Behind him where two bats both seeming to be brothers the older was easily 14 and the younger 10 with no wings at the back of the line there was a lemur girl. All wore raggedy clothing worn down from all the forced labour.

Jamie said in a low voice, "he's there I see him...."

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Javelin10/14/15 4:02am
*And as Javelin leaned on the wall as he walked he heard the sound of radios near by and so he picked up the pace a little and went into cover to
And he pulled down his DK data base visor but still he couldn't ID the personnel and the unmarked uniforms (Medevac)
Javelin: More thugs?, shocks? No...
He saw a squad of people hulling something in the pipeline and so he followed them*

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Edwardteach10/14/15 6:51am
I follow jamie cloesly "Which one is he?" I question

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Alej10/14/15 6:11pm
Alej crawled up behind Jamie. "Shit! We cant go in there dude. I think I see-"

Narah walked up to the gangsters, laughing and giving a slow-clap. "Well done boys, I see you've stayed alive this long. Now don't be alarmed, Im not here to fight..."

Alej glared at the DK. "We're fucked."

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Nix10/14/15 6:21pm
Kris had lost his coat long ago, revealing a white undershirt tucked into his pants. His holsters and weaponry were exposed, making him feel vulnerable.

He followed the group, not saying a word. His face felt cold and numb, his eyes still wide with shock. He stopped abruptly as they came upon gangsters and one odd looking dreamkeeper. He had had enough of this bullshit.

His power surged through him as his green halo materialized above him. Once again, he pulled out his blood stained springer, and with an uneven hand he leveled it with Narah's head. He growled slowly.

"What do you want, bitch."

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Alej10/14/15 6:38pm
Narah didn't even turn around, her spiky tail swinging idly side to side. It was clear she either had heard him coming, or was very unimpressed. "I simply wish to help take out a few common enemies."

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joeden10/17/15 7:43pm
The thugs where a little shocked but realized who it was from the boss's description, but went on guard when Kris showed up. The thugs raised their springers and the lead one said, "who the bloody hell are you?" the entire group was now poised to execution style gun down Kris leaving all the kids behind them.

Jamie psst and motioned for the kids to come over and be silent, which got a nervous reaction out of them. Jamie couldn't blame them but this was the best time to take the thugs out.

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Javelin10/18/15 8:21pm
As Javelin followed the group he later overhears their radios and realizes its a medevac he stumbled on trash silently tries to gain his balance while walking with a startled thought and whispers to himself "how much... further?"
And as he ponders the possibility of getting shot by the medevac if he introduces himself in the dark and so he waits until everything is settled down to show himself to the others

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