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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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joeden10/6/15 7:40pm
The running thugs then began to scream, as they where cut down and a shadowed figure caught up with Echo and Jamie asked from under his reaper's cloak, eyes glowing red, "You kid I remember you, dug your hole, what was your name again?"

(I needed to take control over the thing before things got out of hand, Javelin this isn't a high level crime syndicate this is a drug gang that employees street kids to do its work, its not something the shocks would overly look into and go after.)

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Edwardteach10/7/15 7:08am
I look at the figure startled at first then I slowly remembered watching him run "I'm Echo, and you must be Jamie? the one we were sent to help?" I question, still holding my knives ready to throw

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Aman371210/7/15 8:55am
Another then went to the same room where he was sealed in and grabbed a large, dark gray cloak and draped it over his body, leaving his arms, legs, and tail only visible. His limbs were very thin and his skin looked to be badly burned, with burnt flash and bone visible. His claws were about two inches long and his legs were digitigrade. "I never caught your name, by the way." Another then said to the nightmare.

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Alej10/7/15 7:00pm
Omg I forgot about this place D: recap?

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Javelin10/8/15 2:08pm
*As Javelin escaped the thugs in the pipeline he suddenly felt the darkness around him slowly stealing light from him for some reason but he thinks its nothing and just ignores it but what aches him his his left arm after he turns off his power*

Javelin: hm...

* still feels the ambience of the wind filled with ambiguity as he goes on searching for the little photographer*

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Edwardteach10/8/15 2:45pm
I look over at jamie, and I turn and look around, I saw a door "hey lets go see whats in there!" I say walking slowly to the door

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joeden10/8/15 11:19pm
The Nightmare said, "Nerl'thuzad and the exit is up, heheheh" The Nightmare then moved off.


Jamie dropped his halo and said, "careful there's a horde of thugs running down here with drugs and guns and they're not all as incompetent as the ones you took out." Jamie eyed the door, as he crept closer to it.

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Aman371210/9/15 7:26am
"Nerl'thusad... A pleasure to meet you." Another said, turning around as he began to head back where Kyle was, "I intend to spare the child that found me, only to use him to my advantage. It's been a long time since i've seen the light of day, and I intend to ruffle the feathers of Anduruna... One Dreamkeeper at a time."

Returning to Kyle, who had fallen asleep, Another said to him, "The exit is above us, so I will lead you."

"Oh cool!" Kyle said with a great smile, following the robed Nightmare as they traveled through ruble till they reached the exit. "Sick! Now I can tell my friends about you!" Kyle said with a great smile, looking at another as he remained in the shadows. "Yes, tell your fiends," He said with a chuckled, "I'd love to meet them..."

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Edwardteach10/9/15 10:28am
I use my good arm to unlatch the door and i hold it open with my foot as i hold the knives ready to throw, "hello?"

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Javelin10/10/15 8:31am
Hey kid are you over here!
*as I yelled an echo was released in the tunnel and as he hears the water moving and air creeping he can only ponder on what a nightmare was doing between a heated fight between the Troika and the shock troopers*

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Alej10/10/15 11:50am
Omfg I keep forgetting about this place can I have another recap? X-X

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Nix10/10/15 11:55am
(You'd be best served to ask in the OOC room to avoid clutter...)

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Kymastrider10/11/15 8:05am

(you should check the headless room to catch up, but if you must you, you were last with me Nyle and someone else, we were escaping through the sewer trying to meet up with the medevac. I think one of the other two went off to a pipeline station to take out a guard, im currently in too week a state to fight or use my power due to a blood loss and someone is carrying me. That's where our group last left off to my recollection, what happens next is yet to be decided)

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Alej10/11/15 2:23pm
Alej wrapped a scarf around her face so she couldn't smell anything and caught up with Nyle. "Hopefully the shit we've been running from is worse than what we may find ahead..."

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Badept10/11/15 11:17pm
"Hopefully we'll be gone in the next five minutes." He replied. "So far, this has been a total wreck. We're taking leave after this." He heard a knock on the door. "Who the? I'll get it." Nyle said, getting up from the chair and going over to the door. He opened it, revealing Echo, Jamie, and some other Dreamkeeper. "I'm not going to ask. Get in here. I'm locking the door behind you." He waited for them to do so, then he closed and locked the door. He sat back down in the chair. "You know, I thought that this'd be a lot easier. Just a milk run. But no! A fourth of us are wounded, we're down a squadmate, and a civilian was killed!" He touched his ear, as if he was hearing something. "The team is getting ready. They're on their way. Don't get comfy."

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