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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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Javelin10/4/15 5:05pm
Thug 3: shut up you little punk! We're the ones giving the order here
"Well it's better to deal with these severed eye bastards here then watch there terrible language and recoil fire hehe
Thug 1: what did you say bulky
I said *as I readied my self to unfold my rapid flash emitter* I wonder what gun shop you get those weapons from?
Thug 1: from your mum!
*All 4 of them laugh*
*Javelin still with a plain look and slowly turns to a grinning chuckle* of course you did and I got this lovely son of mine from your mother
*Then they got pissed*
Thug 1: Hey fock you piece of garbage looming freak *as they point there guns at me*

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joeden10/4/15 6:02pm
The Nightmare listening would hear large footfalls and a growl before a laugh and an evil aclownish voice saying, "who let you out, last I heard of you, you were locked away, hahahahaha."

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Nix10/4/15 6:25pm
His orders were quite clear.

Kris pulled up his bandanna, and withdrew his springer pistol. "My pleasure." He stated simply, before turning and walking calmly up the the worker. Hearing his footsteps, the portly man spun around quickly.
"Hey, what the hell are you doin'?!" He cried out.

Kris charged the man, planting a swift knee into his gut. He could feel the air rush out of him as he received the blow, sinking to his knees. In a fluid motion, Kris brought his knee back and kicked the worker in his nose. He could feel bone break as the man's head snapped back, his body following.

The man rose to his elbows shakily, blood leaking from his nose. Kris tried not to show the fear in his eyes.

"H-hey! I k-know you! You're K-"

Before he could finish, Kris brought his springer level with the man's forehead and squeezed the trigger. The worker's eyes grew wide, and then lost all light. His body sank to the ground; dead. Quickly, Kris tossed his knife onto the man's body. He turned back to his approaching group members. "Mother fucker took my knife! I-I had to s-shoot him." He tried not to look at the puddle of crimson swirling around his feet.

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Aman371210/4/15 6:39pm
"Yes, I was. But now I am free.... I was asleep, but then there was this terrible noise and I was thrown out of it... Almost had to kill this Dreamkeeper that found me, but I decided to spare him. His idiocy proved useful." Another said in the shadows, approaching the other nightmare, "Oh goodness, it seems like last time I've seen another nightmare was an eternity ago.... What has happened since I was sealed away? Is our glorious lord Void active? Where are we?.... Where am I?"

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Badept10/4/15 6:40pm
"What the fuck?!" Nyle looked between his "Comrade" and the corpse on the floor. "Just get him into the pipe. I'd rather not have that here when the team comes through." Nyle sat down in the now vacant chair and watched one of the doors.

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Nix10/4/15 6:47pm
Kris's eyes were wide. His mind made him relive that split second of reality. Snap. Snap. Snap. The man's eyes. Spirits damn it, his eyes. Silently accusing him of his crimes as he sank to the floor lifeless.

The blood spread like rose petals. Kris looked down slowly, only to be met by his victim's eyes. Still staring at him; Cold and dead. He was never superstitious, but now he was wondering if the dead could think; could feel; could remember. He knelt in the blood slowly. He brought his hands up to his victim's face, shutting those accusing eyes.

He grabbed the man's dead hand, the rigor mortis setting in. It was stiff, like cardboard. Slowly, he marched towards the pipe, the man dragging behind him. His blood creating a trail of red on the stone. It would be beautiful if it weren't so damn revolting.

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joeden10/4/15 7:44pm
The Nightmare smiled and said, "that's good to hear now I want to know dose he suspect you of being a Nightmare like I? If so dose he taste good?" The Nightmare chuckled and licked its lips at the thought of another meal.


Jamie ran through the sewers, having already taken out one of the wrong parties of thugs carrying the illegal goods. Drugs, typical nothing new same old but still worth money. Coming around the corner he ran into four thugs the kid he dug out of the Rubble and some smug guy, great...

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Aman371210/5/15 4:18am
Another smiled as he then said, "He doesn't, and if he did, he'd probably be too stupid to understand what a Nightmare even is.... Now then, do you know where the bloody exit is?"

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Edwardteach10/5/15 12:17pm
"Jav, tell me something big teriffing please." i whisper to javilin

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Javelin10/5/15 5:29pm
*Slowly unstraps ballistic spring knives from tail* " I hope your good with knives cause this one is a ballistic spring knife just pull the pin when your pointing at one of them *as he slides one of them in his pocket* "on my go" I said to Edward
Thug: hey I'm talking to you punks! Give up!

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Edwardteach10/5/15 6:05pm
I stand straight up and I grab oneof my last couple throwing knives and i aim at the thugs knees

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Edwardteach10/5/15 6:06pm
I aim and Ithrow (sorry forgot my die)
Total: 4

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Javelin10/5/15 7:40pm
*javelin then activates his power fires his ballistic spring knife into thug 1 neck then javelin ramps up his spear Gatling and grips it and dashes passed thug 1 moving forward to thug 3 and rams him with the drilling spear Gatling raising him a few inches from the ground as his blood pours out and he falls to the ground and as thug 3 squeals thug 4 aims his gun at me i make an over shoulder swing to my right as i take 2 bullets to my left arm and i bashed the weapon from his hands smacking the ground and thug 2 points his revolver and shoots my helmet off I then point my spear Gatling at him and fire it impailing his chest and I point my other ballistic spring knife as thug 4 tried to pick up his weapon and he dropped his weapon and puts his hands in the air and surrendered and I began to interrigat him*

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Edwardteach10/6/15 6:32am
I grab my last 2 knives and I hold them ready to throw in my hand and I walk into the pipeline center and leave the thugs to javalin "Hello nyle?" i say loudly in the center

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Javelin10/6/15 5:10pm
Javelin: I'm going to ask you a few questions answer them quickly and you may survive!
What are you thugs doing here and do you have a boss!?

Thug 4: I'm not allowed to... Ahg ouch

Javelin: *shoots him in the knee with his BSK* you better tell me before your life ends not being worth a single lucre!

Thug 4 : agh alright! Alright! Look I don't know exactly why we are here but we do have a boss his his name is Nicked Tally I'm just a rookie I'm not ready to die

Javelin: oh, well sorry about your home boys *retrieves ballistic knife from thug 4 knee cap*

Thug 4: ouch! There focking idiots!

Javelin: well good for you that you are an exception unlike the other sheeple in that group now go
*and thug 4 limps away*
*And grabs his other projectile knife from thug 1 laying dead and retrieves his spear from thug 2 and retrieves his helmet and puts it back on

Javelin: *and turns towards thug 4* and word of advice just give the shit up kid * he stays silent* *and then I hear the rest of the thugs storming the hall ways*

Javelin: shit now where did that other kid go? *heading towards the pipeline station*

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