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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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Javelin10/1/15 1:48pm
*after I got my trench coat I spotted the rock hitting the monster I fixed my eye sight on where it came from and I spot another power user*
{ I got to go help him but } * as he puts on trench coat, after that he picks up a few rocks as well and puts them in his pocket and spots a medium trash can cylinder he speed walks to it and picks it up to throw it at the monster*

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Badept10/1/15 8:28pm
"Echo, we're in the sewerage. Heading toward the nearest pipe station. Medevac team is on the way. Meet us there or get out of the area!" Nyle stated over the comms. He made sure to keep a good grip on Kyma as the group made their way to the station.

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joeden10/2/15 7:48am
The Nightmare growled as he went to deal with Tower bastard and co, the darks would keep them silent.

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Edwardteach10/2/15 10:31am
"Alright" I say and I use my power to make 3 more illusions of me and I run for the pipestation

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Javelin10/2/15 12:16pm
*sees that the the nightmare doesn't seem to be paying attention to the crippled dream keeper so Javelin cuts the action and drops the trash can and goes to assist him*
Hey buddy are you alright!?

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Aman371210/3/15 6:43am
"Yeah, they're pretty cool. I just wish they didn't think about Torika stuff all the time, I mean, we're in the Talocan District for crying out loud! Party down in the Talocan!" Kyle chuckled as he sat with his legs folded, having an active conversation with Another in the dark. "I just wish I could tell my brother about everything that's happened to me... where ever he is."

"I feel that your brother would very much honor you, for you have become very strong." Another said in a assuring, let strangely delayed tone, "However, your power still remains asleep, and it is past due for it's awakening. What do you think, child?"

"Yeah, I really should get to that." Kyle laughed, rubbing the back of his head, "Wait. Why were you down here for so long? Could you have just got out?"

"The entrance to my exit was sealed off, after an unexpected.... run-in... with an old friend. I was sealed down here, surviving off of my intellect and will power. That was, until the conflict above caused the seal to my exit to crumble apart.... I am free now." Near the end of Another's sentence, his voice was starting to get exited, but calmed himself as he then said, "Would you like to know of the history of Nightmares, child?"

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Edwardteach10/3/15 9:43am
"I'm alright i took a bullet to the shoulder, but we need to get tothe pipeline station" i say pointing a direction "but go to him" I say and I point at another guy that looks like me and i disapear in poof

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Javelin10/3/15 12:51pm
Huh *as I turn to the other keeper* say weren't you just... Never mind
*i speculate that his power is time travel or to create duplicates of himself*
So... what's a photographer like you doing a middle of this carnage?

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Edwardteach10/3/15 1:28pm
"I am helping this group or what not, the umm Troika? never heard of them before today" I say as I keep moving in the direction of the pipeline station "Now lets hurry before that thing tries to come after us"

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Javelin10/3/15 1:56pm
Hm... Troika *as we move along thinks about the emblem on the shoulder pad*

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Badept10/3/15 11:12pm
The group moved trough the sewerage at a fast pace, even with Nyle's damaged foot and Kyma's condition. After some time they reached the pipeline station, stopping at the service hatch leading into it, Nyle handed Kyma over to Alej, climbed up the ladder, and opened the hatch slightly. He peered around the station, seeing only one lonely worker manning it. He climbed back down, leaving the hatch open.

"Alright. We got lucky. There's only one worker. I wish we didn't have to do this, but we'll need to scare him into complying." Nyle tore off his bloody sleeve and wrapped it around his face, making an impromptu mask. "Everyone who can, cover your faces. We don't want to get ID'd by anymore people. Kris, I'll need you to go up there and scare him onto the floor, then bind him." He reached into his belt pack and pulled out a set of shock trooper wrist bindings and handed them to Kris. "Tell him to get on the ground, stare at the floor and count to one-thousand. When he does that, you bind his wrists." He contacted HQ once more. "Overlord, this is Gold Leader. What's the ETA on that medevac team? Over." He asked. "Gold Leader, this is Overlord. The medevac team should be arriving within the next five minutes, over." Nyle relayed that back to his team. "Alright, let's do this."

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joeden10/4/15 12:24am
As the Nightmare took out the last shock, it slithered into the sewers out of sight out of mind.


Jamie heard the shouts as the trucks he sabotaged didn't work, but a screech from outside prevented further investigation. The thugs grabbed what could be grabbed from the trucks and headed into the sewers with the train load of child labor eight in total carrying the illegal goods. Jamie cursed as they went down and he followed shortly after.

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Aman371210/4/15 5:04am
Suddenly, Another went silent as he sensed the presence of someone nearby. "I'll be right back." He said to Kyle, and disappeared into the shadows to seek out this presence. Hopefully, it was another Nightmare like itself.

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Javelin10/4/15 4:54pm
*And as we reached the pipe line station we have been stopped by 4 thugs and they don't look friendly*

Thug 1: Hey you two beotches stop!

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Edwardteach10/4/15 4:56pm
"Gosh, Let's see if I can use my power one more time to scare them" I mumble to javilin "Lets us by," I say to them

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