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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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Javelin9/29/15 2:58pm
{oh spirits help me!}

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Kymastrider9/29/15 3:53pm
Kyma fled down the sewer enstrance with with Alej and Nyle. Kyma collapsed on the ground and felt his hand on his bleeding arm as he was panting hard.

Kyma had lost a lot of blood from the springer bullet in his arm and all the running around he did with his power only made it worse.

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Badept9/29/15 4:07pm
Nyle pulled Kyma into a sitting position. "You're gonna be fine, you hear me? I'm not losing anyone else today." Nyle reached into his belt pack and pulled out a roll of elastic bandage. "Listen. You weren't shot in a vital area. What's got you is the blood loss. As long as we wrap it tightly you might not pass out." Nyle began wrapping the wound, making sure to bind it tightly. "Can you walk?"

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Kymastrider9/29/15 4:32pm
Kyma looking at Nyle said "I'll try to, though I don't think I can use my power anymore at this point"

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Edwardteach9/29/15 4:38pm
"stupid creature" i say and I pick up another rock seeing my first shot missed and threw it"hey does anyones com still work?"
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Aman37129/29/15 4:59pm
However, as the fight was going on, the unconscious body of Kyle was being dragged by an unknown presence. Kyle was dragged back into the heap of rubble and disappeared into the darkness within the mass of rubble.

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Javelin9/29/15 5:20pm
*Drops trench coat and grips Heavy Spear Gatling with a cable shot and shoots the ground near it and charges at it with a battle cry trying to tie it in a knot

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Nix9/29/15 7:02pm
Kris had long since dropped his coat, exposing his necklace and holsters. He slid to a stop right beside Kyma and Nyle. "We have to go, preferably now." He said with a facade of boredom. He kicked over the sewer grate and looked back. "Are you two coming?"

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Badept9/29/15 7:35pm
Nyle turned to look Kris in the eyes. "Are you sorry for calling in shock troopers on us? You just got living proof that everything you've fought for was a lie. Now, tell me: are you sorry? Denounce your affiliation with the Security Forces of Anduruna, and maybe we'll let you come along. You've got no backup to help you here. If you agree, drop your weapons. If not, you can stay here until the nightmare finds you. Unless the rules changed since my service, what you just did falls under desertion." Nyle said coldly.

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joeden9/29/15 7:36pm
The shots bounced off the nightmare and snapping the cable the Nightmare stopped and let an earscreeching scream picking up the annoying keeper he charged at and chucked him through a wall. It turned its attention to the shocks, screaming, "that hurts, you pest!!!!!" It then charged at them full speed ready to tear them apart.

(Inside the warehouse across the street away from everyone else.)
Jamie heard the noises outside cursing as the gang thugs sped up, as Jamie began sabotaging the trucks as he took out another thug.

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Badept9/29/15 9:12pm
Nyle looked him over. "Where were you? You don't have a scratch on you." He said. He pulled Kyma up off the ground. "Lean on me. Arm over my shoulders. I'll help you walk. Alej, watch the back. Kris, you're up front. We got a medevac team on the way." He heard Echo's voice over the comm. "Comm's still up Echo. Leave the nightmare for the shocks to deal with. They can't cover this up. No matter how hard they try."

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Javelin9/29/15 9:29pm
*In critical condition Javelin slowly sat up and with trauma he laid there for a few*
Valkyrie: Javelin is everything ok down there?
*stretching neck*
Javelin: Yeah, just a big problem how's the look out
Valkyrie: not good there are thugs swarming the warehouse and look well armed but are a bit sloppy
Javelin: oh, good least that's the least of are worries or yet again will shoot up the warehouse full of holes missing every target and make this are final resting place for all of us so one way or another this warehouse is coming down but I'm sure one big nightmare would scare those sissys to a curve
Valkyrie: nightmare!? in a warehouse!?
*Javelin slowly gets back up and reaches for his weapon wobbling about*
Javelin: Listen I'm going to tag some faces/uniforms with my Heavy Viser and upload it to your data scroll to the DK data base cause right now I'm in a 4 way fire fight and I don't know one of those groups in this mess they look like special forces but are they with the shock troopers?
Valkyrie: don't get to close for that will be your undoing just get at least 1 or 2
Javelin: alright
*Javelin carefully walks to cover and sees shocks getting slaughtered*
Javelin: <with a bit of sorrow> poor bastards *activates heavy visor and spots 3 of them and gets a quick photo tag of them*
Javelin: hey Valkyrie I got 3 of them but only one was facing forward the other two were facing that guy lifting the sewer hatch*
Valkyrie: got it, just get out of there
Javelin: I don't think there is another way out and I think this place is about to give out I will have to follow them after I recover my equipment
Valkyrie: alright!, just please don't die
Javelin: I won't, I love you...
Valkyrie: I love you too...
*cuts off com*
*uses his power of adrenaline and slowly re gains his conscience
And runs to his trench coat...*

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Edwardteach9/30/15 4:50am
I jump when nyle spoke over the com "Oh leave it to the shocks? umm someone could have told me before I started throwing crap at it, now how do I get out of here?"

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Aman37129/30/15 6:58am
Kyle awoke from the sounds of springer fire and monstrous screams as he shot up, panting hard. However, much to Kyle's surprise, he was underground, blanketed by darkness. "Oh jeez! Did I fall through the ground or something!?" Kyle said, getting up and he felt his head hurting, as well as a warm liquid oozing down the side of his head. Trying to find his way back, Kyle stuck out his arms as he walked, calling out "H-hello? Anyone here!?"

"I am." A voice said in the darkness, causing Kyle to jump in fright, "Do not fear, child. I'm of no harm."

"Wh-who are you!?" Kyle said, his heart pounding right out of his chest.

"Who am I?" The voice said, sounding as if it was very interested in the conversation, "I am Another. I've wondered this abyss beneath the thriving kingdom of Anduruna for years, and not once have I met a single person. Until now, that is."

"Man, so you must be pretty lonely then." Kyle said, finding himself feeling sorry for the unknown person, then made a wide smile as he then said, "Well... If you want. we could be friends!"

"Friends?" The voice then said, going into a short pause, as if moved from what the young jaguar had just said, "That.... that would be great."

"Cool!" Kyle then said with a big smile, "Oh man! I gotta tell my friends about this! Do you know the way out of this place?"

"Relax, child. There's no need to rush." The voice interrupted Kyle, "Now tell me about your friends."

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Edwardteach10/1/15 12:08pm
While I wait for someone to tell me where to go I pick up another rock while my halo still glows and I throw one last rock at the nightmare.
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