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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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Badept9/20/15 8:48pm
Nyle peeked out of his hiding spot and scanned the area for someone, anyone from his team. He spotted Both Kyma and Alej, standing near a groundcar with a disturbing amount of red visible from it's open hatch. He patched through to them on his comm unit. "Kyma, Alej. This is Nyle. We need to fall back. I've got a medevac team ready to meet us in the sewers."

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joeden9/21/15 8:43am
suddenly the ground began to shake and explode as the Nightmare appeared between the Shocks and the Troika. It began to laugh, "Mhamhahmahamahahahahahahhahahahahaha!!" before bolt lining for the Shocks Alej and Kyma yelling, "food, food, food, I still hunger for your fleshy bits!!!"

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Aman37129/21/15 8:53am
Beneath the collapsed building, deep in a series of abandoned tunnels and storage rooms, the sounds of the fighting above cause something of great mass to yawn. Although hidden in the shadows, the creature looked almost fifteen feet long, and had claws the size of swords. It's glowing blue eyes slowly opened, drowsy from days of sleep. The creature then heard the ground shake from above as he then looked up, saying in a deep, surprisingly clear voice, "What's going on up there?"

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Kymastrider9/21/15 8:04pm
Kyma turned his attention towards the giant figure rushing towards them and yelling "Get out of the way Alej!"

grasping onto her Kyma with his power dashed from there position and away from the impact of the giant nightmarish creature.

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Alej9/23/15 4:22pm
Alej squeaked as she was yanked violently away from the impact site. "WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUCK?!"

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Kymastrider9/26/15 5:24pm
Kyma grasping onto Alej tightly slid several feet away from where the nightmare crashed, they both plummeted into the snow.

Kyma stood up and took a look at the giant nightmarish creature. Kyma said in a shaky voice "what in the spirits name..... is that?"

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Javelin9/28/15 3:01pm
(hey guys)

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Alej9/28/15 3:03pm

(worst case scenario if this whole thing goes under from being too chaotic, we can always restart. just wanted to put the idea on the table)

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Javelin9/28/15 3:31pm
*Javelin fires his heavy rotating spear gatling (one shot super penetration) at the big nightmare from a door way didn't do anything*
*small growl* no dice

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Kymastrider9/28/15 4:49pm
(I think there's only one giant nightmare in the area at the moment, Joedon still has to clarify this)

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Badept9/28/15 9:24pm
Nyle bolted from his hiding place, moving at a full sprint toward Kyma and Alej. He reached them quickly, pulling them up out of the snow and onto their feet. "For the love of the spirits RUN!" Nyle pointed down a side street. "Sewer cover's that way! GO GO GO!"

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Javelin9/29/15 4:45am
*I reloaded a cable shot*

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joeden9/29/15 7:18am
The Nightmare turning around growled as the spear hit and bounced off him. He flinched as he charged lightning fast at Javelin ready to rip him apart with a quick claw strike.
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Edwardteach9/29/15 8:50am
Echo standing over to the side watches the whole fight roll out in pain and his halo bright Picks up a rock and throws it at the Nightmare.
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Nix9/29/15 2:41pm
Kris had been through a lot; and more. He, however, was not prepared for a fight against...that.

Nightmares didn't exist. He knew that. That's what they always taught him. Myths and legends meant to scare little children into behaving. He drew his springer, not sure exactly what to do. Rubble was still smoldering all around him and his earpiece wailed with voices. He caught sight of Nyle making his escape with the others. Firing two shots at the beast, he turned and ran towards the trio making for the sewer cover. He prayed silently to himself, not willing to show fear on his face. Spirits have mercy.


The dual squads had been broken up long before the beast had erupted. From their original 40, only 20 or so remained. Dead bodies littered the earth, painting it scarlet. When they caught sight of the monster, many turned heel and ran; but a brave few remained. They raised their springers and fired.

(first two shots are Kris, the rest are shocktroopers)

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Total: 31

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