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Subscribe to this thread Bast created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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DanWithTheHat7/18/15 10:33am
The spoiler train never stops...

Bast would probably go super fire saiyan on him like he did to that rock. Ravat would be pretty toasted after that.

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Jawson7/22/15 2:51am
I think that latest reveal seems a little... forced. I think it would have better suited when the two characters came face-to-face.

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DanWithTheHat7/22/15 4:40am
Spoilers here....

I thought the same thing after I first read it. It seemed a bit random. After my second read through, it made makes a ton of sense why it was revealed then. Bast is seriously injured, Lilith is pleading for him to keep living, his scarf, the thing that kept him alive as a kid, is off his neck. Dave is giving a glimpse of what is going through his head at the time. It also is in line with how Bast's backstory has been revealed so far. In small chunks here and there. It fits with his closed and quiet personality to reveal facts in this way. He will probably never talk about that event to anyone.

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Kymastrider2/20/16 2:18pm
Well I think it's safe to assume most people have read vol-4 by now.

Anyways when re-reading vol-4 I noticed that Bast has memories of his mother dying in front of his eyes when he's still a very little child, that must have been a horrible thing for any child to have to witness.

Oh boy now I'm getting flashbacks of Littlefoot's mother dying.


but that aside, I was remembering someone mentioning Ravet being Bast's father, prior to vol-4 I was skeptical about that theory, However if you remember that room where we see Bast's mother dying you can see in the corner a picture of Bast's whole family, and on the very left you can see what looks like Ravet. You can also see what look's like one of Ravet's Cigars.

I wouldn't be surprised if Ravet was the one who killed Bast's mother. If that is the case then I don't see why Bast would choose to side with him. I cant see Bast betraying his friends to help a serial murderer regardless of whether or not he's his father. We know Bast is better then that, he's nothing like Ravet.

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TruthQuest2/21/16 1:52pm
I did theorize that they were father and son, based on features of face and tail. But when someone asked Dave, he said that the body is shaped around the personality of the human that is attached to the DK, not on the physical traits of the parent(s), which, in Bast case, that might mean that everything we are predicting about him is true....

ooooh dear.

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Kymastrider2/21/16 3:03pm

I honestly don't see Bast becoming like Ravet, Ravet is an evil backstabbing murderer. Even if he does have some or Ravets looks I think he still resembles his mother more, there's just that look in his face that tells me he's not one of the bad guys, which is something different when I look at ravet's face and how he acts.

I dont think Bast has had an easy life since he is somewhat aggressive at times, but I do believe he would do the right thing.

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TruthQuest2/22/16 7:09pm
@Kymastrider, not what I meant.

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BryanDimmsdale2/22/16 8:04pm
@Kymastrider What he meant was the facial features, not the attitude and their paths.

I'm more worried when they will confront each other, Mace or Lilith in between.

And shouldn't you guys be adding *SPOILERS* on top?

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Prometheus2/23/16 12:09am

The book has been out for a while now and spoilers are starting to spread outside the forums. I think the spoiler warnings can drop now. I'll make an announcement in the guideline thread.


A rumor was stated a while back during V4 production that Bast might be Ravat's son due to similarities in their appearances. It has since been confirmed to be true by David himself during a chat session shortly after the early access release for the KS backers.

The one major tip we get is the family picture on the floor in the last panel of that page. Ravat is indeed in that picture. So, knowing the kind of character Ravat is, we can assume he was the one who tortured his wife. Of course, we won't really know for sure until we get more light on it. I'd like to think we haven't seen the last of this gruesome moment in Bast's history or how it lead up to it.

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BryanDimmsdale2/27/16 2:25am
Now we will wait for volume 5 if Ravat and Bast will confront each other, or Mace meeting Ravat and then Bast save Mace's life.

Bast is my favorite character so far because I really like the guy since the first I saw him. Mace is just being a douche to him, I mean, imagine a guy is pulling your scarf/collar and saying that he asked nicely? I might did the same thing for self defense; there's no way you're polite if you pulled somebody like that.

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Prometheus3/12/16 2:00pm

Same here. Volume 5 ought to answer some more questions about Bast and Ravat's relationship. If Mace gets involved, that will really be interesting. Ravat did kill Paige and to find out one of your friend's is the son of the man who brutally murdered your best friend, it should be fun to see how Mace handles that revelation.

As far as his first appearance goes, to be fair, Bast did just ignore him when he could have just slid out of the way. And, Mace isn't known for his manners or tact.

Bast is way up there in my list of fave characters, too, but I have to fault him just as much as Mace for that fiasco.

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KirillSaberCat10/31/16 2:43pm
Ok, I have an observation/theory to share about Bast, but first, some context. I've been watching through the Avatar the last air bender series online, and I recently moved on to the Legend of Korra. While watching this I found a really weird Parallelism between Bast and Mako from TLOK. So, let me lay out the similarities. When Bast was young, his mother was killed in front of him, and she gave him a red scarf, which he always wears. In TLOK, around episode three, it is revealed that the Red scarf that Mako is always wearing was given to him by his father, who died (probably violently murdered, which is a theme in that series) when he was very young. That's not all, however; as you know, Bast's Power is the ability to fling fire from his hands, well, Mako is a fire bender, so he has the same ability. These two characters also have pretty similar personalities, more angry, kind of hostile, but with a soft spot for girls they like. This could all be a big coincidence, or maybe influence was passed from one character to another. Perhaps Dave watched the series when it aired and decided to develop Bast more to make him alike to Mako, or maybe, although highly unlikely, a writer for TLOK read Dreamkeepers and modeled Mako after Bast. I Think the characters are so similar it would be very odd if they did not have some sort of relation to one another. It should be noted though that Bast was in V1 which was released around 2006 if I'm not mistaken, and TLOK aired in around 2013, so Dave was first.

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Kymastrider11/19/16 8:31am

I think the similarities between Bast and Mako are just coincidence.

Bast appeared long before Maco in LoK in volume 1, and even Volume 2 was out before LoK was even aired.

Hard to say for sure if the creators of that show have ever heard of Dreamkeepers, but I think the chances they have are very slim and also very unlikely.

It isn't to uncommon for two creators to come up with the same idea, there was a time when people thought the Hunger Games was ripping off a very similar book called Battle Royal that was until both authors came together and concluded that one didn't rip off the other and that believe it or not it is possible for two people to come up with the same idea.

A similar thing has happen with a comic strip called Dennis the Menace. Were all familiar with the american comic.

But believe it or not there was actually a British comic that came out almost almost at the same time as the American Dennis, and it was also called Dennis the Menace

The big differences was while American dennis was just a mischievous little boy that loved to have fun and unintentionally cause mayhem. The British Dennis was a mean spirited bully that takes pleasure out of making everyone's life hell.

This is one of the biggest coincidences I've ever seen in my entire life as since both comics debuted in the 60's and there was no internet, not to mentioned both creators never heard or seen each other and lived on different sides of the atlantic.

So yeah sometimes it is possible for two people to come up with a very similar idea, and even on a very rare instance two people can come up with the name Dennis the Menace.

On a similar note there's also a League of Legends Champion called Vi, coincidence?

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BryanDimmsdale2/1/17 5:28am
The Lillies are actually known to do research and historical connections to the story and their characters, and how they connect them is actually very interesting indeed.

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Prometheus2/3/17 12:07pm
I can't help but wonder what Bast will be up to since his leg is injured. He hasn't been on his feet since he jumped after Lilith in the caves, so he's not well enough to walk around. I'd hate to think we won't see much of him in the next book.

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