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Subscribe to this thread Bast created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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Asora2/8/15 5:22pm
Yes, quite so.

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Digitigraderobo2/8/15 7:29pm
Ravat: No Bast, I am your father.


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Asora2/8/15 7:44pm

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Dawonguy2/8/15 9:37pm
Also it being coincidental or cliche for Ravat to be Bast's father doesn't actually disprove the theory. (I think that Dave said it himself that it's okay to have some coincidences and cliches in a story as a story can still be great with them or something like that. Writers do it all the time.)

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BryanDimmsdale2/9/15 5:03pm
Well, imo, it does make the story clearer and understandable when Ravat might be Bast father. But then again, it really won't affect the main storyline, so it can either go both ways. :P

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Dawonguy2/9/15 7:53pm
Yeah, sure Bast's loyalties would be questioned if Mace, Lilith, Namah, etc found out if Ravat was Bast's father, but I agree that it wouldn't change much in the long run.

Also, I've been rereading the comic a bit, and I noticed something odd.
In the first panel Bast says "Igrath- the fugitive Igrath? With the house in Kojiki?". Now we do know that Bast witnessed the trooper raid and that Bast overheard the Indigo twins talk about Igrath (specifically when they mentioned Lilith), but you'd think he'd pay more attention to the fact they mentioned Lilith rather than Igrath which should mean nothing to him. Also, when he finds the house, throughout the entire conversation no one says Igrath's name, so how did Bast know that Igrath escaped like he said? One more thing, it's also odd that no one in Bast's presence said that Igrath was a fugitive. Anyone have any theories or can cite some pages that explain this?

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BryanDimmsdale2/9/15 10:04pm
Hmmm, I think I know what to--

*Reads Dawonguy's post

Ohhh, okay. Be right back, looks like there's another speculation to be formed, hehe. I'll try to answer it, but I need to look for further evidences on this one.

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Prometheus2/10/15 4:59pm
Being the detail hunter that I am, I would like to point out that Ravat is in his 40's. He would've been in his mid 20's, at the very least, by the time Bast was born. So, if their similarities give cause to believe they're related, it's plausible that Ravat was at least old enough to be the conceivable father. If he is the father, then he could've very easily left Bast's mother to pursue his evil intentions, leaving her and Bast to fend for themselves.

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Dawonguy2/10/15 9:10pm
With regards to how Bast knew that Igrath was a fugitive and that Igrath is where he found Cuddles/Vincent, here's where Bast over heard the Indigo twins:
and where Bast overheard (some of) Igrath, Scinter, and the Indigo Twins:
Again, no one mentions the fugitive part and he couldn't really assume that Igrath is even in house. Now, unless I'm missing something, I'm thinking that Bast had to have had prior knowledge of Igrath.

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crazyhead425/8/15 6:57pm
Okay, so I ended up rereading a bit of the GNS, and one of the Neon Knives called Bast "Mofo". Now here's a question: Was that slang, or was that another name he uses? Is it his real name, or his pseudo?

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Kobalt955/8/15 7:05pm
It's slang. Its a shorter way of saying"Motherfucker"- Those Neon Knives are the ones who cuss the most in the series so far! XD

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crazyhead425/8/15 7:20pm
Yeah, but him having two names is cooler. :(

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AlextheTeknian5/9/15 3:38am
Well you could count Vox calling Bast Scarfy another name or in this case nickname, tough im sure Bast was more annoyed at Vox calling Scarfy XD

Also just a small extra and a bit of a stretch, but well its fun theorising since ive seen people mention Ravat being bast father. I tought differently, what if they where brothers?. Ravat being the older brother and Bast the younger one. like I said its quite a strech, but its a fun theory of mine ive been thinking about.

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Kymastrider5/9/15 6:55am

Actually Igrath is not an uncommong subject in Anduruna culture, he was once a famous fallball player, captain of the city guard, tollwar vetran, and later turned wanted fugitive.

Also if you read this strip where Bast overhears the Indigo Twins talking about Lilith they also talk about Igrath outloud and bast hears it, I'm guessing this was how he figured out Lilith was related to Igrath.

I imagine it wasn't to hard for him to figure out that the house the shocks raided was Igraths house.

I don't really believe Bast has any kind of alterior motive, there's just something about the look in his face that tells me he want's to help Lilith and her friend's because it just feels like the right thing to do. The only time we really do see him go off is when Mace is pushing his buttons, and IMO Mace I think is more of a creepy stalker then Bast is, Mace clearly cares more about wanting to have Lilith to himself, plus he's very immature.

Not to mention when Bast is by himself he say's "and wherever she is, ill make sure she's safe"

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NatChon5/9/15 2:41pm
Here is a theory, ravat is basts father, not just because of the looks, but also because bast is always wearing that scarf plausibly to cover up some scars that he may have, that is why he didn't like it when mace pulled on it. Now he may have gotten those scars from ravat when he was too young to remember who his real dad is. His mother left ravat because he would beat them.

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