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Subscribe to this thread Bast created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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BryanDimmsdale2/7/15 6:00pm
Which makes more sense if you look at it. XD

I'm still standing my ground for now the Ravat might be Bast's father, or used to be.

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Asora2/7/15 7:05pm

Due to the evidence that we fans have so far on the GNS and Prelude, this means that the chances of Ravat being Bast's father are-

*points at BryanDimmsdale*


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BryanDimmsdale2/7/15 7:16pm
Wow, looks like we're getting a debate here (both good and bad effects of course).

It's actually very interesting and very good if we have different sides of the theory. I mean, it is either possible or not.

For me, my basis would be, yes it is coincidental, however I think that's what Dave's style is; too coincidental, but in the end it is true, and everyone is in big shocker.

And I think I have sources way back I posted that theory/hypothesis.

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Dawonguy2/7/15 7:32pm

While we don't have many confirmed examples to go off of, it is clear that DKs for the most part do not follow the rules of genetics when it comes to, there is one thing that is similar between parent and offspring in DKs, their eyes. The main example of this being in Vanth's family. Vanth's eyes are practically identical to her mother's in shape, and while we never really got a good look at her father's eyes, I think I see some purple in those black outlined pupils. Now looking at Bast, his eyes are similar to Ravat's in terms of shape, and there is that yellow sclera (white of the eye) that Bast and Ravat share in addition to the Neon Knives affiliation. Granted it's still not confirmed, Ravat is still a candidate to be Bast's father.

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DanWithTheHat2/7/15 7:54pm
Yeah, using looks to judge who someone's parents just doesn't work in the DK world. Just look at Calah and how looks nothing like Lilith or Namah. Actually, Lilith and Namah are siblings and look nothing alike. They literally have no common features.

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Dawonguy2/7/15 10:04pm
Yes, but with Lilith and Namah, we still haven't seen their actual mothers, so for all we know, they could have inherited all eye traits including both shape and color from their mothers. (Yes I'm using looks, but only with eyes since it's something noticeable in the only complete family we know of.)

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Asora2/8/15 10:17am

*notices strong evidence*

-OH! Well then. Um.........I take back my objection your honor. My apologizes.

*sips coffee*

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BryanDimmsdale2/8/15 4:55pm
Now, the question is...

Ravat, TO BE or NOT TO BE Bast's father?

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Asora2/8/15 4:59pm

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DanWithTheHat2/8/15 5:03pm
There is nothing to back this up but my vote is that Ravat is not Bast's father. Too coincidental for me.

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Kirito2/8/15 5:06pm
Yeah I doubt that ravat is bast's father. Seems too cliche to me.

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Kymastrider2/8/15 5:09pm
I also don't think Ravet is Bast's father, and even if he was I don't think it would really ad anything to Bast's conflict. It not like that sort of dramatic I am your father cliché would change Bast's loyalties, even if that was the case he would still be on Lilith Namah and Mace's side. So yeah there really wouldn't be much point of Ravet being Bast's father.

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Asora2/8/15 5:09pm

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BryanDimmsdale2/8/15 5:09pm



- Tail
- Eyes (Emphasize further by Dawonguy)
- Fur pattern
- Similar breed
- Almost similar personality

Also, being too coincidental is actually very interesting, especially in later books. It has climax, you know.

I believe Ravat is Bast father

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Kymastrider2/8/15 5:13pm
We still don't quite know how genetics work in the dreamworld however.

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