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Subscribe to this thread Bast created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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Asora1/21/15 6:25pm
*reads text - 2 hours later*


This is what I see. (Note: No offense, it's just a joke. Chill.)

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Dawonguy1/21/15 8:25pm
Yeah, I'm kind of throwing pieces of the puzzle here and seeing what could stick together (or over-thinking some of it)

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Kymastrider1/21/15 10:02pm
honestly I think the whole theory about Bast wanting to kidnap Lilith to use as leverage against Igrath is just way to pretentious. There is nothing to suggest he even knows that the nightmares even exist. It's obvious the first time he's ever even heard the name Nabonidus is when sneaking Lilith into the city and there talking. If he had connections with them wouldn't he be aware that he wants Lilith dead, and it's clear he doesn't want Lilith dead (and I don't think for that stupid leverage to get at Igrath theory, he already knows where Igrath is so why not report his location and let them come up with another plan if that was his intention) plus he tried deceiving the neon knives into thinking the reward was called off so they wouldn't kill Lilith. Again it's more then Odvious that Nabonidis wants Lilith dead so the kidnapping to use as leverage against Igrath idea doesn't have awhole lot of merit in my eyes. (to me it sounds more like a conclusion Mace would jump to out of spite for Bast and Lust for Lilith) Also I don't find it that awkward that Bast would ask Lilith out after only just meeting. Bast hasn't had an easy life and probably not to many people have been nice to him, and Lilith is a very kind hearted person. Really I don't find it that surprising that he'd want to ask probably one of the few people that has been kind to him out on a date, or maybe not a date just a stroll. But I can imagine Lilith being a busy girl has never really gotten a chance to date to many guys so to me it doesn't come off as that out of the ordinary (it's not like a blind date is a huge commitment like a marriage)

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Dawonguy1/21/15 11:36pm
You have some good points.

How about this? What if Bast's intention is to escape from the Neon Knives and his father by getting Lilith to take him to the safe house by faking an illness or something? Igrath of all people would know the safe places, and like you said, a blind date isn't a huge commitment, so it wouldn't raise any red flags. Of course it would look odd for someone who had ties to the Neon Knives to show up on Igrath's doorstep (which is why he wouldn't do anything when he followed Igrath to his new location), but it may not look so bad to Igrath if Lilith was with him now would it.

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Asora1/22/15 6:45pm
Bast kidnaping Lilith..........I could sort've see how that would play out.

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Dawonguy1/22/15 7:44pm
Well, maybe more getting Lilith to take Bast to Igrath voluntarily and then talk it out with Igrath rather than using force. Even if Bast does, I doubt he would actually mean any threats, and he would instead be betting that Igrath wouldn't take any chance.

(It might be funny if the whole plan backfires and Igrath sends Bast to the orphanage, probably as a temporary arrangement because as Ravat proved, the orphanage isn't exactly safe anymore.)

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Asora1/23/15 7:20am
Actually, it would be almost completely unlike of Bast to just kidnap Lilith just like that without getting into some troubles, and I even bet Lilith would be extremely pissed at Bast if he tried to do that.

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Prometheus1/23/15 1:51pm
I agree. If Bast would have any reason to snatch Lilith it would be under the impression that he is under the Darks' thumb. If he wishes to see Igrath and the only way to do so is to put Lilith in harm's way, I'm sure he'd do it. Deception seems to be one of his favorite weapons, though not very effective considering his failed deception with O'Naicul.

But, as far as kidnapping Lilith to get to Igrath, I really don't see it happening. After all, he'll probably get the chance to see him when Lilith and Namah finally get out of Sabbaton.

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Dawonguy1/23/15 4:33pm
I'm not saying Bast's going to kidnap Lilith or was planning on doing so. He might have planned to get to Igrath by faking being sick during the Harvest Festival and having Lilith voluntarily take him there, but at this point, he'll probably eventually get to Igrath after Lilith and Namah leave Sabbaton anyway like prometheus said. It's at that point, I think he'll try to see if he can get out of the Neon Knives with Igrath's help (maybe he'll try getting Vanth out of there too).

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Asora1/23/15 7:15pm

Brother, no offense, but........

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Dawonguy1/23/15 7:27pm
Was it not clear that I changed some parts of my theory after reading some criticism?

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Asora1/23/15 7:58pm
Actually, truth be told, I barely, if not, didn't even noticed that you changed some parts in your theory. At first, all I saw was the same exact thing you said earlier. Besides that.......

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Dawonguy1/23/15 9:25pm
Okay so Bast theory 2.0
-Bast wants to get out of Neon Knives and away from his presumably abusive father.

-Bast finds out through the Neon Knives that Lilith's uncle Igrath is a fugitive that is working against dark DKs, and that Igrath knows how to avoid said dark DKs and the law yet can be found by certain trustworthy persons. The Neon Knives probably have an idea of where Igrath is, but aren't exactly sure of exactly where.

-Bast forms a plan to ask Lilith out to the Harevest Festival which is near where the Neon Knives think Igrath is, fake getting sick from something he ate, and Lilith in the midst of the chaos of the Harvest Festival takes Bast to Igrath. From there he could discuss with Igrath that he is in a bad situation and wants to get away from the Neon Knives and possibly offer some insider details to make it worth Igrath's time. Maybe at that point he could also discuss getting Vanth out of the Neon Knives, and I doubt he'd tell Vanth about this plan because we know that Vanth can't keep a secret.

-Bast's plan goes wrong as Lilith doesn't show up, but he does find Igrath. He searches for Lilith instead because he can't exactly walk in claiming to be affiliated with the Neon Knives without getting either killed on suspicion he's a spy or sent back to square one as Igrath and co would probably go find a new location. He'd want Lilith to be there if he wants to even have a chance of getting Igrath to listen to him.

-Bast eventually meets up with Igrath (via some recent unexpected turns of events) and tries to work something out to get himself (and possibly Vanth as well) to safety from the Neon Knives once he gets the chance.

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Kymastrider2/6/15 8:47am
I'm not really convinced at this point that ravat is Bast's father, and even if he was its vert likely that he would have disowned him at a young age. Or he left the women he knocked up to fend for herself.

I don't since bast was currently living in the margate district (I presume he was sent there to live with his current foster parents, since its not to uncommom for bad foster children to go through different foster parents) in the time of the prelude. And the neon knives are in the calypsa disctrict I 't imagine he was already distanced enough from them already. I imagine whatever connections he had with them in the past were very slim. He went back to that district to meet up with his old friend Vanth after all.

I dought the date he asked lilith was anything other coincidence. There's something about his facial expression and the look in his eyes that tell me there's no deception there.

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Asora2/7/15 12:37pm
The chances of Ravat being Bast's father is a pretty slim though. I mean, think about it.

It would be too coincidental for a boy like Bast happening to being connected to a brutal sadist (Ravat) who "killed" an innocent girl (Paige), who happened to be friends with two young boy's (Mace & Whip), who know a douche-bag cowardly liar (Randy), who knows a woman (Wisp) who has MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), who happens to be associated with a widely-famous celebrity (Tinsel), who happens to be the fiancee of the Mayor/Governor/President of the largest city in the Dreamworld (Viscount Calah), and happens to be the father of two girls (Namah and Lilith), who one of them (Lilith) currently having a relationship with a tuff, and usually silent boy (Bast).

Phew! That was alot.

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