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Subscribe to this thread Bast created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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Kirito1/3/15 8:23pm
*ligature marks

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BryanDimmsdale1/4/15 8:16am
It is possible that him and Mace would be best friends in the end, or they would be best friends if Bast met Mace first rather than Vanth in the prelude.

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Kirito1/4/15 8:18am
I'm sure Bast and Mace will become friends eventually. I don't think Bast meeting Vanth had anything to do with Bast/Mace relationship. Remember, Mace grabbed his scarf and caused the fight, which is why there are bitter feelings towards each other. It also doesn't help that they are both going after Lilith.

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BryanDimmsdale1/4/15 8:22am
I think Bast will play an important role later on as intelligence for the Troikas. I mean, (careful for SPOILERS) as seen in vol 3 Nabi wants to kill the girls and sends Tendril to do the job, but has not yet seen Bast.

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Kirito1/4/15 8:23am
Yes Bast is pretty much invisible to Nabby as of right now. I think it could be very possible.

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Asora1/4/15 2:47pm
Yes, that could be true of the possibility of Nabby not knowing about Bast yet. Maybe though, just maybe.

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BryanDimmsdale1/19/15 2:38am
Here comes that hypothesis again, but this time itís Bast. That character is very mysterious in the prelude and at the same time we barely knew him in the GNS. So I would like to emphasize what so far is my opinion about this special character.

First of all, this guy is more likely an abused child, like Mace. However both he and Mace seems to be opposites of each other or rather dark mirrors to each other. Hereís where I explain this; even though Mace is optimistic and Bast is an emo type of character, both of them have some similar traits, such as aggression and assumption of things. Both like Lillith so bad that they donít have enough time and thought to talk to each other and settle their differences.

Now coming up with this I assume there would be two possible story paths up ahead, it could either be he and Mace would become best friends at the near end of the GNS, or theyíve become mortal enemies where one tries to kill the other for selfish reasons, or for common good, I suppose. But since book four isnít up yet, I cannot say whether it would be the former or the latter that may happen.

Now going back to the abused child statement, I believe that he and Ravat have connections with each other, and this is where I connect my ideas with Kyrmastrider. I believe that he might be an orphan before and has been adopted by his foster parents in the Calypsa district and may move to Margate district to start a new life when reached in his teens, but before that even happened, I think he lived with his father, and I assumed that his father is Ravat. Thatís where I also think he got his scar from as well. Think about it, where do you think he got that rebellious attitude from? It might be possible that he ran away from Ravat and find a life that might be good for him to start a new one, and that is to become an orphan. The red scarf maybe came from his true mother, and thatís what I want to know especially in the prelude; remember we only saw Bast for only a few pages and that made me more curious than ever before. Though I am still standing my ground that Ravat is Bast father since they resemble some similarities and few personalities as well, and the might be a problem, especially with Mace since the little dude hates him and at the same time he hates Ravat for killing Paige, and when he discovers that Ravat is Bastís father, then them being best friends might not happen anymore.

Okay, time for the relationship with the other characters. So far, he and Mace are rivals atm, and that leaves me with the other three characters, Lillith, Namah, and Vanth. So far in the prelude, he and Vanth became friends at some certain point, but how exactly is the question did he earned trust with Vanth? For me, Bast x Vanth is a bit uncertain because they are just friends afterall; I canít see the relationship further than that, Iím afraid. For Lillith, this might became obvious right away that he has a romantic interest with her and doesnít want to lose the competition to Mace. However, little known for Lillith might be a bit troublesome, because she doesnít know that the two boys are totally on to her, and that wonít be easy. Bast x Lillith is quite possible, because both of them have a good introduction at the start. Although it might be a bit clichť if that happens, and that leaves Namah alone. His relationship with Namah, on the other hand, has been alright so far; they have a friendly distance, to say at least. I cannot say that heís ignoring her, despite the fact that she does tried her best to introduce herself. About the Bast x Namah, it may be possible as well but we donít know that yet. But it is also possible that theyíll just end up being good friends just like with him and Vanth.

So state your opinion if you guys want to add or say something different about what I think.

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Dawonguy1/19/15 2:13pm
I still have my suspicions about Bast. When he asked Lilith out to the harvest festival, I'm not sure that his intentions were entirely romantic. Bast knows about Igrath who has a house in the middle of the harvest festival and is working against dark DKs, a group that Bast seems to have connections to, and we know Igrath is very fond of his nieces. It might be possible that Bast planned or is planning to hold Lilith hostage to get leverage on Igrath. I mean, unless he went home or something before going to find Lilith, he had a knife with him as shown when he cut himself loose from Grunn tying him up.

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Kobalt951/19/15 2:31pm
But, he didn't know about Igrath's house before he went there. Remember, he overheard the Indigo Twins' conversation about Lilith, Namah, and the orphan boys, then he tracked those two to the scene of the raid. Then, he followed Cuddles (who was following Igrath and Scinter) and the ryuu-neko led him to their safehouse. He then used Cuddles to find Lilith in the Starfall Mountains.

As for Bast having connections to the Dark DK's, this is true, but it is only because he has connections to the Neon Knives, which is full of Dark Dk's. He went to O'naicul to get them to call off the search for Lilith and Namah called for by Nabonidus, whom they work for. He's actively working against Nabonidus, even though he doesn't exactly know who Nabonidus is. I doubt that he is a Dark DK himself.

And he has a knife for protection, I think. He frequents very seedy parts of Anduruna, so to go to those places unarmed is asking for trouble. Even so, its just a small knife.

In short, I would disagree that Bast is somehow a Dark DK spy, in league with Nabonidus. Nothing really points to that so far.

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Kymastrider1/19/15 2:50pm
I really don't think that's the case at all, considering the condition he met Lilith in I imagine he wanted to ask her out cause she was nice to him. Considering the fight was random he had no way of knowing he would get punched in the face, or that Lilith would just happen to be there and volunteer to take him to the nurse. I feel him meeting her was completely unintentional on both there parts.

Plus I don't think he knew that Lilith knew where Igrath is was. He only by chance heard the Indigo Twins mention Lilith and shadowed them to find where Lilith was.

and from there he followed the Trail of Igrath Scinter and Vincent.

and from there he caught Vincent learned that he belonged to Lilith and overheard them mention that Lilith was in starfall.

I mean if he was a Dark DK and his goal was to go after Igrath then why wouldn't he report his current where about to whoever he was working under. Not to mention he offered to take Lilith and Namah to where he last saw Igraph.

personally I don't think he even know's who Nabonidues is since in this page we see inside Bast's head, and so far there is nothing that makes me want o believe his intentions are to harm Lilith or sell her and her sister out.

In my experience just because someone has an attitude and are mysterious and can feel out of place with the social norm doesn't mean there a bad person. Personally it's Mace that I trust less than Bast, as all he's doing when there all together is challenging Bast for Lilith's attention, really he's entirely fixated that Lilith is his soulmate just because they bumped into each other one time on the streets even though Lilith just got up and left right away.

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Dawonguy1/19/15 4:32pm
You both have some good points there. Also, I'm not taking Mace's side because Kymastrider's right. Mace is impulsive and immature. I just have some doubts about Bast's intentions because we know so little about him other than his connections with dark DKs (which probably aren't friendly connections considering a "confirmed dark DK" wanted to kill Bast). What I was trying to get at was that maybe Bast had other reasons for asking Lilith out. (Then again, Lilith did volunteer to take Bast to the infirmary, so Bast and Lilith might have known each other for a while before Basted asked.)

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BryanDimmsdale1/19/15 10:07pm
I was hoping that the prelude might covered Bast's story so that we have an idea with his background. I really like characters with sad background stories, or is it just me watching too much drama anime?

And wow, I like your point guys, in fact I am beginning to wonder it myself. :)

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Dawonguy1/21/15 4:08pm
(Regarding the theory on Bast using Lilith to get to Igrath, Bast may not have known where Igrath was, but Lilith did. Just might want to point that out. I'm not standing by the idea that Bast's intentions were entirely malicious, but if he wanted to get to Igrath, he could (after making sure Lilith is okay of course))

Also regarding Bast and Lilith's possible history, I'm by no means any romance expert, but it seems rather sudden to ask someone out that you just met. Lilith did seem to be rather quick to volunteer to take Bast to the infirmary, and in my experience, a friend would take you to the nurse's office/infirmary as opposed to someone you barely know. I know that Lilith is a nice person, and it is the kind of thing she would do, but I'd also like to think that she would try to keep a low profile. (Also, Namah didn't seem to know Bast very well, so even if Bast and Lilith did know each other, they probably wouldn't have known each other very well or for very long.)

I still find it odd that Bast just happened to be standing in front of Mace's locker of all places he could have stood and wasn't willing to move despite Mace trying to talk to him. (Maybe there was something in Mace's locker?) His unresponsive reaction is present in the prelude when he got in trouble for "winning", so maybe there were similar circumstances before the Mace-Bast fight in school.

Once Mace gets to know what Bast's home life is like, I definitely think that they could become good friends, granted that they both need to stop fighting for Lilith's attention and Mace would probably need to look past the fact that Bast's (suspected) father killed Paige, but it could happen.

Some other things I noticed:

-When Mace ran into Lilith (and got slime on her and dropped the 'I love you' bomb), Ravat, a potential candidate for Bast's father, was around.
-Both Vanth and Mace said "Hello, can you hear me?" moments before Bast proceeded to break windows and flip chairs and send Mace flying across the hall respectively.
-If Bast didn't intend to ask Lilith out before his fight with Mace, then that would mean that both Mace and Bast kind of fell in love with her just after meeting her for the first time.

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Asora1/21/15 5:14pm

That's a lot of text.......

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BryanDimmsdale1/21/15 5:17pm
You might wanna start reading now if you want your ideas played out, Asora.

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