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Subscribe to this thread Bast created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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Kobalt952/12/13 5:25pm
The mysterious rebel should have his own thread, too! This thread is dedicated to the scarf-wearing badass, so discussions might be very interesting.

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Gloves2/12/13 10:04pm
Gloves here (previously AnimusIra, I think) who wanted to remind everybody about the neck scars visible in Volume 2--I'm not sure what page (I'll look it up when I get the chance). -SPOILER FOR V3 RIGHT HERE, JUST TO WARN Y'ALL- I also noticed that despite having what appears to be a friend in Vanth in the Street Clan Neko Fighting Ring thing in V3, most of the 'Keepers there seemed to have a decent bit of hostility towards him. Mayhaps there's some bad blood there? Maybe that even has to do with how he got the scars?

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Roan2/14/13 7:52pm
Anyways.. as soon as I saw Bast in V1 he instantly became one of my top favorite characters Can anybody else agree with me?

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Althis2/14/13 7:54pm
Well, this page called him a Sociopath. I believe plenty people will want their share of disagreement to that.

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Gloves2/14/13 8:10pm
Definitely favourite.

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Roan2/15/13 11:14am
Bast is not a Sociopath.

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Thegunner182/15/13 11:30am
Bast just wants all ze hugs. Sociopaths don't want all ze hugs. Probably. Anyway, Bast is easily my favourite character in the main volumes. Evzen's my favourite in the prelude, and actually comes very close to being my favourite character in everything DK related.

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Roan2/15/13 9:33pm
Bast and Evzen are in my higher standards favorites. They have something about them that clicks and brings them to life. Because of the way they are, it feels like I've been dragged into the novel and watching it from my own eyes. Te only characters that really seem to drag me into the comic are Bast, Evzen, and Lilith.

If Bast wanted a hug, I'd certainly give him a hug.
I think a good theme song for Bast would be Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. It's one of my favorite songsd, and whenever I hear this song I always think of Bast and how he is known as a sociopath and sometimes left out.

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Thegunner182/16/13 4:39am
Oh, nice! Just listening to that song literally right now. Assassin's Creed 3! And also, the official video is a bit crazy. A good crazy, though. :) I can see how it would relate to Bast. 'We're painted red to fit right in'. He's being shown as something that isn't actually him.

I'd give him a hug, but I'd also give him a brofist. We'd all go off and have grand adventures!

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DanWithTheHat2/16/13 8:54am
That song does fit Bast well. Pretty good song too.

His relationship with the street clan is an interesting one. When he first went to see the clan, I initially thought he was a current member of of it. Judging by the hostility he received though after his arrival, that does not seem to be the case. Do you think he ever was a member of the street clan or just an acquaintance due to being on the streets? It will be interesting to see more of his history in future books (or prelude?) and get some more answers about his past.

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Roan2/16/13 10:41pm
The way they treated him after he arrived, I think he might have been part of it as well. In the past of course, but it seems like he used to be an old member of the street clan.

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Thegunner182/17/13 12:00pm
Well he has to have some sort of affiliation with them. He knew Vox's name and the leader's name (I've forgotten what it was ^^), so yeah. I think he's probably just an associate or something. Vox really didn't seem to like Bast. Then again, Vox seemed crazy anyway.

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Roan2/17/13 3:39pm
Vox doesn't SEEM crazy. He IS crazy.

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Thegunner182/17/13 3:52pm
Okay, maybe I did put it just a *bit* lightly. It wasn't a bad crazy, though. Just an...amusing crazy :3 An amusing crazy where he nearly used his power on Bast, buuuuut...ah well.

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MrAerospace2/17/13 7:03pm
We're still in ---V3 SPOILER --- territory:
- If he is or was a gang member, how does he have so much independence?
- And if he isn't or wasn't a gang member, how is he associated with them?

I'm speculating here of course, but I doubt that Bast has ever been a member of the Neon-Knives. If he were part of the gang, how does he have so much independence from them already at the age of 15 or 16? He has no tattoos or gang markings, he goes to school and can do however he pleases without them knowing exactly what he is doing. The way he addresses O'Naicul shows he is definitely not a subordinate and really pushes the point home that he only has limited affiliations with them. I think that if he were a gang member (past or present) then that gamble to get info on Nabonidus probably would have got him killed on the ground floor because it would have been far too suspect.

Vox may be flamboyantly crazy, but he is in a drug induced state. I don't think that his initial hostility towards Bast (which included a death threat) can be used as a measure for anything, save for how unpredictable and violent he can be. Then after escaping O'Naicul's room, Bast becomes a target for everybody so that can't really be counted either. In fact if we discount those encounters, the only "normal" interaction he has is with Vanth, and that paints his as a far more amicable association.

So if Bast is not a gang member, then one possibility that I can see that could provide a link between him and the Gang is the Ryuu fighting business. Perhaps he is a supplier? It makes sense that the best fighters are wild, and because the Ryuu trade is heavily regulated, selling wild ones would be illegal, especially to gangs for fighting. If Bast is a Ryuu trapper, then it explains his ability to track and handle Vincent, his avoidance of cops, and his discreet passageway in and out of the city right near the StarFalls where he'd be able to go hunting without being caught.

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