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Subscribe to this thread Party down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 2, 2015

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Aman37123/23/15 8:27am
A basement with a notebook full of plot :3

Edit: as for the blueprints, they can also be in the desk.

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CoolCoyote3/23/15 5:32pm
Ill be offline tonight. For a while at least

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Aman37123/23/15 5:32pm

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CoolCoyote3/24/15 7:39am
I'm currious to find out if Rynards family are nightmares in disquise :3

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Aman37123/24/15 7:44am
That would be interesting...

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CoolCoyote3/24/15 7:47am
Dylan would be really doomed then! :D

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Aman37123/24/15 7:51am
XD the guy Dylan should really be worried about is Tymothy Bloat.

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CoolCoyote3/24/15 7:56am
Mwhahaha! I have a feeling Dylan will meet him sooner than later :3

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Aman37123/24/15 7:58am
That would be awesome XD. Bloat is gonna be a cool villain.

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CoolCoyote3/24/15 8:38am

Now to just figure out a way for Dylan to make an escape! Or fail at one :D

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Aman37123/24/15 8:43am

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Kymastrider3/24/15 1:34pm
The nightmares in discuise wouldn't make a lot of sense, unless Renard was adopted.

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joeden3/24/15 1:39pm
if it's possible for me to join here's my character.

Age: 21
Power: shadowtelica: best way to explain this is simple; when his power is activated a robe of shadows covers him. Giving the appearance of the grim reaper, the power allows him to spread shadows in a circular radius of ten feet. Within these shadows Jamie can burst into shadow and move anywhere's within the field of shadow and reappear but it takes a good 10 seconds for him to use this ability, and it is costing and will tire him out real fast and leaves his vision in a blur for about 2-3 seconds.
However when he is in the field of shadows he can glide on it like as if he was skating; he can also make the shadows flow off his blades to give it a more terrifying look but does nothing, itís just there for looks but it causes him to tire out faster. If he uses it while exhausted, it will start to tear him apart first through exhaustion then it will start to cut his flesh and then break his bones. A blackish golden halo accompanies his power.

Appearance: as for cloths he wears black cargo pants a plain T-shirt and with a black blue jean jacket. He also wears Red trainers while always carrying his old shock trooper mask on hand.

History: When Jamie was thirteen his house caught and he felt he had to rescue his baby brother. He ended up making it to his brotherís room finding it empty, thinking fast he ran for the nearest exit, and barely made it out alive, but left him with a traumatizing fear of fire. After some travelling, he ended up joining the shocks and excelling in martial arts. After a few small events and a drug bust, where he took out six guys coming out almost unscathed, he was moved to a Special Forces unit at the age of seventeen, where he quickly gained reputation for his upstanding services.

After a year, he was known as the Calvary for pulling off a mission that seemed impossible for a single person to do and it landed him in the hospital for a month. He later ended up getting an assignment that led him to dig up cretin things that said, he went to deep into the wrong places and was set up. He went on a routine mission take out small time crime syndicate operating in some abandoned building; going in his whole team was wiped out but he managed to survive the initial attack only to have the building come down while trying to flee.

What happened next, he really didn't remember all that much, he just remembered he was blacking out as a figure grabbed and pulled him to safety. Waking up he found himself restrained and in a place where people he knew from long ago looked at him hostilely and others he didn't. After time he ended up learning where he was and that the Shocks believed him dead; he truly found himself in a mess. After learning his cousin was alive and the one who brought him here, sitting in the room he was provided; he tried to wrap his mind around this unable to process events, almost leading to a state of depression. That he was only able to avoid thanks to his cousin who had comforted him through this Nightmare. Jamie then joined the Guild after convincing everyone he wasn't a threat to them, he was given time to relax and recoup from his stress, in Talocan.

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Aman37123/24/15 1:41pm
It's up to Kymamaster really, but I think your character looks nice :)

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Kymastrider3/24/15 2:07pm
personally I think nightmares would be jumping the shark this soon in the story.

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