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Subscribe to this thread Party down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 2, 2015

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CoolCoyote3/12/15 4:22pm
Heh...running this plot really does make me want to have dylan try to weasel his way into a situation that comes back to bite him.

Maybe ill see if i can run a plot later down the road where Dylan weasels his way into a mansion...and have the owner turn out to be a nightmare that tries to eat him xD

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Aman37123/13/15 5:46am
XD Could I play as the nightmare?

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CoolCoyote3/13/15 7:25am
LoL! Sure XD

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Aman37123/13/15 7:42am
Thx! :D

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CoolCoyote3/13/15 11:49am
Ive got my hands a bit full at the moment but I would be up for killing Dylan off on a seperate thread or pm rp XD

Im still waiting for The Shadows of Calypsia (horribly misspelled) arch to pick back up. There is this one and...that's about it actually as far as this server is concerned XD

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Aman37123/13/15 1:16pm
Aw don't kill Dylan off D:

Also, I've been dying to start a new RP, since my current one went to a halt. I have some really wild ideas XD.

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CoolCoyote3/13/15 2:41pm
Lol, I ment putting Dylan into danger. It makes it interesting if he has a fair chance of survival >w>

What idea did you have in mind?

And I will still be midly slowish, the more plots I take on :D

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Aman37123/13/15 2:48pm
It's basically a post-apocalyptic RP about a group of dreamkeepers trying to servive in a world full of bandits, enemy factions, sandmen, nightmares, and an evil military regime led by a deranged, cybernetic general.

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joeden3/15/15 4:55am
I think i'd like to join in when i'm not working so i'll catch up then on the reading but that aright?

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Aman37123/15/15 6:22am

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CoolCoyote3/15/15 7:21am
Also, wasnt there a forth member wanting to join this story? I remember one player mentioned having a wedding plot of some sort.

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Corvus3/15/15 8:47am
I think you are referring to me, and it ultimately comes down to the issue that due to my schedule I would be able to post at most once or twice a day at really odd hours, so I am taking a pass on this as I would only hold the RP back.

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CoolCoyote3/18/15 6:07am
I see! :D yes, that doesn't happen to me at ALL XD ok, sounds good. I am...going to assume we had another direction the story was taking then? XD

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CoolCoyote3/19/15 7:16pm
Since Dylan is seperated from the party feel free to keep posing around me until they meet up ^^.

In the meantime the fox will be exploring the house. Is there anything you guys want him to find? Rooms, objects, dead body hidden in the cellar, food, plot hooks etc etc

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Aman37123/20/15 3:16am
I'll think about it ;)

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