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Subscribe to this thread Party down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 2, 2015

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Aman37123/9/15 1:32pm
I can also supply villain alts as well :)

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CoolCoyote3/9/15 4:07pm
Please give me time to respond XD

By the time i finished my pose there were two new posts XD

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Aman37123/9/15 4:08pm
I'll wait for you to catch up :)

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CoolCoyote3/9/15 4:15pm
I've already posted XD I don't mind being skipped due to my slowness, it does get kind of hard to catch up when there are 3-5 turns per player inbetween my posts XD

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Aman37123/9/15 4:18pm
That's why I prefer to RP in fresh stories. They're just easier for me to be caught up in :3

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Kymastrider3/9/15 5:26pm
so is it like my turn to speak next? or how are we doing this?

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Aman37123/9/15 5:27pm
I guess it's your turn, really :P

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Aman37123/9/15 5:36pm
I'm gonna wait for CoolCoyotie to post now.

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CoolCoyote3/9/15 6:37pm
Thanks ^^ i wasnt sure if we have a turn order or not XD

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Kymastrider3/9/15 7:38pm
I was going to say, Talocan is still part of the same city as Margate. If you look at the map of Anduruna Talocan is just one of its seven districts.

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CoolCoyote3/9/15 8:42pm
Ah ^^

I never actually set a home town for Dylan.

He is though mostly just building up to trying to get a free meal out of you both :3

Greedy gluttonous mooch XD

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CoolCoyote3/9/15 9:30pm
Just to let you know, i will be offline until toomarrow afternoon. So feel free to skip me until someone directs a question Dylans way :3

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CoolCoyote3/10/15 4:52pm
Lol! Dylan is a horrible person XD

Some day I would like him to run this ploy and have him unknowingly be taken in by some mannor of villain or monster ^^

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Aman37123/10/15 5:15pm
I can imagine him trying to take advangege of Renard, since he's apart of a rich family XD

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CoolCoyote3/10/15 5:43pm
Oh of course ^^ and since each story on this forum seems to be stand alone I don't mind Dylan's actions coming back to bite him :3

Also, i will not be on for the rest of the night so feel free to skip me a few times if needed XD

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