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Subscribe to this thread Party down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 2, 2015

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CoolCoyote3/7/15 8:15am
This town sounds like a good place for Dylan to hang out so I am most likely going to bring him. Even if only for a cameo.

He likes things like crashing parties and free food.

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Kymastrider3/7/15 3:05pm

I was going to say I don't think they have motor vehichles in anduruna like buses, (it was written in volume 2 they do have motor vehicles like cars, but there barely coming out with them and it's only really a luxury item for the rich) I think the most common forms of transportation in anduruna are either riding on the back of a larger animal (like Manekale or a kerrick) or riding in the back of a groundcart being pulled by one of those (but it's mostly used by farmers in the farm lands boarding anduruna or by delivery people in the city) or the most common way to travel long distances within the city is with in one of the watercarts running along the canals (which pretty much acts as the bus service in anduruna) or using the city transpad system to travel really long distances, within the city and between the seven districts and even the tower.

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Aman37123/7/15 3:15pm
Ah, got it. That was something that I was curious about. Thank you for the clarification :)

Edit: Fixed it

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CoolCoyote3/7/15 4:15pm
Would it be ok if I join with Dylan Locke?

As far as personality goes he is a bit of an oppertunistic weasel. He drifts towards being a snarky but cowardly glutton and makes his living as either a street vender or fence for small time illeagle goods.

I'm thinking he has moved to talocan several months ago. Would he need to know any alts or would you like to meet him for the first time.

Aslo, incase anyone was currious, the thread where ue was eaten by a nightmare took place in an alt universe so he is very much alive and well ^^ at least as well as a person like him can be while surrounded by good food and an over abundance of excuses to party o.o

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CoolCoyote3/7/15 9:53pm
Behold! A pose! Lead Dylan where you may for better or for worse D:

Or if you wanted me to wait, thats fine too ^^

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Aman37123/8/15 5:31am
A most superior post, good sir!

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CoolCoyote3/8/15 7:53am
Thanks ^^ i dont know the layout of the city but i imagine that the beach is not too far from the harbor or dock that Aman's alt is coming in on.

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CoolCoyote3/8/15 8:58am
Before i post I have a quick question? How well should Dylan know the characters, or should he meet them for the first time?

And i remember there being a forth person who wished to join. Should I wait for him to post before I do?

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Aman37123/8/15 9:02am
Since my character Kyle is new to the Talocan district, I can imagen Kyle and Dylan meeting for the first time. His friend, Renard, however lives in the Talocan district. But unlike Kyle, Renard has a very... square.. personality.

Edit: I think your good to go :)

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Aman37123/8/15 12:08pm

Are we allowed to have more than one character?

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Kymastrider3/8/15 12:38pm
I haven't really thought about it, what do you think?

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Aman37123/8/15 12:40pm
I think I'd prefer to play as more than one character.

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CoolCoyote3/8/15 12:45pm
I might bring Elena into this but for the moment I am going to focus on Dylan.

But yes. I'm ok with having more than one alt. You can have some dynamic rp with more than one character to interact with.

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Aman37123/8/15 12:46pm
For now, I'm going to stick with Kyle and Renard. I may add some more characters in the future though *insert sinister laugh*

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CoolCoyote3/9/15 1:22pm
If you guys need alts to throw into danger or use as a plot hook. Let me know ^^

Also I'm going to let ky pose before I react to anan's post :3

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