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Subscribe to this thread What Other Webcomics do you Read? created by TFeathersB on February 24, 2015

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TFeathersB2/24/15 5:05pm
There are many fantastic web comics out there and I thought we could do with a place to share our favourites. Here's some of mine:

A Redtail's Dream:
Some of you already recognise my avatar as a character from this comic about a boy and his dog who are stuck in a young fox spirit's dream.

Stand Still, Stay Silent:
By the same author/artist as A Redtail's Dream. A fantastic and unique post-apocalyptic story.

Ava's Demon:
In the far future a young girl tries to live with a vengeful demon who's bound to her soul.

And thanks to Dave and Liz's new blog post I can and Zoophobia to that list:

What are some of your favourites?

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Kymastrider2/24/15 5:49pm
Well there were actually quite afew I've read, DK prelude is my latest favorite.

Closet Coon (Adult, 18+)

This was one that ended awhile back but was about two anthro animal college students coming to terms with there same sex feelings for eath other.

Druids (Adult, 18+)

A World of Warcraft Fan webcomic, part of it is pornography but it's pornography with a very well crafted story set in the World of Azeroth.


This was a very short lived webcomic, it was about the antics of a Surfing Otter and his grumpy roommate. I still like a lot of the characters it created but it hasn't been updated in almost 5 years.

Ozy and Millie

I first read this comic back when I was in middle school. Up until they very last strip in 2008. It'll always have a special place in my heart as it got me into webcomics.

Poisoned Minds (Adult 18+)

I often find it strange that very few people in the furry fandom know or have ever heard of Poisoned Minds. It would be way to hard to try and explain the story behind it, just read it for yourself.

Original Life (Adult 18+)

I'm sure some who are familiar with Erotic furry porn might be familiar with the artist Jay Naylor. Original Life was made as a follow up to his previous Webcomic Better Days. It's basically just a continuation of where that story left off. He also Draws a lot of Erotic sidestorys with his huge cast.

Tales of Avalon

This is a very new webcomic that's just barely starting out. It's basically an ancient Egyptian setting with anthro animal characters. There all really cute as there drawn in the Robin Hood Disney artstyle.

Inherit the Earth

This was actually a continuation of an adventure game from the 90s that was a commercial flop. The creators later bought back the rights from the now defunct company they worked for and decided to continue building it's world as a webcomic.

Typhoon Lagoon (Adult 18+)

This is another on off webcomic, basically a gay erotic fantasy.

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DanWithTheHat2/26/15 5:54am
I love all of Minna Sundberg's work so far. Redtails dream is a true work of art and Stand Still. Stay Silent. Is one of the most visually appealing apocalypse scenarios to come around.

In addition to DreamKeepers I also read:

Housepets! A news paper styled comic about cats, dogs and their crazy antics.

Lackadaisy. Cat Gangsters with a speak easy during prohibition. Nuff said.

Beyond The Western Deep: The Redwall-esque adventures of a squirrel and an otter who get caught up in a war much bigger than themselves.

I'll posts links and more once I get to work...

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TFeathersB2/26/15 12:29pm
I loved the Redwall cartoons, thanks for sharing that, DanWithTheHat, and Lackadaisy looks interesting too. It's also great to see another fan of Minna Sundberg's work.

@Kymastrider, I'm really liking Tales of Avalon so far. Ozy and Millie looks familiar, and it's cute too :)

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Kirito2/27/15 6:47pm
Gosh, I absolutely adore housepets!, Rick does a great job in his story.

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crazyhead422/27/15 7:06pm
... This was the easiest way for me to list them. If you want any of the URLs, message me. It is seriously ridiculous that I read all of them on the days they update.

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ST34LTH3/8/15 5:30am
Alright then; here's my list of comics I currently read (besides DK):

*Plush & Blood
A gory, but imo interesting and quite different comic

*Slightly Damned
The first webcomic I actually devoted to and not for no reason. SDamned is an awesome comic, with plenty of humour, but also with it's share of dark moments.

*Two Kinds
Although a little confusing plotwise early on, it is both well drawn and with a nice and sorta' realistic dark setting. Although a little childish at turns, I enjoy both its cast, cultures and character interactions.

*Conjured With
Not a very well known comic, but good none the less. A comic made by one of my friends from a community I was formerly a part of, it follows an alchemist who replaces a former living legend who dissappeared without much of a trace. Filling his predecessors shoes'll be no mean feat however, as the story details.

Just, yes. Housepets is a humoristic, erratic and downright crazy comic. The characters and their day-to-day interactions and occasional unexpected adventures, are enough for you to love this comic; even if you have a problem with furries, I reckon ;3

Lighter Comics:
*Scandinavia and the World

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Aman37123/8/15 7:35am
I've been looking at other webcomics, but haven't start any. I want to though.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier3/8/15 7:59am
DanWithTheHat got me into Housepets! a while back. I should try and catch up on that, I'm still in like the 2010 archs. haha.

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TFeathersB3/8/15 3:58pm
I have found two more webcomics I want to share! Both are brand new too and look really promising.

Residents of Spookytown:
Not sure what it's about yet, but it's set in a town for monsters and ghouls but it has a bright and gorgeous cartoon art style.

Our Personal Purgatory:
Jerry has recently died and due to unfortunate timing she now has the job to judge whether souls go to heaven or hell. She's not taking it too well.

@ST34LTH, TwoKinds was the first webcomic I ever read and I'm still reading it to this day. I'm not sure why I didn't include it on the list, but yes, I agree with your description. Also everyone appears to like Housepets, I have to go and read it now :P

@Aman3712. I found the comics I like by looking at either (It's a very unfair list, but I found Dreamkeepers because of it) or by looking at what my current favourite webcomic authors read, most normally have a list of them somewhere.

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ST34LTH3/9/15 5:45am
@JudasScorpioDeMazier - #DanWithTheMasks (;3) got us all into it I think XD

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Aman37123/9/15 4:17pm

Cool! Thank you!

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BryanDimmsdale3/11/15 5:22pm
Amberfall (Been sponsoring this for a while now, lol) -

Carciphona -

Redtail's Dream (Link from TFeathersB)

Plush and Blood -

Copper (Short Comics) -

Deep Dark Fears (Short Comics) -

Xenobiosis (never read it yet but I will soon) -

Some of the warning signs are posted on the website itself, so if it says "Viewer's Discretion", read carefully.

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Kirito3/11/15 5:23pm
Wow, thanks guys for all the suggestions. These are some really cool comics!

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DanWithTheHat3/11/15 7:26pm
Oh wow, how did I forget Slightly Damned from my list?!?! I've been following that for as long as DK....

I definitely second that one. The art in the beginning is very basic but the artist really improves over the chapters and looks awesome now. It has a very Nintendo like look to it.

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