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Subscribe to this thread Lilith created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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SuperTurbo43/5/14 9:53am
Hopefully overusing her powers won't cause Lilith to die.

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MobileCrusader3/5/14 11:13am
I really hope we get some more detailed explanations of power in the next volume.

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SuperTurbo43/5/14 12:14pm

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MobileCrusader3/5/14 1:22pm
We really only know hearsay about any of their abilities... stuff we derived from quick glimpses of them in action.

I must commend Dave on his ability to generate insightful conversation through impressive storytelling and a set of tight lips.

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JackyV3/10/14 11:37pm
I wonder if Lilith is afraid of her power, she asked herself how she would control something like that when she first used it.

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MobileCrusader3/11/14 5:59am
It probably just seems huge to her inexperienced mind.

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SuperTurbo43/27/14 6:14pm
She might be worried that it might be nearly impossible to control.

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MobileCrusader3/27/14 6:44pm
Im sure that the thought crosses her mind from time to time, but There were generations of Dreamkeepers that controlled their powers, and she can take solace in knowing that.

also, damn, this thread didnt get bumped for a long time!

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SuperTurbo43/30/14 9:53pm
When do you suppose she and Evzen will get along?

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Korangar3/30/14 10:31pm
Another love rival, Lilith will be very busy keeping them from killing each other.

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MobileCrusader3/31/14 5:47am
Evzen and Lilith's relationship has improved quite well over the time that Even has be shown. I would say two more sightings and he could be her friend.

I Kinda want Even to be her first love interest/boyfriend. He seems like a stand up guy and, despite knowing they won't end up being together for long, I think they would be cute together.

Also, I could totally see Lilith's wardrobe change stemming from trying to get his attention.

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SuperTurbo43/31/14 9:05am
Perhaps. The first outfit she wears in Volume 1 was certainly alluring.

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MobileCrusader3/31/14 1:48pm
She definitely learns to dress and what not at some point in time. And thanks to Dave's goal of covering everything with prelude, we will see it happen.

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SuperTurbo44/3/14 7:35pm
Indeed. Of course, she's not the only character whose past we need to uncover. The most mysterious one is Bast.

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Trubbol4/5/14 2:39pm
Huh... what if she has been dating him this whole time, and has bee unknowing leading the other two on because well, it never came up while running for their lives.

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