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Subscribe to this thread Lilith created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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Lycanphoenix10/11/15 1:20am
"Let's see. Brain? No, I still need her to proofread my poetry."
"Appendix... Does that even have a use?"
"Stomach... She won't be eating anytime soon."
"She doesn't need intestines or reproductive organs anymore either..."
"I think I can displace a select few bones."
"Eyes? She'll be using my superior Nightmare eyes now."
"All done, now there is plenty of room to squeeze in here."

- - - - -

Imagine that, except with rhymes.

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BryanDimmsdale10/11/15 3:52am
Do you not see how difficult it is
To create a poetry out of the midst?
But I will try to craft one in my best
I, indeed, do accept your challenging request.


You think, my dear, your mind transpires
Ideas, in your head, I admire
Unfortunate soul, your body consumed
Your brain shan't needed, I could use

Your eyes no longer linger to you
Your sight is blinded, defeated, confused
Replace is needed with mine's reality
Perception is ours, for me, your tragedy

Your need for hunger exist no more
I shall devour your viscera and gore
Worry not, digestion I controlled
Your sister I'll find, my meal consoled

Task I complete, puppet I sewed
Your body, my attire, I renewed
I wore, I squeeze, inside your corpse
Disguise I terror, one only horde

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Lycanphoenix10/11/15 8:24am

Her fate is now sealed.

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NatChon10/11/15 8:40pm
That is a really good poem. I could see him saying that to someone who he killed.

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ezioauditore9711/3/15 6:51pm
Oh,this poetry is too morbidly great! Tendril could certainly concoct something especially disturbing after actually killing one of his victims.

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SuperTurbo411/9/15 4:02pm
But Lilith won't be alive to hear it. Since she'll be dead.

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ezioauditore9711/19/15 4:53pm
That is a very good point! I imagine a lot of it would have to do with Tendril having a fragile ego and having to prove himself to his now finished rival; If Lilith ever gets crafty in the actual story she might be able to make him throw aside all caution with a well played taunt.

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Prometheus11/21/15 10:30pm
Tendril is very irritable. Lilith's monologuing critique left him completely off-guard. Once she masters her Power, Tendril won't last long if he's properly angered.

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SuperTurbo411/22/15 8:58am
And when he realizes it, it'll be too late.

Lilith: (completely masters her powers)
Tendril: Uh-oh.

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NatChon11/23/15 1:57pm
Good luck tendril in getting your eyes back.

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BryanDimmsdale1/22/16 7:55am
I have a really bad feeling that Lilith is going to die. I can just feel it; it's in my gitchy feeling. Do you guys think so too?

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Kirito1/28/16 6:25pm

I have a feeling one of the main five are going to die for sure. Whether or not it's Lilith remains to be seen. I always had a feeling it'd be Mace or Bast, personally, but with Dave you never know!

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ZycantAlpha1/28/16 10:00pm
It probably won't be Mace. He's been set up as the main character, and more specifically his power is supposedly going to become active as a response to one of the main five dying. Kinda tricky for that to work if he himself dies.

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joeden2/3/16 7:16pm
Zycant he could still die if Dave goes Martin on us.

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BryanDimmsdale2/3/16 10:32pm
Actually, it really would happen, but Mace would be the last one to die among the five, and the other 1 out of the 5 is the only one alive. 4 main characters dead.

So far, she escaped multiple "jaws of death". How long her luck will last before it runs out? That's the question.

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