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Subscribe to this thread Lilith created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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Womp7/7/15 7:08pm
EDIT: whoops, sorry!

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Prometheus7/7/15 7:16pm
EDIT: Thanks again. ^^

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MobileCrusader7/7/15 8:57pm
As far as the spotlight thing goes, its said in the GNS that her father used a family man approach to the prior election, and that she was in the public eye because of it.

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NatChon7/11/15 9:51pm
Just imagine what the public would do if they found out about Namah.

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BryanDimmsdale10/7/15 11:05pm
Woah, hey guys, remember this scene, where she was attacked by Tendril:

If Tendril killed her right then and there, then he can "play" and "wear" her like he did in with the librarian. I think this is what she would looked like when Namah sees her: or

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Lycanphoenix10/7/15 11:58pm
I don't really get that impression from the picture. It looks a lot less like "Tendril is wearing Lilith" and more "Tendril IS Lilith", as if through some dark ritual, the two were fused into one lifeform. I mean, look. The tendrils are all coming out of her hair, for one thing, and her pose does not suggest a lifeless puppet like the bird, but rather somebody who is still in control of their own body.

I actually had a dream about this exact thing the very night before that picture went up.

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DanWithTheHat10/8/15 4:03am
I don't know, there are clearly holes where her eyes should be and Tendril sticking his little spheres there that clearly don't match those sockets. There is also blood everywhere. It's how tendtril works. He is like this bug parasite (Creepy Bug Warning)

Alsp, no offense to Mr Peaks but he has a lot more meat to sag and drag compared to Lilith.

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Vandorbelt10/8/15 4:56am
Also, the background of the image is the library, and the encounter between Lilith and Tendril is the only scene where the library plays a big role in the GNS. I'm pretty sure that Bryan is right and that the image is implied to be an alternate ending to that scene. SPOOOOOOOOOOOOKY.

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Lycanphoenix10/8/15 6:53am
That's not as fun for the imagination.

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Vandorbelt10/8/15 7:58am
We aren't here to have fun or use our imaginations, we're here to get mad at each other for our differing opinions. That's how the internet works. Get with the times...
Also, I cannot believe that you think something different than me. I'm going to hunt you down and do terrible things to you! *insert string of various explitives here*

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Prometheus10/8/15 9:51am
*pokes head in*

*cough* Sarcasm aside, I do like the Lillie's what-if interpretation of the first encounter with Tendril. It definitely looks like Tendril gutted her and decided to play around with her husk. I can easily see him using the same surprise tactic on Namah using Lilith's body like he used Peaks body on Lilith.

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Lycanphoenix10/8/15 10:25am
You should have said *peaks head in*

I still don't feel comfortable with Lilith actually dying. For all we know, maybe she is capacitive, and is still storing all of the life energy she sapped from that nightmare. Thus, in that picture, she could very well still be alive, running off the excess life energy from earlier.

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Prometheus10/8/15 11:22am

I would think that if her powers were capacitive, her halo would need to be active for that to be effective. As it stands in that picture, if she is somehow still alive, I doubt she would be that way for long without her internal organs and/or skeleton.

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Lycanphoenix10/8/15 12:29pm
Who says she doesn't still have those?

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NatChon10/10/15 4:02pm
For him to take over her body, he would not necessarily need to remove all of her internal organs. He keeps the necessary organs and discards the rest.

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