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Subscribe to this thread Lilith created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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Asora12/9/14 7:17am

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BryanDimmsdale12/16/14 11:21am
So far, she's one of the most common archetypical characters in the Saga, the gorgeous nerd archetype, which I find it, um, mediocre. I find it boring maybe because I've seen so many games, shows, movie, that has that smart girl, with powers that are commonly seen such as healing magic, or similar to that matter.

However, the one that caught my attention is that maybe she's there to balance the main characters. Example would be her and Namah, since Lilith is common, Namah is complex to understand; much like a polar opposite in character archetypes.

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Asora12/16/14 6:42pm
I also view Lilith the same way you see her Mr. Bryan.

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Kymastrider1/11/15 4:07pm
One thing I have to wonder is will Lilith or Namah be safe no matter where they go. Tinsel had no way of knowing where they would run off to when they left the Towers, Lilith said that they were careful in keeping the location of Igraths house a secret. Yet the Moika just happened to find where they were.

Not to mention when Igrath randomly teleported them to starfall there was no way of anyone knowing they were going to end up there, yet Wisp and that nightmare Big Red managed to intercept them there.

and when we see Nabonidus in his thrown he makes a holographic display of both Lilith and Namah to show to Tendril. They probably knew they were in the Towers but no one had any way of knowing she would head up to the library but Tendril intercepts her up there and kills Mr Peaks.

This brings up some disturbing questions, can Nabonidus just magically see everywhere that Lilith and Namah are no matter where either one of them run. If that's so that poor Lilith and Namah are not safe no matter where they run to. Even if in the future they end up at Troika HQ then that would expose the secrecy of there hidden army. Is there no way of warding off Nabonidus from seeing them everywhere in the dreamworld?

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BryanDimmsdale1/12/15 7:47am
A guess would be either Whip or Nainso. Whip because he's been with them for quite a long time, and at the Whip thread, some say that he is more like a "familiar" to the nightmares. Nainso because, as you guys are suggesting that since he might have the mind manipulating powers, he may be feeding information to the nightmares.

Though this is all just an assumption; a hunch guess.

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Kymastrider4/18/15 12:45pm
Alright so a guess at Lilith's powers.

This is when we first see Lilith use her power.

prior to that she still had the scar on her cheek

but afterwards this is when you can first notice it's gone.

I have a theory that part of Lilith's power could be dissolving organic masses sort of like an acid, but also she can absorb the life force from a nightmare (or anything maybe) to heal herself which would explain why the scar is gone.

Also I imagine her healing power must have also corrected her vision since she doesn't need her glasses afterwards. I know she didn't have them during the majority of there trip to starfall but it's possible to assume she not completely dependent on them. Maybe she just needs them for reading, or for observing fine details, it depends on what here level of vision was, plus mace and Namah were with her.

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Womp4/18/15 9:12pm
I believe David confirmed last Thursday in chat that Lilith doesn't need contacts. I agree with the assumption that the glasses she wears are just readers. The only time in the GNS you see her with glasses is when she's at school. Meanwhile, she wears them all the time in the Prelude, presumably because she had her nose buried in a book almost constantly. Perhaps it's whenever she decided to be more conscious about her appearance that she realized that she didn't need them all the time.

It is possible that her power healed her of needing to use reading glasses, though, since she doesn't use them at the library in V3.

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Prometheus4/19/15 12:38pm
She also doesn't use them when reading her scroll in her room, which was before the library. That would be pretty convenient to have a healing power that cures you of minor blindness.

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BryanDimmsdale4/19/15 4:59pm
Hmm, I'm not sure about this, but in some preview sketches of v4 that Dave posted a long time ago I saw Lilith looking for her glasses. So does that mean she just only cure her near-sightedness, but not her far-sightedness?

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DanWithTheHat4/19/15 5:07pm
Dave also said in the chat that the reason why she doesn't use glasses regularly in the GNS is Plot vaulted. I guess we need wait on future volumes/preludes for that...

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BryanDimmsdale4/19/15 5:16pm
I was wondering as well if Lilith and Namah have siblings fights? Dave said it's plot vaulted, but I need guys' opinion?

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DanWithTheHat4/19/15 5:18pm
All siblings have fights at sometime so it had to happen before. I bet Namah would be the victor most of the time. Lilith doesn't seem to be the one to fight back...

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Kymastrider4/19/15 6:41pm
I dunno Lilith doesn't seem like the sort of person who'd get into arguments (especially at such a young age, maybe when they entered there teen's and they both started to mature, who knows) She's just to polite and na´ve for one thing.

Plus since Lilith is the only friend Namah ever had for most of her childhood I dought she would have ever gotten into a fight with her (most of the time her anger is projected at there maid or one of the guards, or there dad) Plus even when Namah is getting on Lilith's nerve's she doesn't really let her know.

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FoxPhantom4/20/15 5:55am
I wonder if Lilith has been bullied before. (Doesn't seem like it so far, though I could be wrong.)

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crazyhead424/20/15 8:08am
Well, she was looking for self help books and having trouble socially in her classes. It would not surprise me if she got teased for her looks. [Never mind that looks have nothing to do with it]

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