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Subscribe to this thread Lilith created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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MobileCrusader11/16/14 10:53am
I have to agree with Bryan here. Shes too good a beacon for others to survive in an environment like this. Too kind.

I feel that Igrath is going to be the next leader if anyone.

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SuperTurbo411/17/14 4:36pm
I prefer if she didn't die. But that's just me. Beggers can't be choosers.

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Asora11/23/14 11:34am
Truth be told, I technically prefer either way actually. Oh course, I would in fact get pissed to see one of my favorite characters die, but either way is acceptable, to me.

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Shadowcat11/30/14 2:55pm
To bring up Lilith, One thing that eludes me is whatever happened to her glasses? In the prelude she has glasses but in the GNS they seem to have gone away. Does she just walk around blind or what?

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Asora11/30/14 3:10pm

If you call me a jerk, I can understand that.. When I first saw your post, I was like-


but then I was like-


It pretty obvious, but, since I am the guy who expresses both light and dark humor, who is also good hearted, and is awesome, I will say this. The obvious answer, to your question, is that Lilith Calah, wears contacts.


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Shadowcat11/30/14 3:18pm
Must be some really big contacts, Like salad bowls that are clear.

Also DK tech is so schizo tech

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Asora11/30/14 3:39pm
Lilith: HEY! My contacts aren't like the size of salad bowls! There size 4B!

Whip: Shnigifar wif, rowshn quter tehbed tybid dudu spshso.

Lilith: Um, what did he say?

Mace: He said "You know, for size 4B lenses, they sure are still awfully big though."

Lilith: *frown face*

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Shadowcat11/30/14 4:02pm
You've caught whips speech exactly.
And now for something completely different:

Shadowcat: Fourth wall says high, Hehehehehehehehehehe

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Asora11/30/14 4:10pm
Wait, what do you mean "You've caught Whip's speech exactly"?

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DanWithTheHat11/30/14 4:39pm
It is possible that her eyes changed shape as she grew so she doesn't require glasses anymore. Personally, I used to have much stronger prescription glasses when I was a kid than I do now.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier11/30/14 6:09pm
I remember in one of the Vol. 4 previews Lilith said she lost one of her contacts though.

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Asora11/30/14 6:19pm

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MobileCrusader11/30/14 6:40pm
We will have it confirmed in the coming months.

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DanWithTheHat12/8/14 6:57pm
Well in that case, if Lilith ever gets stuck in the wild with no tools, her contacts will serve as good bowls to collect water.

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MobileCrusader12/9/14 6:41am
Beeg ahnime ehies.

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