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Subscribe to this thread Lilith created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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SuperTurbo44/28/14 11:53am
I never felt the need to play it. I was curious about dungeons and dragons, but my parents were around during the time it was considered devilish.

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MobileCrusader4/28/14 2:02pm
lel... devil worship my ass. Ive played more than my fair share of DnD.

I was saying like, any RPG ever though? Like not even Vidya? Thats sad.

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SuperTurbo44/29/14 5:19am
I have looked them up on the Internet, though.

Anyway, back to Lilith.

What do you think she'll think of her father now that he fully believes Tinsel's lies?

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MobileCrusader4/29/14 5:24am
He is a force actively working against her and against the good of the people. He is Tinsel's puppet, and to be considered as such.

Lilith is too intelligent to believe otherwise.

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SuperTurbo44/29/14 5:47am
Agreed. She's as smart as they come.

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MobileCrusader4/29/14 6:14am
Any feelings she might have for him are second to her survival and the survival of the peoples of the world.

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GodofVelcro4/30/14 9:25pm
Tearful/bloody showdown between Lilith and her father?

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MobileCrusader5/1/14 8:34am
I dont see that happening, only because I see him dying through other means.

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Prometheus5/2/14 10:16am
Yeah, I'm pretty sure Damien (my own made-up first name for Vis. Calah) will die by Tinsel, Ravat, Nabonidus or somebody else's hands other than Lilith's. I doubt she'd have what it takes to end her own father's life, let alone anybody's life.

As for Lilith being a healer, we've only seen her ability to absorb life rather than give it. But, if she could heal others, maybe it would cost her some of her own life energy, thus leaving her weak and fatigued.

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MobileCrusader5/2/14 8:12pm
Or she could transfer health from one being to another. That would be cool.

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DanWithTheHat5/3/14 1:24pm
What if Lilith ended up in a situation where she sees her dad get seriously injured (by a Nightmare, or even Tinsel or Ravat) and has the choice to either give life to her injured father or let him die. Do you think she would end up helping her father in that that situation knowing how bad he treated Namah, and how he wouldn't take her word over Tinsel's word when trying to expose Tinsel for the murdering, Dark DK she is?

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MobileCrusader5/3/14 3:20pm
I see her as the type to help in that situation. She's too kind a soul not too.

She could very well change between now and that point though.

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CalicoYorki5/4/14 8:59am
Okay, so, here's what I think:

Lilith is obviously more intelligent than her father, and I think she knows now that he's a danger to Anduruna. My personal opinion is that, quite possibly, she could have a character arc in which she comes to be viewed as a more suitable leader to Anduruna than Daddy Calah.

So, perhaps after she saves his life from Tinsel or a random Nightmare, she convinces/forces him to resign/abdicate/what have you from his position of Viscount. Lilith would never kill her father; I think she'd readily recognize that he's inept, and easily blinded by Tinsel's gazongas, but he's hardly malicious.

I'm not saying this is even the most likely possible outcome. This is just another possibility.

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SuperTurbo411/15/14 7:39pm
She'd make a much more competent viscount, that's for sure.

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BryanDimmsdale11/15/14 10:06pm
But, I believe she is destined to die or she's actually on borrowed time already. She is a very good character, yes; but I have this feeling that she's going to sacrifice her life for someone, either her father or Namah.

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