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Subscribe to this thread Lilith created by Kobalt95 on February 12, 2013

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Kobalt952/12/13 5:22pm
The bookworm herself needs a place in here as well! She being the inquisitive brains of the group and all. Anyway,this thread is dedicated to her so anyone who has something to say about her can jump in.

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Tricky2/13/13 2:05am
I really like the stark contrast between her empathic, sensitive nature and the raw destructiveness of her power. It makes her incredibly interesting as a character, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing how she handles such destructive force as she becomes more aware and in control of it.

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AmeliaWolfe2/13/13 11:52am
Lilith is one of my top favorites in the series: I relate to her in the bookworm and slightly less than socially graceful sense, heh. Nice of yout to post a thread in her honor~!

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MrAerospace2/13/13 1:37pm
Destructive?! Well, it certainly was in V2, but I wonder if that wasn't a side effect of healing herself. Either way it is an effective attack mechanism, albeit slightly indiscriminate so far. I just wonder how capable that power would be if she was able to control it a lot better.

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Tricky2/20/13 12:42am
I wonder that too. It would definitely lower the risk of using her power in close proximity to allies if she could control it directionally.

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ezioauditore973/22/13 12:17pm
I had some fun drawing Lilith in a pose that conflicts with her personality a little recently!
If you have any thoughts on it please leave a comment on the deviation.

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CalicoYorki11/24/13 11:24am
Lilith is a fascinating character.

She's such a kind princess-type, is about the only who cares about Namah, and is highly intelligent.

I think we've also seen something to suggest why her Power has such a dual nature...

[Spoilers for Vol. 3 Ahead!]

[Last Warning]



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ZycantAlpha11/25/13 8:30am
That was kind of an awesome moment for her. Honestly, It'd be interesting to see her teach a class on self defense on this particular incident. "First, you lower his guard by insulting his poetic skills. Then, when you're close, you rip out his eyes."

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SuperTurbo42/16/14 4:08pm
It's been a year since this has had an update.
Well, anyone notice how she doesn't seem affected by Whip's cuteness?

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Salahir2/16/14 4:49pm
She always has Cuddles around :3 That makes her immune to cuteness lower than Cuddles.

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SuperTurbo42/16/14 6:00pm

You got a point.

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JackyV2/17/14 8:02pm
I wonder what is going to happen when mace and bast finally get sick of feuding over her. Thats going to be an interesting thing to watch.

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MobileCrusader2/18/14 3:01pm
I am willing to bet that it will come at an entirely inopportune downtime moment. It always does.

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TruthQuest2/18/14 3:58pm
No that would be... cliche, for Dave.

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MobileCrusader2/18/14 4:00pm
True, it is a very cliche thing to do, and that is against the very point of the entire poject, but




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