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Dreamkeepers Forums - Which Dreamkeeper are You? Users compare themselves to the DKs in the story! :D

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Subscribe to this thread Which Dreamkeeper are You? Users compare themselves to the DKs in the story! :D created by crazyhead42 on February 20, 2015

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crazyhead422/20/15 6:39pm
Okay, I totally had an "OH MY GOD, I'M ______" moment here.
Who am I? I'm Bill.
Bill: . . . . . . Me: . . . Trait:
Has . . . . Wants . . Epic Ears
Has . . . . Wants . . Tail
Has . . . . . Has . . . Slightly Pathetic Personality
Has . . . . . Has . . . Analyzes situations when they come up
Has . . . . . Has . . . High chance of embarrassing myself while just being me
Has . . . . . Has . . . Completely out of synch when dealing with situations
Has . . . . . Has . . . Is brilliant and not afraid to request weird things to complete tasks more efficiently/safely/etc.
Has Has STRONG reactions to the unexpected
Has Has Likable Personality

I may have to add to this list later as we see more of Bill.

So now that you've seen which member of the cast is me, I have to know: which ones are you people?

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Kirito2/21/15 1:38pm
Well it may be quite obvious but I strongly relate and have a huge affinity to Evzen =)

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TFeathersB2/21/15 2:11pm
After thinking about it I can safely say that I'm most like Lilith. Likes books, learning and would do anything for our siblings is a great start at comparing us.

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Dawonguy2/21/15 6:51pm
Out of the entire cast, I guess I can relate to Vanth the most.

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crazyhead422/21/15 6:53pm
Yes, but why? (Seriously, I don't know you guys enough to see the links immediately!)

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ezioauditore972/21/15 7:31pm
I want to say Mace,but his literacy is lamentable which is at odds with how much I read so probably Bobby since he's caring,smart, and yet flawed.I wanted to say Nainso as well,but we really haven't seen too much of how his mind ticks henceforth I'm not going to read too much into his character though he is a fairly scholarly fellow.

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DanWithTheHat2/21/15 7:58pm
I can probably relate to Bobby the most, hence my picture.

Also, I am the offical Bobby of the forums per this thread:

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/21/15 8:46pm
I would love to say Wisp, however -thankfully- I'm not so relateable to her. Heh. Well, okay. I guess I can kind of more or less 'understand' her rather than relate. Does that count?

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crazyhead422/21/15 8:49pm
Nope. I COMPLETELY understand Vanth, but I'm not her. :( I understand lilith and Namah, but I'm not either of them. :( I wound up being Bobby, but you know what? It's quite fitting. :)

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Dawonguy2/21/15 9:04pm
Okay, so elaborating.
-Like Vanth, I kind of also have somewhat overbearing parents (trying to put it in a nice way but failing)
-Like how Vanth considered breaking the window and flying off into the sunset, I've considered walking out of class and go to the library to draw, take a nap, etc and wonder if anyone would really try to stop me
-Like Vanth, apparently I've been told I'm good at sneaking (it's all in the footwork)

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crazyhead422/21/15 9:09pm
How about "Hyper Protective"?

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Dawonguy2/21/15 11:20pm
Not really "hyper protective" for me, but if you've seen The Breakfast Club, for me it's more like the deal with the "brain"'s parents (I think the guy's name was Brian). Anyway, from my experience I don't really find it that different from Vanth. I guess the similarities kind of end there as I haven't really had the "this character is totally me" moment in reading DK (yet).

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Kobalt952/22/15 12:22am
I guess I'd be most like Evzen.

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Kymastrider2/22/15 7:57am
I've always been very much a Bast. I've always been quite stubborn and very bad tempered during my teenage years. I still am I just never been good at social life.

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Kirito2/22/15 11:20am
Ha, Dan, I forgot about that thread XD

I'm the official Evzen of the forums :P I explain why I think in there somewhere as well.

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