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Subscribe to this thread List of Banned Users created by DanWithTheHat on February 18, 2015

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crazyhead422/23/15 6:52pm
Actually, Asora, it is. You can either write an appology now, or get on the IRC now. Choose.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/23/15 6:53pm
As reasonable as you are right now.

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PotatoFox2/23/15 6:53pm
No, IRC, now. ONLY.

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THISENDSNOW2/23/15 6:54pm

*lets out breath*

I hate my mind........

*goes to IRC*

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MobileCrusader2/23/15 7:11pm
So ends an era.

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Rekt2/23/15 7:11pm
What's occurred?

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/23/15 7:13pm
He's gone from IRC forever

And I won't pay him any more attention to him. He ignores the reasoning's he's banned First off anyways...

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PotatoFox2/23/15 7:13pm
He was lured onto the IRC to secure his IP address for a permanent ban. It's why I deleted your comment on the subject, I didn't want to reveal anything

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Rekt2/23/15 7:14pm
Ooooh, nice! So is that IRC or the forum as a whole?

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crazyhead422/23/15 7:14pm

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/23/15 7:14pm
The IRC, IP banning on here is something we need to include...

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Rekt2/23/15 7:15pm
Ah, aight. Well still, mods, proper good job there.

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PotatoFox2/23/15 7:16pm
We still have his IP address, so as soon as we get IP banning on here, we can remove him as well.

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Prometheus2/23/15 8:14pm
I'm so relieved this is over, but I'm just so exhausted. I'm just glad it's done and over with.

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BryanDimmsdale2/23/15 8:23pm
Looks like you guys need a lot of revisions on the forum, I guess you'll be busy then.

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