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Subscribe to this thread List of Banned Users created by DanWithTheHat on February 18, 2015

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DanWithTheHat2/18/15 9:41pm
I moved the old thread to Spamduruna as it served a whole different purpose. Let's restart this to make it clearer.

This thread will serve as a memorial to all active users in regards to people that have been forcibly removed from the forums.

This thread will be the only place to discuss the banned parties, appeal bans as a third party, relive memories, and for new members to see what sort of extreme measures must be attempted to earn a ban.

Remember these people, and remember not to act like them.

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DanWithTheHat2/18/15 9:41pm
Banned Account: Asora
USERID: 2836

Date banned (DD/MM/YYYY): GMT 00:00 on 19/02/2015

Reason: Breaking rule 4, General disruption of forum life, intolerance, and refusal to comply with numerous Moderator warnings.

See this thread for the appeals:

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Really2/19/15 3:38pm

Dan, as much as I love you as a bro, I find the last one wrong to be fair. Also, I am suspecting that one of the mods. have decided to take out my farewell thread.......what disrespect to me, and yourselves.........what a f**kin shame.......


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PotatoFox2/19/15 4:20pm
Oh you're one to talk about respect aren't you. You say that our actions are disrespectful to you, yet you seem to ignore the fact that you were banned for bigotry, misogyny and homophobia, even when instructed by the moderators to stop. I will remind you that a number of forum users, and I will refuse to disclose which, are homosexual. Your bigotry is a disrespect to the forum users, and your refusal to follow the instructions of moderators, whose sole job is to maintain a pleasant experience for all users, is a disrespect to us.

I hope you understand the hysterical hypocrisy of your comment.

This account will be removed as the others were.

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TFeathersB2/19/15 4:55pm
Asora was banned? How did I miss all this?

It's sad to see you go, Asora. But honestly, if you acted the same way on the forum I'm a mod off you would have been banned long ago. I hope you can learn from this.

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Gonzo2/21/15 11:49am

........after I try to convince with enough detail and reasoning that we ALL played in part of this..........which will take a while.........I HATE WAITING!

*flips table*

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Kirito2/21/15 1:17pm
@Potato this is not the place to argue or discuss the perceived wrongs of the banning by certain banned parties. This should be done on the appeals thread:

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TFeathersB2/21/15 1:20pm
Asora, please. I understand you must be upset, but it's best if you just step away for a while and calm down. You did brake the rules and you were warned about it. You're still braking them now by creating new accounts and spamming threads with "I will be back" speeches. (This is a place for that, not the prelude thread)

You're going to get banned again when a mod comes online, I hope you just read this before then. Just take some time off and think about what you've done and why you were banned. Then, with the permission of a mod, after a time come back and say what you've thought about and ask for forgiveness in a single place, without the shouting. (This is what I think should be done at least)

Edit: Sorry if I said this in the wrong place... Having multiple threads about this gets confusing.

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Right2/21/15 2:54pm
I am more than upset my good sir. I AM F**KIN PISSED AND SCARED S**TLESS.

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PotatoFox2/21/15 2:55pm
Crazy wants to speak with you on IRC

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Right2/21/15 2:55pm


*goes to IRC thread*

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ST34LTH2/21/15 3:36pm
The more you continue to act like that, the less I hope so. I thought you were pretty chill (albeit a little annoying at times) and I was originally willing to speak your case, but dude... Just freaking accept due punishment and DON'T CREATE ALTS, WHEN TOLD NOT TO!

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THISENDSNOW2/23/15 6:24pm

1.) I did not ignore you and DWTH. I complied throughout the f**king chat with crazyhead and Kirito, but, near the end, both you and DWTH requested options to me that where flawed in multiple ways, while I tried to go with the more reasonable and moral option. HOWEVER, do you know what happened next Mr. PotatoFox.


Yes, you heard me right motherf**ker. Now I'm CERTAINLY in your breaking-point right now.

In short, you requested something so in-moral and flawed, that I ALMOST accepted it. Fortinually however, I thought twice before choosing your option. While as DWTH's however, his option also had flaws, but not as worse as YOURS.

When I realized this, I tried to reason with you guys with a more reasonable and moral decision, yet, we all went back and forth on who was right and who was wrong with their option.

And so, we kept going. ON AND ON AND ON AND ON, until you acted like you were pissed like a f**king coward and decided to insult ME by stated that MANY of the forums members have been angry by my actions so far, and have sent PM after PM after PM, telling you how much they hate my guts, while DWTH stated that "I don't have time to argue with a 14 year-old in an IRC."

Yeah, and do you know how that made me feel? F**KEN BETRAYED, DISGUSTED, AND RAGED that one of the moderators of this beutiful forum stated that he didn't have time to argue with a teen. disrespectful as f**k my man.

2.) No, I am not pleading on doing any wrong-doing you coward. I admitted before to you guys time and time again, that I knew that I did wrong. Right now, I know when I did WRONG and when I did RIGHT. And this is the time where I realize that you are nothing but a f**kin coward who makes false assumptions in order to maintain your power in the forums and blame all of this on ME, even though all of this brutal and unnecessary nonsense has what that of ALL OF US AS A COMMUNITY. So, blame this f**kin bulls**t on me, BLAME THIS ON ALL OF US.

3.) Yes, I ADMIT, I did storm out of the chat, but that was because I was threw with all of the cheap and brutal statements you and DWTH said to me. And now, YOU HAVE THE BALLS (even though you don't have any) TO SAY THAT THIS INSULTED YOU!? ARE YOU.F**KING.SERIOUS!?!?!??

I literally can't describe how preposterous that sounds in WORDS. IN F**kIN WORDS MR. POTATOFOX. Also, you state that you and DWTH RETRACTED the offer. However, here's the news foe........I CHOSE TO GO WITH DWTH OPTION BEFORE I LEFT AND SAW THAT YOU SAID IT.

So, what that means is that since I left the chat quickly and NEVER SAW you say "You will not.", and did the retraction, that means that your claim is considered INVALID and DOES NOT COUNT.

So, there for, since I claim that I didn't saw or heard the news from a direct source from you guys, that means that I still go to the chat.........

Apply cold water to burnt area-BITCH.

4.) No. I AM NOT.

5.) So, if any of you don't believe on what I have said, guess what?



How do I claim this? Well, you see, while talking on e-mail, crazyhead gave me the transcript of the Sat. chat, AND IT IS ALL THERE.

Everything from the beginning to the END.

So, were is when I ask YOU PotatoFox and DWTH. You either let me go to the chat and give me my last chance fairly, OR, I will post this transcript EVERYWHERE on the DK Forums, so that EVERYONE can see the proof.

Now, will you answer in a smart and nice, way, or are you prepared for the ultimate spam the DK Forums has ever experience in it's history, and are ready for the S**tSTORM of PM's on your f**kin inbox?

Come at me bro. YOUR CHOICE.

*puts on upgraded EOD suit - loads Railgun - prepares for the GREATEST S**TSTORM in all of DK Forum history*

*End of message*

Meanwhile in real life........


......actually.........I think should've spoke this to crazyhead and Kirito fir-

*A Hell breaks loose*

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DanWithTheHat2/23/15 6:27pm
IRC please

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THISENDSNOW2/23/15 6:28pm

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