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Dreamkeepers Forums - List of Banned Asoras

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Subscribe to this thread List of Banned Asoras created by MobileCrusader on February 17, 2015

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crazyhead422/18/15 9:50pm
*sigh*. You know, it was kinda fun talking to him. He got out of hand at times, but I still liked him.

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DanWithTheHat2/18/15 10:28pm
I really hoped he would come around before it came to this but we couldn't put up with his antics for any longer. When he started to negatively effect other user's experiences on the forum while disregarding the multiple warnings and attempts to help, we had no other choice, especially when arguments with him and other users were escalating.

Personally, I get no enjoyment out of banning anyone. I really enjoy talking with everyone here which is why I became a moderator in the first place. It is too bad it had to come to this with Asora.

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crazyhead422/18/15 10:32pm
Yeah, but now he's being more quiet than usual, and I've heard horror stories about depression. Of course this means my mind has to latch on to the worst possible conclusion. *sigh*. Maybe if I had found the threads earlier? I don't know...

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crazyhead422/19/15 10:22am
Word on Asora - I think he's stopped being right out angry, but I think he's trying to argue his way back into Dreamkeepers. I don't exactly know what this entails, but this may(?) be a good(?) sign.

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ST34LTH2/19/15 4:22pm
In regards to your 'horror stories of depression', then I can disconfirm any likelyhood of that. Depressions simply don't last as long as his antics did. I'm not going to say there was no understandable explanation behind his actions, but in all likelyhood immaturity is the correct answer; however simple that answer may be.

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BryanDimmsdale2/23/15 6:31am
I want to close this thread. No matter how much I ignore it, it still drives me crazy. What's gone is gone, and I want to end it right here right now!

---------------Thread officially closed.--------------------

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YOLO2/23/15 4:58pm


Hi. :3

Also, P.S., I'm in deep s**t now. Currently trying to contact the mods. now, crazyhead has drowned into her own wrongful opinions, and Kirito is in the mid........ so, no luck........yeah......

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YOLO2/23/15 5:00pm
Also..........nice to see you again.........DO YOU WANT SOME TEA MY GOOD SIR? :D

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crazyhead422/23/15 5:01pm
... Asora, ignoring me isn't doing you any good.

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YOLO2/23/15 5:04pm
I'm.......not ignoring you actually. I tried to respond to your statements with my own on what I know, but however, you responded with weak claims of your own.

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crazyhead422/23/15 5:05pm
Yes, because finding a certain source non-reputable due to experience is "weak".

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YOLO2/23/15 5:06pm
........English, please?

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PotatoFox2/23/15 5:13pm
You had your chance, Asora. I spent three hours in that chat, along with DWTH. Throughout the second half you opted to ignore us and in the last hour were insistent on insulting everybody present. Now you are pleading no wrongdoing.
That is why you are in deep shit.
The fact that you stormed out after insulting myself and DWTH after we tolerated you for three hours, after we did more for you than we should have done, our offer is by default redacted.
You are banned PERMANENTLY.

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crazyhead422/23/15 5:18pm
/that/ is why I got mad about the logs, Asora. They basically offered you something you could never ever get elsewhere, and you disrespected them. You're on the internet. It's time to grow up.

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Prometheus2/23/15 5:41pm
Geez, Asora. You've really got some learning to do, my friend. You were given a chance to redeem yourself and you spat on it. I wasn't even aware you gave Potato and Dan such a hard time after I left. That's really disappointing.

Hope you learn from your mistakes someday, but you're not gonna learn from them here.

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