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Subscribe to this thread List of Banned Asoras created by MobileCrusader on February 17, 2015

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Me2/18/15 5:51pm
Oh wow. You tried to ban me......what a surprise.


Anyways, it seems to be that you guys are not getting the point, and if I continue on, it seems like I will just have to create a thread to explain it. Hold up a sec.

*goes to back room*

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Rekt2/18/15 5:54pm
Holy shit I'm dying

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crazyhead422/18/15 5:54pm
*sigh*. I'll stop him. Mods, give me 10 minutes before you ban him again, or you'll just be banning even more accounts. (Also, you may want to have the webmaster add a contact email for in case the accounts he's using actually get made by an acceptable user.)

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/18/15 5:55pm
Are you kidding me? I can't stop laughing now.

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Sladerin2/18/15 5:57pm
You've got to be kidding me. Well he's persistent.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/18/15 5:58pm
That's an understatement. LOL

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crazyhead422/18/15 6:03pm
Will you guys stop?!?! What beyond hurt are your words meant to achieve?

Edit: Just messaged Asora. Really hoping I hit the right cord, and not a supremely wrong one!

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Sladerin2/18/15 6:05pm
I'm sorry, my dearest apologies friend.

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Prometheus2/18/15 6:07pm
Anyone else, besides crazyhead42 or the moderators, who comments in this thread will be receiving their first warning. If you literally have nothing of importance to type to bring some sanity to this situation, keep your fingers off the keyboard or go to another thread.

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crazyhead422/18/15 6:14pm
Thank you Prometheus. This is a serious matter, and I feel it should be treated as such. I don't see any action from Asora, email or thread-wise, bu if he's got a lot to say, he may not be noticing my email to him. I'll let you know if he messages me with anything important to say.

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Prometheus2/18/15 6:24pm

No problem. Keep us informed, if you please.

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Dark2/18/15 6:37pm
Ah yes......chaos, ignorance, confusion, and humiliation.........just as I planned. Oh well, anyways, hello again fragile humans. As promised, I have posted the thread that I said earlier.

Link to Thread:

Enjoy reading, while the Real Asora just woke up and is now coming right after m-OH SHI-

*gets beaten by Real Asora*

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crazyhead422/18/15 6:42pm
Asora! You're making this wore. The mods and I can stop this mess, but you have to step out! I'm willing to be your proxy when you have something you need to say, but right now everyone is hostile. Please stop making temporary profiles and TALK to me!

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Prometheus2/18/15 6:47pm
I ask that you listen to crazyhead, Asora. You really need to just take a break from this forum for a while. Talk with your friend and just take a break from here.

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Dark2/18/15 6:48pm
*Meanwhile, Real Asora is choking Alt. Asora to death*


Alt. Asora: Asora-*nggh*-no matter what happens to me-*kfft*, my plan will.......*let's out last bit of breath*-work......



*sees more backlash - realizes the truth*


*to be continued*

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