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Subscribe to this thread List of Banned Asoras created by MobileCrusader on February 17, 2015

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Asora2/18/15 4:37pm
You misspelled "world".



*throws noodles*

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/18/15 4:42pm
'telling the truth'

I could make remarks about 'telling the truth', but I'd rather not touch upon religion, since my background somewhat.

But even if you can't find two guys loving each other right, at least tolerate it, or mind your own goddamn business.

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TruthQuest2/18/15 4:42pm
Often, others get insulted by the idea that that is the truth. It's not worth hurting someone already in pain to say it. I chose that Moniker TruthQuest for a reason. Sometimes messages get mangled by actions. This is not the time or place for the truth as some see it. Even its suggestion can hurt too much, and humanity has yet to understand how to deal with the universally divided perception of truth, which is why I never talk about truth as I see it. No one is likely to see it my way, and far fewer will accept it.

That is part of respecting one other truth, that people will disrespect anyone who disrespects them, and even if you don't know that your doing it, Hurting someone is seen and felt to be a form of disrespect. Ignoring it on the grounds that your right and their wrong rarely works as a backup. If you want some one to respect you, you must respect them first.

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Asora2/18/15 4:46pm

You do realize that it is better to learn the truth and embrace it than to just do something that is wrong and feel like it's still okay to do so, right?

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/18/15 4:48pm
And what is that supposed to mean? Hurry, Asora! You only have 13 minutes left! Make this worth our time.

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joeden2/18/15 4:49pm
Asora reread everything you've posted that should be a guidelines on how not to act. I'm sorry but really there is a fine line on how you should act and how you shouldn't and you've crossed the line; people don't like it when a conversation is happening and then someone comes in and changes it to something meaningless or freak out all over the site.

And Asora what religion are you apart of? Christainity? You do know Jesus stated if someone is doing something you don't like and are not doing it to you "remember the log in your eye before you comment on the stick in their's" and "turn the other cheek"

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TruthQuest2/18/15 4:53pm
@Asora, one last time.

I cannot learn for someone ELSE. They must learn FOR THEMSELVES.

It's their life, their choices, their freedom that I have no right to impune or take away.

And that is why anyone who is told that they are wrong about they way they feel, found it easy to feel persecuted in history. It's easy to hit someone and tell them they have no right to get back up for being the way they are. These days, it's an auto. response for self-defense. Be careful what you do, or you will trigger it, once bitten, twice shy and all.

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Prometheus2/18/15 4:59pm

I'm sorry, Asora, but you've crossed the line with the homophobia. As a Christian and a conservative, I honestly don't agree with homosexuality myself. *BUT*, it is not my place, your place, or anybody's place to tell others how wrong they are to follow that sexual preference. We all have free will and it is our choice on how we use it. Nobody has the right to tell others how to use their free will. That includes you.

As of this post, you have two minutes left. I hope you can come back with a better acceptance of other people's traits. That's all that we ask.

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Prometheus2/18/15 5:10pm
Aaaaaand, he's gone.

Welp,... can't say I feel happy about this. To have such a troubling situation resolved is a weight off my shoulders, but it's still a heart-wrenching feeling.

I, myself, feel a ray of hope for the kid with the thread he made in LOOKIT THIS!. He at least realizes his mistakes and apologized. He was energetic and ambitious, but too full of himself and out of control. He let his emotions and beliefs get the better of him, which is something we have to control on the Internet. In channels, you have the luxury of saying virtually anything thanks to anonymity, but on forums you have an identity and how you act towards others will forever be associated with that identity. That's why you have to control yourself and watch what you type when in a forum.

Maybe he will learn from this experience and will be able to return. I've seen many people return to a community site with a better state of mind. Hopefully, he will be one of many to do so. We shall see.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/18/15 5:14pm
I don't see any hope for him. Once a bigot, always a bigot...

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Slayer2/18/15 5:19pm

You do realize I can just create a new account and act like another random person on the internet, correct?

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crazyhead422/18/15 5:26pm
JUDAS! Asora's behavior may have been out of line and just plain disgusting at times, but that does NOT excuse yours. You are NOT superior. *holds back reference to different comic*. Yes, I KNOW Asora is gross. And I get upset with him over it too. But the response is not "I could make remarks about 'telling the truth', but I'd rather not touch upon religion", the response is to try to help him understand the world he WASN'T brought up in.

Maybe before you yell at Asora for being insensitive to the problems of Homosexuals, you should consider your own behavior when it comes to problems of people who are behind the learning curve.

One more thing: Asora's second question: "how was sending a link to a true Christian church website at which two people are talking about homosexuality in a proper manner seem to be offensive? O_O????" Does deserve a question. Not because it's a good question, but because he honestly doesn't know.

One more thing Judas - maybe the same Comic which can help Asora can help you too. I've been trying not to advertise for it on the site of another comic, but the relevance here is simply overwhelming. Pay close attention to the Joyce storyline. BOTH of you.

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Slayer2/18/15 5:27pm

Ma'dam, I am not disgusting, I am just a dark and calmer version of Asora. (Hint: MPD)

Asora may be "out of control" at times, but that doesn't mean he goes all out into full detail of sex, drugs, murder, violence, and other "explicit" subjects.

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Rekt2/18/15 5:28pm

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Slayer2/18/15 5:30pm
Yes seriously.

(Notice that I am point out something here........besides Asora being "disgusting".

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