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Subscribe to this thread List of Banned Asoras created by MobileCrusader on February 17, 2015

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MobileCrusader2/17/15 5:07pm
This thread will serve as a memorial to all active users in regards to people that have been forcibly removed from the forums.

This thread will be the only place to discuss the banned parties, appeal bans as a third party, relive memories, and for new members to see what sort of extreme measures must be attempted to earn a ban.

Remember these people, and remember not to act like them.

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MobileCrusader2/17/15 5:10pm
Banned Account: Asora
USERID: 2836

Date banned (DD/MM/YYYY): GMT 00:00 on 19/02/2015

Reason: Breaking rule 4, General disruption of forum life, intolerance, and refusal to comply with numerous Moderator warnings.

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Kirito2/17/15 5:18pm
Asora was known for his outlandish and off topic posts on the incorrect threads. Although active, he joked around too much, and in the end refused to accept any advice or warnings. This was his downfall, and let this banning serve as a reminder.

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crazyhead422/17/15 5:22pm
And let this failed attempt serve as a reminder to those who are others' last hopes: if you are going to try to help someone, sometimes you have to practice more restraint than is otherwise reasonable. Trust me, it feels worse when you make it worse instead of helping. :(

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Digitigraderobo2/17/15 5:42pm
Wait, is Asora actually banned?

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Kirito2/17/15 5:43pm
Yes, effective in 24 hours

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Rekt2/17/15 5:47pm
Woah what

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MobileCrusader2/17/15 5:54pm
The ban doesnt go into effect until 7:00 tomorrow, but we want to announce it to give him time to appeal, and for others to appeal on his behalf.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/17/15 6:59pm
This is why parental supervision with the internet is a good thing. He can be an example how it can go wrong.

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crazyhead422/17/15 7:02pm
But Judas, too much parental supervision is EXACTLY what leads to this! If someone is not allowed out into the world, that someone can't learn proper means of conduct!

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Kymastrider2/17/15 7:08pm
actually I take back what I said.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/17/15 7:11pm
What I mean is to look closely at what your child is doing on the net. I don't think that his parents would be too happy about seeing the one post where he says he's frantically jacking off to a picture in the 18+ thread. Which he shouldn't be on in the first place since he wasn't 18 or was he mature there, or anywhere for that matter.

Need I remind you also how... off he is with his downright cringy roleplaying by himself during a post here? I knew this was bound to happen right from this summer.

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ST34LTH2/17/15 7:14pm
I'd like to ask everyone to minimize the amount of 'bloodlust' spawned of this subject. I get that he behaved inappropriately and I too had my share of frustrations, as a direct result of him, but voicing your frustration over the guy in a way that is equally immature to the way he behaved, is NOT the way to do this. If you believe he deserved the ban... fine, I won't argue, but for crying out loud, be the better man and stop acting all pissy about it. The moderators did what they had to and the rest of us should just leave it at that (unless of course we believe they misjudged), since it doesn't really concern us anymore.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/17/15 7:17pm
My bad.

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crazyhead422/17/15 7:19pm
I think I have one or two more tricks up my sleeve, but their effects are long term. His situation is too far down here for them to be of use in stopping this.

And @Judas,
Parents don't always exercise restraint in watching their child, living under the parents eye can put unnecessary pressure on a child NOT to experiment and learn the lessons he needs to. No, he shouldn't be on the porn, but would his parents let him talk to people like us? We don't know for sure the answer is yes. In fact, his parents may very well be examples of parents who don't let him talk to atheists! And yes, there are parents like that out there. There was one set of parents that didn't even let their child have a social security number! With extremes like that, we need to keep in mind that parents are no substitute for a good community.

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