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Subscribe to this thread Vi (LT Viriathus) created by hostilefox on February 12, 2013

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Prometheus1/28/15 9:14pm

I can easily see this scenario happening. It would be pretty heartbreaking to see her die, even as a sacrifice. And, with the kind of threats Nabonidus tends to throw around, I don't think it will be as clean as a deathtouch, IMO.

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BryanDimmsdale1/28/15 9:25pm
But before that happens, I really want to know what happened to her in the Prelude. She was rooting for fashion designing, which she's good at it. But instead we saw her as a guerrilla officer in the GNS. Did she accidentally joined and trained in the Troika for some reason, or is it because maybe she saw a new light in her?

Also, I want to see her smacking Randy's face after finding out what he did to Mace, haha.

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Prometheus1/28/15 9:42pm
She, Bobby, and Karo ended up in the Troika and they all came from the orphanage. I'm pretty sure the Troika weren't going to let them get too far ahead into their adult lives before at least giving them the job offer.

I'm under the belief that she decides to help Bobby find out what the mystery is behind the orphanage and they both end up being approached by a Troika recruiter, when they find out the two are snooping around looking for sensitive info. They both realize the Troika are behind the orphanage mystery and together they decide to join after realizing their civilian lives weren't going to go the way they would hope.

Bobby had been swindled into accepting a hooker's child support payments and Vi would never be able to go to college at her current rate of income. Both of them could see how unfair the system was and they wouldn't have much of a choice.

I guess that would explain why she is with them now.

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Asora1/29/15 5:07pm
Wait, hold up a sec. I know this is Vi's Character thread, but, Bobby actually got tricked into accepting the Green-Bat Woman's child support payments? I've actually got a bit confused on that scene.

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ezioauditore971/29/15 5:55pm
Aye,she's a cunning woman no doubt though given Bobby's naivety it probably wasn't that hard to swindle him.She might be a part of the bigger plot from the Troika or not,but we'll see how that pans out in due time I'm sure.

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Asora1/29/15 7:34pm


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DanWithTheHat1/29/15 8:15pm
Yes, read that prelude again Asora....

Also, I wonder if Randy ever had the chance to meet Vi? He would have gotten put in his place by her really quick I would think if he showed up while Vi was there taking care of the rest of them.

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ezioauditore971/30/15 5:49am
Vi probably would have noticed how much of a jerk he was and because she really does care about the others probably put him in his place as you said Dan. Then they might never have met,but we'll see.

It would be entertaining though if she went on a rant with him to try and make him care,but evidently that'll probably backfire horribly in the GNS.

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Asora1/30/15 7:59pm
Vi meeting up with Randy.........GET THE POPCORN MEN! :D

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BryanDimmsdale2/2/15 8:48pm
I imagine Vi doing this to Randy:

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Asora2/3/15 5:16am

That mathaf**ka has huge hands........

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Dawonguy2/3/15 4:21pm
speaking of big hands
any of that look familiar?

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Asora2/3/15 4:29pm

*clicks on link*

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Dawonguy2/3/15 4:49pm
yup, I think I found human Vi

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Asora2/3/15 4:50pm

*looks back at video*

OOOOHHHHHHHhhhhhhh............I gotch you bro, I gotch you. :3

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