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Subscribe to this thread Vi (LT Viriathus) created by hostilefox on February 12, 2013

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Wulfspyder4/23/14 4:50pm
Tinsel's power lets her keep a decent distance, since she was able to snatch and string up the Callah girls from at least halfway across the main hall. And her agility and durability are both pretty high while Powered, so she might be able to dodge and tank Vi's shots. Without knowing what Vi's real power is, Tinsel seems to hold the advantage.

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ezioauditore974/23/14 6:18pm
But can Tinsel outrun a shot fired towards her that hits dead on?I am interested in whatever Vi's power might be though........

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MobileCrusader4/24/14 6:03am
Tinsel's hair might be able to shield her from the springer rounds and or catch them out of the air. We don't know how strong her hair is.

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joeden4/30/14 9:41am
just made a feral druid in world of warcraft with Vi's full name i shall bring great honor to it as i mercilessly take down all enemies!

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MobileCrusader5/1/14 9:42am
I assume you've color coordinated appropriately?

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FelGrey5/19/14 12:54pm
I wonder if Vi might not have a power related to strength at all. Thinking on how she had to constantly repair the orphanage and how she appears to handle the gigantic springer well... maybe it is more to do with gravity manipulation or mass manipulation.

Imagine how much easier it would be to do repairs if you can lift a hammer, then increase gravity and let it come smashing down. Or to move repair materials.

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GodofVelcro5/19/14 6:19pm
That makes a lot of sense Fel. I was wondering about her gun, and how absolutely massive it is, and how only Igrath besides her can hold it. Maybe she subtly manipulates it, while Igrath is the only one actually strong enough to hold it? Then again, that could work for a strength power too. Either way. *shrugs*

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MobileCrusader5/19/14 7:59pm
I had questioned that aspect too.

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Prometheus5/20/14 7:42am

Huhhh, never thought of that before. That actually makes sense! She could take somebody's head off with one punch, but without that Power, she just wouldn't be that strong.

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FelGrey5/20/14 3:08pm
I was thinking that she would probably be a support, with that rifles range. Therefore, it made sense to me that her power would balance offensive and defensive.

For example, with gravity manipulation, she could place a field of greater gravity around her or those near her. Projectiles and enemies within that field would immediately crash to the ground.

Or, with mass, she could make a field that would reduce mass of objects to the point in which they have no momentem, even given velocity. Or, she could exponentially increase the mass of her own projectiles also travelling at a great rate, and make wonderful kinetic weaponry. Same thing with bludgeoning weapons.

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MobileCrusader5/20/14 3:17pm
Burden and feather...

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Prometheus7/27/14 6:30pm
Just another one of my humorous thoughts, but if you've seen episode 10 of Season 8 for Red vs Blue, can you imagine a comedy-filled action montage of Vi beating the living shit out of her friends as part of their training?

Vi being Tex (the black Spartan)
Damon being Sarge (the red Spartan)
Woods being Simmons (the maroon Spartan)
Bill being Grif (the orange Spartan)
Karo being Tucker (the aqua Spartan)
Bobby being Church (the light-blue Spartan)
Grunn being Caboose. (the blue Spartan) XD

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Digitigraderobo7/27/14 7:42pm
I imagine Vi being like this with her springer cannon :P

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MobileCrusader7/28/14 12:47pm
Yea I love that fight. Month has a way with warriors.

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Prometheus7/28/14 3:28pm
Monty does great action sequences. A DK parody of Tex's rampage with Monty's motion capture magic would be incredible. X)

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