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Subscribe to this thread Vi (LT Viriathus) created by hostilefox on February 12, 2013

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MobileCrusader4/6/14 10:20am
She's too lanky to be inspired by a bunny.

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zagura4/6/14 4:09pm
Imo shes a pink skunk-bunny-squirrel warrior princess carpenter.

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ezioauditore974/6/14 4:16pm
If she's that then Mace is a calico cat/racoon/dog joker,heh. Let's not forget Grunn having his little bunny tail too.

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Wulfspyder4/6/14 5:03pm
I always thought of Vi as more like a kangaroo.

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ezioauditore974/6/14 5:09pm
Ohh that's an interesting view of what she would be in the real world!

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MobileCrusader4/7/14 5:13am
Her legs are not thick enough to make me think kangaroo.

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Salahir4/7/14 7:53am
Her slim proportions and agility still make me think of a cat. And her behavour is definitvely more like a cat, being impulsive, quick to anger and a bit unsteady. Mh, never seen a bunny with such a long tail. Neither a kangaroo, especially not so fluffy. Some characters are inspired by animals, wrote Dave in the past, but defenitely not all of them or some by more than one. Look at Tekla. She's nearly completely a snow leopard with some oriental cat features. Well, I dun draw all animal features of one kind either, though it may be inspired by it. My long time OC Blake is a snow leo as well, but has pointy, elongated ears. That doesn't make him a bunny.

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ezioauditore974/11/14 4:51pm
Wow Salahir you certainly know your animals!Besides a Bunny has a lame tail and Vi has a rather large bushy tail with a beautiful pattern that could never be found on a Bunny.Maybe a Skunk tail is what it resembles the most though?

Say do any of you have any preferences for her attire?I quite like her in her Troika jacket(Reminds me of the awesome British and American pilot jackets they issued back in WW2).

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Wulfspyder4/13/14 3:40pm
I like her jacketed look, the sketch of her in an armored vest was nice to.

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GodofVelcro4/13/14 4:27pm
I want one of those jackets. I wonder if I can find a close enough replica somewhere.

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MobileCrusader4/14/14 6:58am
She does have her own style. She makes body armor look fantastic.

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ezioauditore974/17/14 7:07pm
I really love her in that jacket.Looks like an awesome bomber jacket the allies used in WW2 for pilots.

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MobileCrusader4/18/14 1:12pm
I cant wait to see it in full color.

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SuperTurbo44/23/14 3:43pm
How do you suppose a fight between Vi and Tinsel would play out?

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joeden4/23/14 4:13pm
Well Vi would get a distance at first and unload with her ANM-30 Demon. When Tinsel gets in close, if not already turned to Swiss cheese, Vi would then use her power to strike at Tinsel with the Demon. Before getting a more flexible melee weapon to deliver a beatdown, while trying to avoid Tinsel's power to the best of her ability. That would be one plausible playout if Tinsel played fairly otherwise she's pulling dirty tricks and calling in for support. She's not stupid to go full on against Vi without any insurances.

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