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Mikhail12/20/13 3:33am
>she's not popular for nothing!
Yeah! Thats's for sure! A violent-sis-hammer-BFG-girl can't hide in shades. As opposed to her bosom. Not because of the size (which can be any), but only because of the character (which shades everything else).

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ezioauditore9712/27/13 7:58am
Going back to the Mr.Torgue quote well at least he's sensible in one area!

As for why Vi is popular I think it speaks loads to how much though Dave and Liz put into their side characters giving them quirks and making them likeable yet not to the point where they're boring and perfect but more than enough to make us care for them instead of a bunch of red shirts(Star Trek reference!Plus 10 nerd points!)who would otherwise get a little dialogue in and meet an unpleasant end at the hands of a bloodthirsty nightmare.The characters in general for the most part are very relatable and we can sympathize with their struggles.Vi is a good example of that especially now that I think about it.

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Salahir2/2/14 12:26am
She pretty much reminds me of some Warhammer 40k heroes, standing right at the front with a heavy bolter (for non W40klers: a big freakin heavy duty rapid fire two handed cannon with 19 mm rounds). And her name supports that. I know that Liz and Dave aren't much in the Warhammer stuff, but meaningful names from the past are used there, too, but without repeating the past. It is more the mere power of the name itself. It makes a difference how a hero is named. Would the archangel Imperius be so glorious, if he's named Karl? (Nothing against the name Karl at all :D )

And her name has a meaning beyond the old celtiberic hero. Virilis doesn't only mean 'manly' but also 'brave' in latin. 'athus' is a latin suffix added to define the word more. I'm not that good in latin, but it makes the word 'virilis' to something like 'the Brave One'.
And there's no doubt she is brave, isn't she? ^.^
The end syllable -us is irritating, indicating a masculine word meaning, but sometimes the word ending is defined through its meaning. 'Brave' being a manly attribute, so the name ends with an -us. No roman would've named a woman 'the brave one' anyway.

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ezioauditore972/5/14 5:46am
Oh good comparison to her being like 40K heroes!I think she's quite like Gunnery Sergeant Harker's female counterpart!Let's just hope that she doesn't start going all crazy in the head like some of those 40K people though you know how the dark millennium is anything but a cheerful setting!

Also good point on her name!

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Salahir2/5/14 8:43am
Oh sh%@, Catachan elite is wildest elite :D Harker's one tough iron biter. But I thought more about some Cadian elite heavy weapons team...with Vi being the only soldier carrying that damn heavy bolter all on her own. Cries for a crossover anyways. Tough girls getting much more in the focus, don't they?

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ezioauditore972/6/14 3:52pm
That would be a great crossover pic I might have to draw her up like that one of these days!Why is it that I can see Vi just thriving in such a grim setting as the 41st Millenium?Then again I do suppose it does make for a lot of heroes.

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Wulfspyder2/6/14 5:24pm
Vi is more like a Space Wolf Longfang to me. She's tempered by experience but not afraid to beat you with her bare hands. Vizerker is here to crush all resistance.

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Salahir2/7/14 4:30am
But the Longfang has the grace and female beauty of a two thousand pound angry bull. And that heavy space marine armor wouldn't be hers, I think. Yeah, already started sketching such things like Vi as a heavy bolter troop. My mind would not rest if I wouldn't sketch my ideas :D Many never make it to a full picture, but I think this one will go beyond a sketch.

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CalicoYorki2/8/14 3:22pm
I would like to speculate on Vi's Power, if I may.

Now, David has pretty much verified that her Power isn't so simple as enhanced strength. I believe he suggested that it's a result of the physical aptitude boost that comes from any Power activation.

This leads me to believe that her Power can be derived from her personality, which is, as follows:

- She's very hotheaded
- She's very independent
- Strong moral compass
- Creative(?)

This leads me to believe her Power will be physical, and very directly combat-oriented. Lilith's Power is less directly combat oriented, because theoretically, she could harm and heal quite easily. Even Bast's Power has utility, as the uses for heat generation would be nigh endless in a survival situation.

Namah's Power is what I look to for being more directly combat-oriented, because it has little utility other than for attacking. So, I think Vi's Power will be something along the lines of a high-power, high-speed, high-impact effect. She's doubtless had training under the Troika, so I'm thinking that Volume 4 could give us a chance to see what a cultivated Power user can really do.


We may have already, with Scythe - depending on how close he is/was to Nabonidus, he may have received training in using his Power. Either way, the amount of destruction he and Vox caused was quite impressive.

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Trubbol4/5/14 2:49pm
I think I have heard her refered to as a bunny, how is she a bunny?

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Kobalt954/5/14 3:08pm
I don't know... most of the characters aren't meant to be referred to as specific animals though anyway. They are a mix of animal-like traits etc.

I can see how it would be confusing for most people though- as DK's are what I like to call "Original Furries", which means that they are only supposed to loosely resemble cartoon animal-like characters, and not actual animals. Most people are used to the mainstream designs for anthropomorphic characters which ARE actually supposed to be real animal species, but that isn't the case with Dreamkeepers. Only some DO end up looking a lot like real animal species, like Grunn- except for the bunny tail he has.

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MobileCrusader4/5/14 5:12pm
Yes, Via is definitely as unique, as much as Bast, Mace, and the the rest of the main cast.

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Salahir4/5/14 9:39pm
If you wanna give her a species besides cat, it is more a skunk. But no, she resembles perfectly a cat. There are cats with long ears und fluffy tails.

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MobileCrusader4/6/14 6:54am
I could see skunk... Got the right tail marking style ya know?

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Salahir4/6/14 8:18am
Yep, that was also my intention. But a bunny? No. Just cause of the elongated ears. Look at those caracals e.g.

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