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Subscribe to this thread Vi (LT Viriathus) created by hostilefox on February 12, 2013

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Wulfspyder11/18/13 9:35pm
Is it just me or is Vi's face structure a bit different from how its been?

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Mikhail11/18/13 11:19pm
Every time I look at the mirror after a couple of days of hard work and strong coffee whithout sugar and nap stealing, I'm asking the same question: "Is it just me or my face structure a bit different from how it has been?".
If you mention recent prelude strip, I would say Vi has very tired appearance.

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zagura11/19/13 1:53pm

Usually Vi seems to be drawn with circular head, in this case its slightly oval with the eye and brow extending back farther than usual. I figured its just an exaggeration of her facial expression regarding her rather touchy mood at the moment.

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ezioauditore9711/19/13 8:12pm
Well the proportions of the characters have changed a tad bit over time as Dave's pencil work's improved so there's also that factor although since DK is fun in a toonish way her proportions might get exagerrated a little to emphasize humor.

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CalicoYorki11/24/13 10:37am
She called him an asshat. Vi is just perfect.

Also, remember Vi: *puts on full body armor before continuing*

Things in -short supply- are in -high demand.-

*ducks for cover*

[Spoilerz? Better Safe than Spoiled]

But seriously, I'm both excited for and dreading the progression of Vi's character as Prelude goes on. She definitely seems more confident in the GNS.

Also, I think that the different look is a combination of evolving art styles, and the fact that we were seeing her in an extreme profile. Plus, she's sleep-deprived.


A sleep-deprived Vi! Whoopee! I hope that Mace doesn't say something too stupid - ...

...Yeeeah...I hope Mace and Vi steer clear of each other for a while.

Otherwise, we may have something on the scale of the Magenta Incident.

Or not, because we still don't know what the Magenta Incident is.

*picks up the phone* MR. LILLIE, ARE YOU HEARING THIS!!?


*delicately puts the phone down, and pats it on top*

Err. I may have become too animated in this post. I blame the Day of the Doctor and a lack of proper medication last night.

So, yes. I can't wait to see Vi grow up.

And I love her sisterly side she shows in the GNS.

However brief it is.

I'll shush now.

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Mikhail11/30/13 6:02pm
My sis used to interrogate the same way: "Hit first, then ask". Sometimes she was not fast enough, or was hinnting not so hard, so instead of answers she gots hitback. In shuch interrogations there were less fun than pain, but somehow they were fervourly obsessive. Anyway we've learned that each "awesome" hit brings 20% more truthful answer. Hitship is magic. Obviously the black one. Thus hitting people around is not good idea though it will bring you more thruth than you can chew.

BTW, what is the "GNS"?

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Prometheus11/30/13 7:29pm

GNS = "Graphic Novel Saga." It's just easier to abbreviate it. :)

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ezioauditore9712/1/13 10:38am
Just as a little reminder for those that really like her as a character Dave and Liz will start auctioning an ornate figurine of her soon and although I usually loathe additional bidders driving up the price I do think that Dave and Liz deserve that money so the more buyers the better although as a fair warning I will be quite intent on nabbing it myself and I have a fair amount of money to throw around at a whim.

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CalicoYorki12/3/13 1:03pm

I wonder what role Vi played in the Troika's neon pink stationary...Or not.

I'm fascinated to know what her Power is. David has said as much as it's not -just- super strength...He's even suggested that she -could- be hefting that massive gun via the enhanced strength that dreamkeepers attain while their Power is active.

So, let's just brainstorm - what do we know about Vi which could suggest what her Power is?

- Short tempered
- Independent
- Practical
- Some "big sister" attributes
- Violent tendencies (Prelude)
- Handy

Do any of these things lend themselves to us figuring out what her Power is?

Or is there something I've missed which could help us?

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Wulfspyder12/4/13 8:09pm
Maybe her power is binocular vision? Would certainly help with a long range cannon weapon.

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Mikhail12/7/13 4:28am
Does Troyka have any long range cannon wearpon?
I've seen pictures Vi holds some kind of heavy wearpon. Literally heavy, hardly any one could lift it an inch. I guess there must be some connection between Vi's power and her ability to handle heavy objects.

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Wulfspyder12/8/13 3:52pm
The weapon she's often pictured holding is a heavy springer cannon, so far only Igrath has been shown able to carry it around without a power active. One would assume that such a large springer weapon would have a very long range compared to normal springer rifles.

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Mikhail12/9/13 1:19am
I guess there is such an "anime" rule "the bigger handheld wearpon, the longer it's reach". It doesn't count such clear way in the real world, so yet I doubt it takes place in DK universe. But we shall see how would it work for Vi.

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CalicoYorki12/17/13 9:13pm
It's a gun.

This isn't a melee weapon, or a Buster Sword.

It's a BFG. Armor-piercing and explosive rounds. I believe Dave said in the chatroom that there's a possibility of Vi using the general physical aptitude boost to heft her gun.

I seriously love Vi's expressions and postures. Dave and Liz draw very dynamic faces and poses, but Vi particularly comes to life on the page. No wonder she shows up in so many special art prints and stuff - she's not popular for nothing!

I don't doubt that when we find out what her Power is, a lot of baddies are gonna get bulldozed.

I just hope that Mace reunites with her, and treats her nicely. In the words of Mister Torgue High-Five Flexington:


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DanWithTheHat12/18/13 6:48pm
I'm sure Vi would love a couple of Torgue shotguns to Vi-zerk with. She would be unstoppable.

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