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Subscribe to this thread Vi (LT Viriathus) created by hostilefox on February 12, 2013

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Kirito6/28/15 9:08am
>>Double Post

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Kirito6/28/15 9:09am
I think the real question is who wouldn't want to be in a pillow fight with Vi?

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NatChon6/28/15 12:36pm
Seeee? I'm not the only one.

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Prometheus6/29/15 6:19pm
Hell, I wouldn't mind being just me and her in a pillow fight and letting her beat the stuffing out of me. XP

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NatChon6/30/15 12:35am
Even if you didn't let her beat you, she would probably beat the stuffing out of you anyways.

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Kirito7/15/15 11:03am

ban was lifted.

So it's speculation at this point, but Vi's power looks to be like a sort of force wave. I was actually surprised, because I thought it was strength. I wonder how she's able to lift the cannon, then. Perhaps just pure strength?

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DanWithTheHat7/15/15 3:32pm
Dave actually answered this question before. Using your power buffs your strength and resilience. Just like how Ravat survived the street collapsing on him, Vi's strength is buffed from her power being activated.

Spoilers below!

Also, I describe her power as more of an air pressure wave or whirlwind like power. It will be interesting to see the extent of it in future volumes.

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Wulfspyder7/15/15 10:46pm
Her power appears to be the creation of a wind tunnel that is directed by the facing of her palms. Sort of like a reverse of Miroku's (from Inuyasha) Wind Tunnel curse.

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Alej7/16/15 6:21am
I was gonna say something but then I saw the spoiler central so speculation about vi seems pointless cause you guys now know more than I do lol

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TFeathersB7/17/15 11:21am
@Alej, it's always fun to hear other people's speculation :)

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Alej7/17/15 1:41pm
Yeah but everything I speculate could probably be answered in the spoilers I won't read lol

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Alej7/17/15 1:42pm
Also I'm 80% sure I recognize your icon .O.

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TFeathersB7/17/15 11:59pm
@Alej, here's a hint, it's from another webcomic. But feel free to speculate, I won't spoil anything.

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Alej7/18/15 5:38am
Redtail's Dream, right? Made by the guy who made SSSS, one of the inspirations for my OWN webcomic? I would recognize it anywhere.

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TFeathersB7/18/15 9:22am
@Alej 100% correct :D

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